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Art 4 Youth Project. Art that Shoots for the Stars.'s video poster

Bringing a fun art project to a summer camp for children age 6-16 years. We will be painting on canvas & model rockets this year. Read more

Chouteau, OK Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 25, 2013.

Bringing a fun art project to a summer camp for children age 6-16 years. We will be painting on canvas & model rockets this year.

Chouteau, OK Art
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About this project

This money will be used to bring a very fun and entertaining activity to Camp Quest Oklahoma 2013 where I have been a volunteer since its first camp in 2012. Last year I had funded an art project called "the art 4 youth" thru Kickstarter that was quite a success. This year we will be doing two projects for camp. One will be a Jackson Pollack style of drip painting session that a lot fun last year. We will also use this money to purchase model rockets for the children to paint. They can decorate his or her rocket any style from wild to mild. The money will be used to purchase 50 model rockets ranging from $9 to $20 a kit. Different skill level kits will be purchased along with the different recovery landing types; such as tumble, ribbon and parachute. The drip painting project needs the purchase of canvas, and paint and turkey basters. Yes...turkey basters was the most popular painting brush last year and I want to make sure I got plenty. Here how the funding will be spent. 50 canvas boards. $200

$300 for rocket engines and igniters. $1000 for all 50 rockets kits for a grand total $1500

Just a reminder that all of us here at Camp Quest Oklahoma are non-paid volunteers who donate our time and talents. Everyone of us has passed a nationwide background check by a private investigation firm out of Tulsa.We are dedicated to bringing a genuine camping experience that is secular by design filled with science and fun.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge is obtaining all the materials needed at a great price in order to have the variety of paint colors that the children enjoy. You cannot pull this off with just the "primary colors". The neon colors were a big hit...but these paints were very pricey, around $23 a gallon can. We will need to purchase "hobby paint" for the model rockets and some small brushes so that the children can get their creativity on.

If we hit the target on money, there should be enough funds left over to purchase the ignitors and engines needed for flight. This project is two awesome camp activities rolled into one.

Last year I was able to make a lot of business contacts for my art supplies and was able to negotiate great deals to stretch my "kickstarter" dollars further.

My biggest obstacle is money. Im just not able at this time to fully fund a project like this. My business is just 2 years old and still puts financial demands on my bankroll.

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    5 lucky donors in this category get a rocket named in their honor.

    A video will be made at camp during the launch party so you can watch your rocket blast off into space.

    This video will put on my youtube channel. You will be notified when its up and a link will be emailed to you.

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    Every $25 donor gets a t-shirt from Camp Quest Oklahoma 2013. You may choose from adult or youth t-shirt sizes. Only 4 shirts available.
    This years camp theme is "Rockets Robots and Reason".

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Our single $100 donor will receive a painting made by the entire camp shipped to you. You must live in the United States to receive this offer as over seas shipping is just to expensive.

    This large canvas painting will look awesome in your office or living room. Best of all, you got a great story on how you acquired it. :)

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    Only ships to: United States

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