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A safari style nomadic village needs a bathroom/shower trailer to be able to host bike tourists camping on farms and wineries.

A safari style nomadic village needs a bathroom/shower trailer to be able to host bike tourists camping on farms and wineries. Read More
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Simply put, Whereabout provides accommodations and food for bicycle tourists on the central coast of California. Whereabout is a premiere bike tour company offering plush outdoor accommodations and professionally catered local foods and wines.

San Luis Obispo Bike Travel

San Luis Obispo is quickly emerging as a well-known travel destination. San Luis Obispo made the LA Times’ top ten places to visit in 2013. Like Europe, SLO county has constellations of unique cities separated by long stretches of natural beauty, an ideal setting to be taken in by the pace of the bike tourist. Plus, the San Luis Obispo dry, mild climate is perfect for a long season of camping, biking, and growing food.

Bikes mean business! According to a recent report on bicycle travel in Oregon, the state bicycle related expenditures were upwards of $400 million and supported 4,630 jobs. Local bike advocates are positive that this County can benefit financially from our bike-friendly roads. Plans are approved to connect the entire county by bicycle. The active-travel trend is growing and this county is a perfect match for this newfound enthusiasm. With a model that encourages a variety of vendors, Whereabout will consciously channel those bike tourism dollars to businesses that support locals and their families.

Whereabout Difference

Whereabout crafts a balance between camping and booking a room. Unlike other tours where the tourist has to get reacquainted with new lodging and find food or set up a new campsite, Whereabout sets up a sustained village and local products are brought to guests at camp.While relocating the village the staff will also transport cyclists belongings to lighten their touring load. We have delivery agreements with local stores to further compliment shopping cyclists.

 Bikes + Farms + Tourism = Happy Campers + Happy Communities 

Bicycle tourists do not have the same parking and circulation impacts as traditional campers and staying only one night at each location lessens the footprint. This difference translates to a special opportunity for bicycle tourism and agricultural tourism to unite. If we can maintain high standards in environmental protection, boost the local economy, and provide a one of kind luxury travel experience for healthy tourists, EVERYONE WINS!


The appeal of the agricultural landscape depends on preserving its charm.  As with any responsible travel, Whereabout is dedicated to serving visitors, community members, and the environment. We strive to promote the business, farms, and wineries of the central coast of California while having conscious impact on the land where we set up camp. The bathroom and shower trailer gives Whereabout sustainable autonomy. Our water and waste requirements will have minimal impact to the physical site and agricultural processes.

Whereabout Compatibility Quiz

  • I have a group of friends that I love to go on adventures with.
  • I support the local foods movement and patronize local businesses.
  • I am over 18 and under 120 years old. 
  • I would like to be active with friends for a bachelor/bachelorette gathering.
  • I don’t always want to be responsible for a car on vacation.
  • I consider myself a food or wine connoisseur.
  • I lead or attend retreats for work, school, or personal growth.
  • I like camping with my partner but I prefer biking with others similar to my pace.

Are most of the above statements true? Yes? Well then, Whereabout hits the spot for you too!


Risks and challenges

The unique, transformative element of the nomadic village required that all the equipment was designed to be relocated daily. Because of the local-centric goals of the project, the equipment needs to be built here in San Luis Obispo. Getting everything locally sourced was not always easy or cheap but we continue to make that a priority. More of the same challenges may occur as we continue to grow but we do everything possible to remain authentic.
Bicycles as transportation continues to be scrutinized. Breaking down misconceptions about safe cyclists promoting the economy is a challenge we are passionate about. With years of research, community involvement, and bicycle safety education, we are excited and prepared to promote empowered bicycle travel. Luckily, San Luis Obispo is a bicycle friendly community and we have received abundant support for the idea.
Other setbacks would include the same for any event coordination and the solution is making sure to have redundancy in vendors and services, which we do. Whereabout is not exclusive to any caterers or services and we encourage partnerships with many local businesses as long as they align with the priority to support at the local level.

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    High fives, fist pumps, and hugs from the whereabout team whenever you run into us. We will also email you a PDF of a Whereabout tent paper craft so you can make your own mini village. Plus, we will mention you on our Facebook page.

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    We'll send you a Whereabout reflective patch to keep you safe and proudly display your support for agri-eco-cycle-tourism and toilets and showers everywhere. Thanks!

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    T-shirt, a Whereabout that you can wear about. Yes, I just went there. Soft responsibly made shirts printed in San Luis Obispo will show your support for bike tours on farms. Thanks for making this project happen!

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    Whereabout's Bike Rack Cutting Board. Designed by Whereabout and Linker Workshop, this locally crafted walnut cutting board attaches to your rear rack with a simple, unique fishtail shape and an adjustable recycled rubber strap (image at the bottom of description). You'll get patch, recognition, and our sincere gratitude.

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    We'll save you a seat at the Backer Appreciation Dinner. Farm fresh catered local foods on a farm or winery in San Luis Obispo County, plus feel the gratitude from the first two rewards.

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    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Future Guest Reward this will be worth double the pledge amount towards a tour. This one is for supportive people who know they want to go on one of these trips someday but aren't sure when, how or with whom just yet. Thank you heaps!

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    Pledge $950 or more About $950 USD

    Two night mini-tour for two people within a group of ten, includes luxury private camping in San Luis Obispo County, two evenings of locally catered dinners, guided tour of farm or winery, breakfasts, plus the first four rewards. Choose from 10 dates in 2014. If you are looking for a deal on Kickstarter, this is the best value reward, essentially it's a 2 for 1 deal.

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