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Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940
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    1. Pete Slinn on

      2nd one definitely looks like loading with a stripper clip to me...

    2. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      " the second one is about to unload and push the magazine release or closing the iron sights and about to move? I just liked the pose... ;)"

      Another explanation for that hand position (the one I assumed) is that he's just pushed a stripper-clip down into the magazine and hasn't returned his hand to the bolt yet - re-loading on the move...

      I don't know how to feel about seeing these painted versions... it's bad enough having to wait until November with just a list of all the goodies we're getting (probably December by the time it gets to me here in Oz) and worse still, I CAN"T AFFORD THE ARMY DEAL!!!

    3. Dan @ Mike Bravo Miniatures on

      Awesome! How was the snow done?

    4. Jehan on

      Absolutely perfect Gavin !

    5. Missing avatar

      andrea castagnini on

      I m really satisfied about your work .i love your minies

    6. Bolognesus on that's 26mm and 20.5 mm? thanks :)

    7. Kalle Mannonen on

      Gavin: thanks, makes all the difference to know the reasons for those guys poses :) With that description they look a lot better now.

    8. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      @Kalle Mannonen:

      The top one is cocking his rifle (pushing the cocking handle back into loaded mode) and the second one is about to unload and push the magazine release or closing the iron sights and about to move? I just liked the pose... ;)

    9. SableFox

      @Bolognesus - I am guessing 2p and 1p coins myself ;-)

    10. Kalle Mannonen on

      The diorama is excellent, and I'll probably need to get a few of Your tree stumps :) The painting and the miniatures are fine. Though I don't quite get the poses of the leftmost figure on top picture and the rightmost figure on the second picture. Other four miniature look perfect to me.

    11. Bolognesus on

      What size are those bases? I'm guessing 25mm first pic, 20mm second?

      Models look lovely, quite quick to paint as well :) (always a good thing with the grey pile of shame around :) )

    12. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      I always like to paint some of my sculpts at this stage to make sure I'm completely happy with them - and I am!

    13. R2D2 on

      Thats a great looking diorama!

    14. SableFox

      Excellent diorama and the painting shows off the figures too. It also shows why there is no need for the Finns to be all white - they might stand out more if they were.

      There is no hurry to sculpt. Better to do a good job than a rushed job :-) As long as they are done in time for delivery ;-)

    15. Danny O'Hara on

      Very nice! So why aren't you sculpting? ;-)