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Est. in 2008, we're expanding to build an interactive goat dairy at a primary school in Grenada, West Indies, the 1st of its kind.
Est. in 2008, we're expanding to build an interactive goat dairy at a primary school in Grenada, West Indies, the 1st of its kind.
368 backers pledged $63,160 to help bring this project to life.

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project ~ St. Patrick's Anglican School Project: Update 25 May 2014


Dear Backers,

It is our complete pleasure to update at this time ~ thank you so much again for your amazing contributions towards this project!  We're delighted to see this project in action ~ it is our hope that by using the goat dairy project as a platform, students will have a new creative learning space and an introduction and appreciation for growing their own food.  We have a personal letter to you directly from the St. Patrick's Anglican school principal, Ms. Alexander ~ But first we want to update you on how your contributions have been spent on this project:

$63,160.00 OnLine Donations Pledged

      -625.00 Donations Pledged but Not Collected 

   -5,332.19 Amazon Processing Fees

 $57,202.81 USD Net Contributions Received

  $ 1,716.00 Truck repairs, seeds for feed 

 $42,486.00 Construction, Labor and Materials for Goat House Facility 

 $14,115.00 Animal care, feeding & maintenance for goats 

 $58,317.00 USD Total spent 

Grenada Dairy Goat Facts:  Based on our past 5 years of research and tracking data, it takes approximately $3-4 USD per goat, per day for maintenance, care & feeding.  It takes about 1-2 years to develop a young goat kid to an adult, where they are able to produce milk. 


Main Street, Sauteurs 

St. Patrick’s Motto: Educating for Tomorrow 

Email: Contact Number: 473 442 9414 

An Update on the Goat Dairy School Project 

 By Principal Ms. Wilma Alexander 

The Goats arrived at the school on February 4th, 2014. It was a historic day in the life of St. Patrick’s Anglican School as we are the first school in Grenada to have a school based project of this kind. A total of sixteen goats arrived at the school. 

We are extremely grateful to the Board of Directors of The Goat Dairy Project for choosing our school to initiate this project. This project will certainly bring tremendous educational benefits to our school on a long and short term basis. Students and teachers will be exposed to interactive teaching/learning processes. Already, teachers are using the project to improve Literacy. Students are engaged in the writing process as they develop interesting compositions about the goats. 

Furthermore, we hope to teach students about sustainability and from a nutritious stand point, the concept of “farm to the table" with a focus on eating healthy. We hope also to educate our staff and students with correct practices which are necessary for goat dairy production and to inculcate the skills and values to motivate students into becoming goat dairy farmers. 

We have already conducted a staff development session to introduce the curriculum guide which was developed by a committee headed by retired Science Curriculum Officer, Mr. Jervis Viechveg. The teachers seem to be enthusiastic about the introduction of the project. They have expressed their intentions to integrate the content into the school’s curriculum. 

Students have already demonstrated keen interest in the project by participating in the feeding of the goats. All classes, from Kindergarten to Grade Six, participate in the feeding process. Classes are scheduled to participate in feeding the goats twice per day. Photographs and short videos attached can be viewed to show students embracing the project by participating fully in it. 

However, the project is in its initial stage with young goats which are not yet undergoing production. Therefore, we are faced with some challenges to sustain the project at this time. Propagation of feed is ongoing at Mac Donald College and at the Anglican Rectory grounds at Madeys. In the mean time, food for the goats is being purchased. Providing a monthly salary for a one man staff and purchasing feed are our immediate challenges. Security is also another challenge. Therefore, financial support is necessary to sustain the project until it reaches the designated time of production. It is our hope to raise these much needed funds to sustain the project. However, we will welcome further pledges to assist with sustaining the project during its initial stage. 

Allow me to state here that the project seems to be generating national interest among the populace. Schools engaged in educational tours are already making it an attraction site. 

We continue to persevere to overcome the challenges but be assured that this project will certainly create a positive impact on the staff and students of our school and the wider community by extension. Continue to follow us on our face book page for updates on this peculiar project. Thank You!

For more information, please check out our facebook page:

We're actively posting information regarding our project and information related to the sustainable food movement!

With continued gratitude,

The Grenada Goat Dairy Team

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project ~ Goats arrive at St. Patrick's Anglican School


Dear Backers of The Goat Dairy ~  GRATITUDE sums it up!  THANK YOU so much again for contributing to this unique and beautiful project, we're taking the next step...

We are pleased to announce that the goats arrived yesterday ~ The children and staff of St. Patrick's Anglican were so excited to have the goats move in yesterday!

