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Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940
428 backers pledged £57,021 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. HE'LL YEAH on

      Thank you gavin and stuart,
      I read the faq just after sending the post. Silly me. Just so excited.

    2. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      @Steven - please see the next update as I've added some new sculpting pics...

    3. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      Steven, Post KS Gav will send out a survey so backers can finalise what add ons they want, specify summer or winter uniforms, specify any swaps, and tell him where to send all those lovely minis. If you select more add-ons than you have pledged for you will be invoiced through Paypal.

      This means you can get more than you can afford to pay in 13 hours time if you wish, but it does nothing to unlock the next stretch...

      Then there's always the Baker Company website to get reinforcements later, but you won't benefit from KS free postage.

    4. HE'LL YEAH on

      Hi gavin and guys
      Ive just pledged for a finn platoon and am realy looking forward to more progress pics and models from you gavin. Will we be able to increase our pledge after times up or run with webpage orders?

    5. William Jenkins on

      Hi Bill, Thanks for the help. Sorry to be so obtuse. Take care. Bill

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    7. William Jenkins on

      How about adding Gen. Timoshenko and/or Stalin at sometime in the future. Too bad Vasily Zaytsev didnt participate in the Winter War but maybe he could be added at a later date too.

    8. William Jenkins on

      Bill, So I just change the number under manage your pledge but I dont specify what I want yet? If I decide I want extra when the survey comes out I assume I can add more then too? Thanks. Take care. Bill

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    10. William Jenkins on

      This is the best kickstart I have ever seen. I cant wait to get painting on these great Fin and Russian figures. How do I sign up for the paid add on's? Also just curious why you didnt do any Russian personality figures?

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    12. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      Hi Poi, No - the only vehicle swap you can do is for a rifle squad or a truck. You can just get the turret to save some money...

    13. Poi on

      Can we swap in a flame tank for one of the included ones?