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“We don’t want hordes of tourists to come here and spread AIDS and pollute our land.” –Kim Jong-Il, 4/25/98 (Juche 87)
“We don’t want hordes of tourists to come here and spread AIDS and pollute our land.” –Kim Jong-Il, 4/25/98 (Juche 87)
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Reddit AMA Tomorrow (Thursday)


Hey all--

The book launches tomorrow, and I'll begin shipping immediately. I'll be emailing everyone backer surveys to confirm your address before I mail out the book.

I'll also be participating in a Reddit AMA tomorrow (Thursday) at 2pm EST on their main page,


Michael Malice



The book is in production, should be in my hands within a week and I will be shipping immediately. I will contact you to confirm your address before shipping!



Folks, I have 12 pages left to edit but I have simultaneously begun mocking up the book, all of which will be done by Monday. Then it's off to Amazon, and my understanding is that they approve things pretty good. I'll have a launch date for you when that approval comes through, but this is the last step!

2nd Draft is Done!


Just finished the second draft of DEAR READER. Now to read it again once for minor tweaks and it’ll go into production. If you’ve moved, don’t worry, I will email you to confirm your address.

I’m often asked if I have any advice on writing, so I thought I’d take a second and discuss my process for those who are interested. The one sentence version: don’t write and edit at the same time. That’s the most common mistake people make and it frustrates them to no end. It’s like driving a car and constantly adjusting and occasionally even going into reverse for no reason.

The longer version is this. I write everything three times. The first time is “what happened.” It’s every incident from point A to point B. I never get writer’s block because I give myself permission to fill things in later. If I can’t think of the word I want at the moment, I’ll write a word I know to be wrong and then next to it put FIND BETTER WORD highlighted in yellow. There’s no point in pausing the first time just for one word, especially when I’ll probably think of it immediately upon reread. This goes for bigger gaps as well. There’s nothing wrong with writing FIND BETTER SEGUE or even condensing a scene that hasn’t been worked out with [Kim Jong Il visits DMZ here] and skipping it entirely. I can go back the next day or even much later.

The second draft is when I rearrange things, cut down heavily (I cut 25 pages from the first draft, in this case) and make it read smoothly. Essentially, it’s all editing. The mistakes are usually glaring in the context of the whole book, as opposed to that day’s work.

The third draft is reading for pleasure. It’s when I tweak and add wordplay and things like that. In essence, I’m riffing on an existing manuscript. By this time I know the material very well so it actually gets fun.

Unfortunately with mainstream publishing you have to do more drafts, and at those points one tends to lose perspective. That’s when confidence in your three earlier drafts is crucial, knowing that you couldn’t have let any major mistakes past through three iterations.

Hope this helps!

Michael Malice

The People’s Author

PS For anyone in the NYC area, I am giving a free talk about north Korea on the evening of Sunday, 12/15. Details here:



I just finished writing the first draft of DEAR READER. I read dozens of books and analyzed ten of thousands of pages to create a working manuscript. It took quite a bit longer than expected because the book is quite a bit longer than expected: 411 pages, 124,000 words. (By contrast my previous book was 249 pages/82,000 words)

What happens now? Well there's a second and a third draft, each faster than the last. I'm going to send out an update next week about how I revise, it might be useful to anyone who ever considers writing (it sure would have been useful to me!) Then there's the actual production, which won't take long at all.

I can't believe I pulled this off. (If I hadn't written several books before, though, I would never have been able to). Thank you all so much for making this happen.

MIchael Malice

The People's Author

PS for those of you asking, yes the book will be on Amazon!