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Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940
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      Sapper Joe

      Does anyone know how long the 4Ground's barricades are? Just trying to think if I should order more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mikko Asikainen on

      Doing appropriate timber buildings should be a straightforward scratchbuilding project. Make the structure from foamcore, cover the walls in balsa wood strips of the appropriate size and cover the roof with whatever snow product you like best. I think I know a couple of suitable ready made products but I won't post links so as not to hurt the business of our host.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      The eastern European buildings may not be a perfect fit for the Finns, but they fit quite well for the Russians if you're considering their use to represent 1941 Russians facing Barbarossa, the Russian side of the invasion of Poland etc.

      In practical terms, most of my games are likely to end up being against x-many points of whatever the other guy can field, even if that's Italians, Brits or a Kokoda themed Aussie army (at least by having 2 or more armies, I won't have to play many "civil wars" like some of the guys collecting late war Germans or Americans). So long as the buildings aren't Sci-Fi or Ancients, and they look good on the table for WWII, is it a deal breaker if they don't fit at least one of your armies? Remember they're not being made FOR this kickstarter, we're just getting bargain basement access to them thanks to Gav...

    4. SableFox

      PS: If 4Ground think there is a market for Finnish buildings they may well be encouraged to make them. They do a good range of log timber cabins for 15mm which look a reasonable fit. It would be easy to scale these up to 28mm. Painting them red wouldn't be an issue either, DIY dry brushing with bright red should work ;-)

    5. SableFox

      I am happy to agree that the 4Ground buildings are not tailored to the Winter War. Given that they are called Polish, Ukrainian and Russian, I think 4Ground would agree too. However, I don't know of a better range. If you know of one then please share. I could scratch build, but the 4Ground kits are a lot quicker and produce a better result than I would (for wargaming purposes). All in I am happy with the blend of detail, robustness, practicality and price.

      My Winter War is taking place in the mythical part of Finland that has white washed plastered walls and wooden shingle roofs. Not typical - and perhaps to to be found at all - but it works for me.

      Except for some special battles - like Waterloo - getting accurate terrain is a lot more difficult than getting highly accurate and realistic figures, guns and vehicles. I have learned to make do with what I can get ;-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mikko Asikainen on

      The Eastern European buildings fit poorly into the Finnish landscape. Most of the buildings on the borderline that time were timber cottages and the walls were not plastered but painted red. Like so:

    7. Jeff K. on

      I see the foxholes are made for 20mm bases. Can they be modified to fit 25mm bases, or would it be a lot of mess to do so?

    8. Burkhard on

      Two ruined hamlet sets then? Now this makes it great value for money!

      I was a bit surprised at first since the pledge level description said just one which would have made it more expensiv than the individual elements!

    9. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      @Dan, no just the 3 eastern front buildings and 2 sets of ruined hamlet

    10. Dan @ Mike Bravo Miniatures on

      Does the Suomussalmi pledge level include the terrain items from the Mannerheim Line pledge level?

    11. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      @SableFox - Yes they are - thanks for pointing this out! :)

    12. SableFox


      In the Mannerheim Line pledge level you include "4 metal terrain packs". Are these the same thing as "£5 Barricades White metal terrain pieces including sandbags, barb wire posts and Barricades." which I presume were the pieces shown in Update #15?

      Cheers, Jonathan

    13. Counterpane

      Great new options! Thanks!