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$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal
$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal

It's Time for a Reboot

After a lot of discussion and debate, the Twilight Continuum team does not feel this Kickstarter campaign provides the correct approach to the Twilight Continuum project. As such, we are going to reboot the Kickstarter campaign with an entirely new road map and a much needed improvement to the Kickstarter description and reward tiers.

The Kickstarter reboot, slated to launch the first week of March, will take a completely different approach to this project. This Kickstarter viewed the project as six separate books with a need to start with book #1. The rebooted Kickstarter will view the project as a complete adventure series package with a need to develop all books to be considered as a complete package.

I'm not happy with the direction we took with this first method as we are only presenting 1/6th of the project to our investors. Instead, we need to present the entire project because the first book doesn't do much good without books 2 - 6.

To keep costs low, this new road map will focus on the PDF development of all 6 books with the optional add-on of a printed compilation of all 6 books. We also have new rewards in store the stretch goals will be much more achievable.

To keep our investors and interested parties informed, we have launched a Facebook page to provide updates leading to the rebooted Kickstarter launch along with additional updates during the campaign. We will continue to provide updates via Kickstarter and the Pinnacle Entertainment forums.

I invite you to our new Facebook page to keep in touch with the Twilight Continuum project as a whole. Considering this project is meant to develop a storyline (much like Star Wars), we hope to someday complete the Twilight Continuum package with other types of publications. When the rebooted Kickstarter launches, we will provide a link to the new campaign. Until then, keep up with us on our new Facebook page.

P.S. This Kickstarter campaign will remain active for the next 12 or so hours to keep everyone informed. Thank you for your investment and we look forward to your interest in the rebooted Kickstarter with a much-improved road map, and a complete project.


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    1. Aaron T. Huss 2-time creator on February 22, 2013

      The only change is moving from a single PDF/Print to all six books in PDF. What I will do, is hold that reward level back until you let me know you are ready to back at that level. You can send me a message at aaron[at]mysticalthrone-ent[dot]com. That way, when you're ready, I'll make that backer tier available and you can snag it immediately!

    2. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on February 22, 2013

      I think you should contact people that already pledged at limited tiers and only offer the open spots on the new project. As for myself, I'd still be interested in securing my spot (if it doesn't suffer many modifications, if it does I'd have to take a look before I give you the answer).

    3. Aaron T. Huss 2-time creator on February 22, 2013

      Nope, the new campaign will still have limited tiers. Some of them have been combined to be a bit easier and others have been opened up to include all 6 books, but there are still limited tiers that will be available. For instance, the fighter squadron will be available and is still limited to 1. If you are still interested in that tier, I can hold off posting it until you're available to back at that level. The good news with that, though is that same tier will come with 6 books instead of just 1.

    4. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on February 22, 2013

      What about the limited tiers? Do us early backers loose our privilege? Oh, and we are not investors, just backers.

    5. Aaron T. Huss 2-time creator on February 22, 2013

      The books would still be released monthly, one at a time, starting in July with the print compilation being available shortly after book 6 releases.

    6. Batei on February 21, 2013

      What would the projected completion time be for all six books since the first was slated for July? I assume the finish date would be much further out. Just curious.