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Kool Thing is a BMX frame that combines a classic, simple design WITH a unique attention to detail. It represents the rebirth of BMX.

                                      History of the project

     When I grew up riding BMX in the 80’s, the sport was very popular and it seemed like the BMX industry would never stop growing.  Then in the early 90’s, the interest in our sport just seemed to fizzle. Bike companies started going under, magazines promoting the sport stopped being printed, and riders lost their sponsors. During this time, the people who were truly passionate about the sport stepped up and started to rebuild BMX.  People like Mat Hoffman started doing their own contests and others followed his lead. At this time, BMX riders started to make their own videos, print their own magazines, and even started to build the BMX frames themselves.  This time is called the rebirth of BMX and is my inspiration for this project. Much like those companies involved in the rebirth of BMX, Pedal Driven Cycles is being founded to create an avenue for people and their friends to enjoy the thrill of riding a bike.

                                    How the funds will be used

     The funds raised from this project will help me to lease a workspace to produce this first line of frames. My hope is that this will provide me with the start needed to allow me to produce many more bikes down the road.  I will also be using the money provided by generous financial backers to purchase the materials (tubing) needed to build the frames. Finally, I will put a portion of the proceeds toward building some of the fixtures required to put the frame together. 

                                    How far along is the project

     So far on my project I have priced out most of the materials and I have located suppliers in the Providence area. I have started working on a plan to design and build the necessary fixtures. Thanks to the help of a few really creative people, l have all the graphics designed for the Kool Thing project and I have been working on designs for Pedal Driven Cycles more generally.  I have a few leads on potential workshop spaces that I can use to build the bikes and I am working on gaining access to the machines needed to make the Kool Thing frames come alive.    

                                              Special thanks

    Without the help of a few key people this project might not have gotten off the ground. I would like to especially thank Leif Valin, Kevin Hopkins, Brian Tarbell, Jeff Lockwood, Bob Scerbo, Nic Ferreira, Gabe Smith, Gregory Christian, John Paul Rogers, and Ashley Johnson.


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