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$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal
$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal

Preview the Rebooted Kickstarter

The rebooted Kickstarter is available for preview. The video has not been uploaded, but you can preview the description and backer tiers.

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    1. Aaron T. Huss 2-time creator on February 25, 2013

      The $60 pledge rewards you with the entire adventure set, not just the first book. Because the new Kickstarter is to fund the entire campaign, the focus is on the entire adventure set and not just one part of the adventure set. The goal is to fund the project as a whole, not just concentrate on a single part of the project.

    2. Batei on February 25, 2013

      It looks like you get less at the $10 pledge level in the new pledge levels. The original had the Players book and book one, yes? Now, $10 for Players book only. You have to spend $60 to even see the first book... if it is bad, I may not want the other 5. I do not think the new pledge levels will work as well as the original in other words. Please correct me if I am mistaken in my understanding of how the new KS is laid out.