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A house full of toys has been segregated by gender...until now.

'Pink & Blue' needs you!

What is 'Pink & Blue'? 

It's a coffee-shop conversation...that became a scribble on a napkin, that became a PSA-style short film project, using whimsy to promote gender equality at playtime. The miniature universe of kids' toys is the setting we're choosing to power a simple idea: It's healthy for girls and boys to share EQUAL access to imagination during their developmental years - and beyond.

Although strides are being made in our culture, girls and boys often receive unequal messages from the adults around them, regarding expectations for their attitudes about themselves. These subtle messages can be as simple as the toys we give as gifts. 'Pink & Blue' allows the toys themselves, in a light-hearted way, to show the effects of gender segregation - and the joy of integration.

Our story will take place in a live-action house with real children. After that, a cast of talented Hollywood actors is on board to voice our computer-animated toy characters, with an A-team of animation/visual effects artists set to bring those voices to life. With your help, we'll fight inequality with laughter, while entertaining adults and children alike!

Writer/director James Parris has an extensive history in the world of animation and visual effects.


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