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$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal
$1,942 pledged of $11,000 goal

How is Twilight Continuum Different?

Before digging into the purpose of this update, I'd like to announce that after looking over the budget for the project again, I have freed up some funds to produce an exclusive set of paper miniatures, available only through the Kickstarter campaign. These paper miniatures are a free add-on to everyone at the Ensign level or higher.

There seems to be a bit of confusion out there about what Twilight Continuum is. Just to keep things straight, Twilight Continuum is an adventure series, not a licensed setting for Savage Worlds. But what does that mean and how is it different? And more importantly, why should it be important to those who are backing or potentially backing?

Savage Worlds has an excellent collection of licensees all producing wonderful settings. As of right now, there are three space opera settings including my own Mercenary Breed. Additionally, there are other sci-fi settings covering pulp sci-fi, military sci-fi horror, and cyberpunk. So the decision was made to NOT produce another space opera setting. Instead, I'm taking a slightly radical direction for Savage Worlds and presenting a complete adventure series, not a plot point campaign, but a fully fleshed out series of adventures, that goes from the first days of Novice ranks to the last days of Legendary status. This is adventure series is called Perilous Journey, modeled after Paizo's Adventure Path and Triple Ace Games' Daring Tales of Adventure.

This is a very important factor because Twilight Continuum is designed to be played with only the Savage Worlds core rulebook. However, you can easily make some tweaks to the mechanics and instead set it within a sci-fi setting you already enjoy or are getting ready to launch a campaign for. We provide the entire campaign, setting material, and optional creatures, and all the GM needs to do is read the books and run the campaign. The players thus become fully absorbed within the Twilight Continuum storyline and experience the events as they unfold, being able to direct the action.

The result is a new type of project whereas Twilight Continuum does not require a specific licensed setting but rather gives you all the tools necessary to run an entire campaign within six 72-page books.

But how do the players know what options are available for their characters? That information will be contained within the accompanying Player's Guide, laying out the basic infrastructure for the player characters and what they can expect from this campaign. This Player's Guide can even offer suggestions for incorporating Twilight Continuum into existing settings along with demonstrating how to use it as a standalone campaign.

Twilight Continuum is different because it offers a new experience for Savage Worlds fans, presents a single package for the GM to run an entire campaign from Novice through Legendary, takes full advantage of the Savage Worlds core rulebook without requiring a lot of new setting content, and offers modularity so that you can easily slide it into a desired setting.

Aaron T. Huss
Project Manager
Mystical Throne Entertainment


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