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Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940
428 backers pledged £57,021 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Patrick Diederiks on

      if you are able to put prices to your last Add On Stretch Goals, then we indeed can add them in the grand finale for the last boost.
      I do like to get some of the Red Army´s Engines

    2. JonLenine on

      please more photos on the russian, they're all blurry

    3. Paul on

      Nice diorama Gav. Really looking forward to utilizing a lot of these bits for our club's display game in the new year :)
      Another vote for prices before the stretch goals - I'll bump mine further in anticipation as soon as I know whats needed for them :)

    4. Falk Kalamorz on

      I am looking forward to taking care of those miniatures as soon as my 8th Army is ready!

      @ Gav: Any chance to get the KtH-turret separately?

    5. David Smith on

      Is there any real difference between a T-26 and Armstrong?
      And, could do with the prices for the add-on's so we can pledge for them up front when nearing the goal, that then pushes up the total to get them.

    6. Kasper Klitgaard Brix on

      I really hope we reach 50k :-)

      Great looking diorama btw!