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Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940
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    1. Burkhard on

      I am with Lachlan… I would trade the bikes for cavalry for that very reason!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Those light horse look great - I'm hoping I can swap my bicycles for a second set to keep my Finn platoon completely winter :)

    3. Netsuke on

      Hi Gav,

      It would be lovely to see for each side under the Forward artillery observers a field telephone operator for both sides. Covers a number of options.

    4. Missing avatar

      Barrie MacDonald

      Wow passed on the info to all I know who may be interested. All looks Brilliant!

    5. Bolognesus on

      @Gavin Tyler
      quite awesome, good to have that confirmed!

    6. SableFox


      Personally, I think I will take the stretch goals as is. The seem well balanced to me. But thanks for clarifying it. There are/were a number of people asking questions or making assumptions.

      I agree that the Russian SMG should be rare. I may buy a add-on of Finnish SMGs though since they are an option on the CoC list.

      I also think prone figures are a good idea. They may run around a lot, but between times they throw themselves to the ground and shoot ;-)

      Thanks again, Jonathan

    7. David Smith on

      Lying down troops seems a good description of going Tactical in the rules to gain that bit of cover. Might also be good to go with the MG teams so they are all lying in cover.

    8. Martin Fraser on

      Not that I dislike a prone miniature, but in my opinion, rarely will I use them this way. I use Chain of Command and Rules of Engagement to play 56mm scale and usually, my men are moving all over the place so I would prefer to get all my men in a firing, moving or on the ready position. Well all that except the sniper, he sure can be prone :)

    9. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan,
      You can swap the stretch goals with basic infantry squads and then buy add-ons for extra tanks - otherwise someone may want to swap the 3 miniatures you get with the commissars for a tank which isn't really fair... No swapping with add-ons or its going to do strange things with my brain...
      I'll take the smg out of the text, sorry missed that one. This is to keep the list close to the CoC list and the reflect that there were very limited numbers of smgs at that period in the Red Army...

    10. Rik Baker

      @Sable Fox
      Gav has done an amazing job with this KS, and he has given us a great deal. If we add mix and match it will make it a nightmare for Gav to keep track of all the possibilities. I suggest maybe coming to a gentleman's agreement after the KS if Gav is willing.
      I was always taught K.I.S.S.
      Cheers to you SB

    11. SableFox

      @Baker Company

      It looks like the SMG has been taken out of the Russian section diagrams; but it is still in the text. If the SMG is being removed from these platoons can you update the text to match?

      Cheers, Jonathan

    12. SableFox

      PS: I love the dragoons too :-)

      (My spell checker changed that to: 'I live the dragons')

    13. SableFox

      @Baker Company

      How do stretch goals work? Is it a case of "this s what you get - like it or lump it"? Or can you swap stretch goals within your army? If you can, is it a free swap or is it limited in some way (to stop everyone have fourteen T-26 tanks?) Lastly can you swap a stretch goal for an add on (unlikely I know)?

      Cheers, Jonathan

    14. Gavin Tyler 2-time creator on

      Hi, all the stretch goals are included in the same way. I'll include the new ones to the graphic so it's completely clear.


    15. Jehan on

      Gavin, no close-up of the first "complete" miniatures ?

    16. Netsuke on

      Thank Gav for the update. Love the active poses.

    17. Bolognesus on

      This was posted on update 6, I couldn't quite find a reply (which is probably due to me not searching all that well :) ). I think this question was missed in my earlier post here ;)

      Clive Norman 3 days ago
      Hi Gavin, it's not clear which, if any, of the 13-24 stretch goals would be automatically included at the platoon level. I'd be grateful for clarification. Thanks.

      What is, and what isn't included? I'm fine either way but I'd like to know.:)

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Jehan on

      The finnish horses are awesome, I'm totally fan !

    20. David Smith on

      Good idea about the silhouettes, don't think there will be enough room on the page though :p could do a small pic and click to enlarge - would be impressive that's for sure and a good pic to paste around the forums.

      Second batch should be included for show and completeness, could do with an "all below here are due xxxx" bar on the graphic though for clarity.

    21. Bolognesus on

      Wait, so even (some) of the secon batch of stretch goals get included? Damn, that's nice :)

      Oh, while silhouettes would be too much work for little gain, including numbers in the "what you're getting" pics would make them that bit more impressive, IMO. Just an idea :)

    22. Scott MacLachlan on

      Those horses look fantastic! Like real Finnish horses, very unique. I had no idea I needed Finnish horses. :)

    23. David Smith on

      Looking good, favourites are the horses, they look well proportioned and active and the laying shooting guy, a different pose just crying out for a log to rest his rifle on.

    24. Missing avatar


      Hi Gavin,

      Makes perfect sense to me!!

      Cheers!! :-)