Ket Crystals

Say what? Don't worry, I'll clarify what I mean by 'Ket Crystals' in a moment.

But it's as good a starting point as any to highlight a few factors of Twilight Continuum. You see, I first put Twilight Continuum together as a campaign about twelve years ago, and it was always meant to be played as a serialized adventure. That's just one more reason why it was so serendipitous that both Aaron and I were both toying with the idea of an adventure campaign designed to take Savage Worlds characters from Novice Rank through Legendary Rank at the same time.

The idea behind the six books is that each book will cover the adventures for each progressive Rank, sort of like the Daring Tales series some of you may be familiar with from Triple Ace Games. However, unlike Daring Tales, Twilight Continuum will ultimately tell an entire story – there's a major plot arc driving the entire campaign.

Technically, Twilight Continuum could take place in any space-faring setting (although one that focuses on Earth in the not-so-distant future is ideal), but – similar to Paizo's Adventure Paths – there are certain things acting as the 'glue' to hold both the story and the characters together. That's one reason we'll have a sort of primer to go along with things: It'll help the players know both what to expect in the campaign and what's expected of them if they want to fit in.

For Twilight Continuum, the most critical items are Fighters (spacecraft, not warriors) and Psionics.

No, it's not going to be everyone running around reading minds and bending spoons. Well… maybe one of the characters can do that, but the reality is that all the characters are assumed to have the genetic predisposition to use Psionics. This will be important later, because the invading aliens base their own technology around psionics, and the best way to fight fire is with fire – especially if it turns out that Earth has a cache of similar technology hidden away somewhere (it turns out Atlantis wasn't such a myth after all…).

To that end, the Star Fighters which factor so heavily into the story line are designed around the idea of the characters eventually being able to use their own force of will as a motive force for Piloting them. As a result, the Psionic Powers most characters will eventually use will largely be in the form of their Fighters. Trust me. It works.

It also turns out using Powers to help define the Fighters allows us to more efficiently portray the Alliance's energy shunting technology. Need more protection? Move some power to the shields (deflection). Need to go faster? Move some power to the engines (speed). It's actually kind of cool.

Anyway… The alien invaders – the Zentari – also have a certain amount of Psionic ability, but they tend to amplify it through the use of Ket Crystals – typically in the form of crystalline 'tattoos' embedded in their foreheads. The more crystals, the larger the power boost.

So, aside from pulling back the curtain on what we've got planned for the campaign, how does this apply to you, the backer?

Well, while Ket Crystals have been my concept for over a decade, it turns out that Sarah and I have recently acquired a product available through Three Sages Games called “Crystalline Counters”. As a bonus limited to backers of this Kickstarter, we can provide sets of counters for GMs or players to use… not only to track Power Points, but also to track where the energy in their ships is being used.

Once we have working art for the main Fighters, Sarah and I plan to also create some limited prints of 'cheat sheets' featuring the picture of the vehicle, its stats, and areas to show where power is currently being distributed. These prints will be laminated for easy wet or dry erase, but will also have a large enough area to simply drop down a few counters to represent allocated Power Points.

As a final note, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. While I don't want to spill (m)any plot-related beans, we're perfectly willing to field questions that might clarify any confusion anyone may have regarding the project or the campaign.

Curtis Lyon
Lead Developer
Three Sages Games


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