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Tova scrambles to pull off her first Passover Seder without a hitch, but her brother Sol and his brisket are nowhere to be found.

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Jewish Girls Are Easy is a short film. It’s a comedy! It’s an adventure film! It’s a love story with hardly any love! It’s about denial! Acceptance! It’s religious! Sacrilegious! Spiritual! Transcendent!

Our film starts with Tova, our feisty and cutting protagonist, who is looking forward to hosting the first night of Passover with her brother, Sol. But Sol has disappeared with the main course, the brisket and Tova has woken up from a one-night stand with a hickey on her breast that looks like the Virgin Mary, and Colin, the one-night stand,  thinks he’s witnessed a miracle and will not leave her side.  To make things worse, angry drug dealers have thrown a brick through Tova’s window, threatening her for a late payment. With four hours until sundown, will Tova be able to find Sol, shake Colin, avoid the drug dealers and get Passover off without a hitch?

Jewish Girls is inspired by Daisies (Czech film by Věra Chytilová), bagels and lox on Sunday mornings in New Jersey, Isaac Bashevitz Singer, New York in the 80’s, stories from the old country - be it Belarus or Williamsburg, and my very opinionated and very stylish grandmother, Ruth Bernstein.

I’m making Jewish Girls Are Easy as part of my graduation requirements for a MFA at Columbia University. I’ll be shooting the film March 13-18, 2012, and will submit it to festivals in early Fall of 2012.

Check out the Look Book for images that are inspiring all aspects of the film’s production:


The film is entirely dependent on Kickstarter to raise money. And as you know we need to raise ALL of the $8,000 or we won’t get anything. Any donation at all will help get this film made. This means your money (even $9) will go directly to making the film a reality: production design to create the lively and unique sets needed to bring the vision for this film to life, equipment rental, make up artists who will be creating the Virgin Mary /Hickey combo, beautiful costumes, our sound recordist who will be fighting the elements recording outside, animal handlers, transportation, and meals prepared by volunteers to feed our volunteer crew.


Charlotte Glynn(Co-Writer/Director)

Mark SW(Co-Writer) International Man of Mystery

Anna Guddat(Producer)

Linnéa J. Hussein(Producer) was born and raised in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany. Upon finishing high school she moved to England, where she received her BA (honours) in film and American studies from the University of East Anglia in 2009. In 2011 she received her MA in film studies from Columbia University. As a research assistant she contributed to Columbia’s Women Film Pioneers project and most recently worked as a teaching assistant at the Jacob Burns Film Center and Media Arts Lab.  

Hannah Janal(Producer) was born and raised in New York's Greenwich Village.  She has worked for film and media companies like Conde Nast and Edge Films, as well as for leading Israeli filmmakers Eytan Fox and Hagai Levi. She also worked with the chart-topping Israeli pop singer, Ivri Lider on his debut English language album, "The Steady Rhythm of Body Movements."  Hannah is currently an MFA Film Student and Women In Film and Casting Fellow at Columbia University, where she's focusing on Creative Producing and Screenwriting.

Max Lakner(Director of Photography)

Stacey Berman(Costume Designer)  is a freelance costume designer and stylist.

Rayna Savrosa(Production Designer) is a Brooklyn-based artist and freelance Art Director. After receiving her BFA in photography in 2007 from Parsons the New School for Design, she crawled back to get an M.F.A. in Fine Arts in 2010. Her photographic works are based on excess, overindulgence, and escapism and her newer video works consist of appropriated film footage of women in the media.  She views Art Direction and Production Design as an extension of her artistic practice, and has more fun making movies than she does doing anything else.  


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