Welcome from the students & staff...
Welcome from the students & staff...
Students patiently waiting for the arrival...
Students patiently waiting for the arrival...
Principal Ms. Alexander embraces this project for her school, Grenada and the region...
Principal Ms. Alexander embraces this project for her school, Grenada and the region...
The ladies of The Goat Dairy arrive in great spirits...
The ladies of The Goat Dairy arrive in great spirits...

Though our cheese sales help, we are not quite sustainable yet so please donate in order to keep this amazing project going: or contact us directly at

We're actively posting updates ~ Please follow us on FB at

With continued thanks and best wishes for the coming months,

Christine, Malaika & The Grenada Goat Dairy Team

Happy Holidays & New Steps for The Goat Dairy ~ 2014


Dear Backers of The Goat Dairy,

Happy Holidays and Blessings for the New Year! Once again, thank you for supporting us through our Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and for your commitment to the success of our project. Getting the construction completed to standard has been a longer process than we projected but we are finally there. We are preparing to move goats from our main farm facility to the school project at St. Patrick Anglican School in the first weeks of January and we're seeking support for our next steps.

In an effort to make the first year of the school project a success we are reaching out to our community for support to cover $2,000USD of monthly expenses to run this interactive school project. (See flyer below) Our dairy production is not quite able to cover all our operating costs, yet. We hope that the additional milk from the goats at the school project and the government's promise to support a network of goat farmers to develop their herds and sell quality milk, will allow us to produce more cheese and other dairy products in the coming years. We are a non-profit that actually has a vision for long term financial self-sustainability but right now we are still relaying on the generosity of folks who believe in our vision.

If you or anyone in your network is interested in donating please do so online at or contact us directly at

With best wishes for the New Year,

Christine, Malaika & The Grenada Goat Dairy Team

28 SEP 13 ~ 1st Annual Update

Dear Backers ~ THANKS TO ALL of YOU ~ Last year at this time, we were celebrating our successful Kickstarter campaign! Just one year later, as stated in the last report we are forever grateful and we are delivering this project to you, Grenada, the region and the world!  We’re almost there... please see snaps below: 

snap 1) New goat house facility as of 28 SEP 13 

snap 2) TGD’s goats receiving physical exams prior to transport to their new facility. 

snap 3) Community collaboration with another school farm on animal fodder “Moringa” 

snap 4) Some of the ladies at The Goat Dairy’s main education/demonstration facility located at Belmont Estate, Hermitage, St. Patrick.

snap 5) TGD’s Christine & “Blue” 

Please stay tuned for more updates & snaps & OUR OPENING DATE, with kind thoughts and continued thanks to all of you ~ Christine & The Entire Grenada Goat Dairy Team

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2 Sep 13 ~END of Summer Progress Update!

Dear Backers ~ We hope everyone enjoyed their summer!  Where has this year gone? Last year at this time, we were gathering your support and contributions for this project.  And for that we are forever grateful and we are delivering this project to you, Grenada, the region and the world!  

We're BACK ON SCHEDULE ~ as you learned from our last progress report at the end of June... we had a bit of a delay, while we were under construction some structural issues with the school’s main septic system were found, which runs directly beside the farm, garden and into the playing field.  This situation was completed at the end of July.   We got the final inspection and the green light to GO AHEAD during the first part of August. We were waiting for a shipment of cement for a couple of weeks, it just arrived a week ago and WE'RE ROCKIN it NOW.  If all goes as planned our final construction phases will be completed during this month.  The students just started back to school today and along with their teachers, they're eager to start using their new farm facility.  The community is very excited about this project as well!  The installation of the security fence is currently taking place, this will incorporate the entire farm system~ the goat house, poultry coop, compost area and school garden.  This is an extension from our original plan of only fencing around the goat house, now the entire farm facility will be secured.  Please see attached images of installation of the fencing...and for fun a snap of one of breeding bucks this season, Billy Bob!

 What's left to complete after the fencing is up?... 

▪ final electric & plumbing hookups ▪ additional storage shelves, milking stands, feed racks & painting ▪ security system ▪ transporting goats to new facility ▪ Grand opening of the facility: sometime during October (If all goes as planned ~ to be announced) 

A RECENT ARTICLE ABOUT our project and ALL OF YOU ~ OUR BACKERS, who made our Kickstarter campaign a suscess!   A HUGE thanks to our Director of Public Relations, Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe, who took extra time out of her busy schedule to submit this article ~

This recent NY times article relates to why we're doing what we're doing:

Please continue to follow our progress, we're actively posting updates on our Facebook page ~ you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to follow us on it:

Please stay tuned for more updates & snaps... Happy Labor Day to our US backers and as always, with kind thoughts and continued thanks to all of you ~ Christine & The Entire Grenada Goat Dairy Team

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