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A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
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re: The Hit Squad Movie dead? 💀 Not by a long shot.🎉


Ok, admission time: I bit off *way* more than I could chew with this movie. Over the past few years, I tried my best to chew this big hunk of steak down to a nice swallowable morsel without choking on it. Each time I thought I should swallow, I'd try and it'd get stuck in my throat. So I'd chew on it some more. Now is the time to start washing down the last piece with some water.

What I'm saying is that yes, this has been a long process, but I'm finally starting to think about dessert.

Food analogies aside, I've not been able to work full-time on this for a while, which has been frustrating. I learned a long time ago that no project is worth losing your mind over and there was a period a while back where this project felt so overwhelming I had no choice but to step back. Now? Things are great.

So, what're the latest developments?  

  • Tons of tiny tweaks that stopped the movie looking polished
  • I tweaked the master resolution now so that it can be released in 4k (This, in turn has removed some weird fuzziness the footage had).  
  • I tweaked the colours so that skin tones are balanced no matter what screen they're viewed on
  • I finally replaced the female voices with, yknow, actual real life women  
  • Added post production tweaks to the movie, lens flares, glow, smoke, colour changes, etc...  

What's left?

Not much! It's all audio related. I have to replace all my dialogue with the final versions I have to hand everything off to Gavin who is doing the sound effects, mixing and mastering (who's now gonna have the hard work to do. Sorry Gav!)

It's been a *long* old journey and I appreciate everyone sticking around with it. I've put years of my life into making this the best movie I could make with the resources I had. I'm just as excited about the release of this movie from the day I created it. I hope you are too!

More news soon!

The Hit Squad Forever

Chris Blundell - director of The Hit Squad Movie

We're not dead! In fact... we're more alive than ever!


Wow, it's been a crazy old time hasn't it?

For the past few years I've had a to do list as long as my arm and I always prioritised making The Hit Squad above anything else. It's been so hard, like, the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. But I was determined not to half-ass the movie and rush it out shoddily.

So... here's where the movie is at

We have picture lock!

What does that mean? Well, it means that all the shots are complete in the edit and they won't be changed.

So what next?

Well, we have the audio which is currently being mixed along with the kick-ass soundtrack (seriously, it's amazing). We also have some tweaks in post production to finish off (lens flares and dust and stuff).

So when are we going to see it?

Well, distribution is the big fat elephant in the room and we are knee deep in working out the best plan possible to release the movie. Literally, my inbox is filling up with conversations with some amazingly cool people who will be helping get the movie out.

What happens in the meantime?

I am going to be talking about the movie a whole bunch. Starting with the Q&A I promised last update. Over the next few months loads of stuff will start dropping.

Also, now is the time to make sure all your addresses are up-to-date!


Chris - Director of The Hit Squad Movie


Burning question about The Hit Squad? Come ask it!

Hey everyone, 

so it's been an exciting week for The Hit Squad movie. It's getting closer and closer to a decent final version and as I've been winding down, i thought that I'd answer some questions that anyone had about the movie, the industry or about me personally. I'll put out a video this week with an update and answers to any questions you may have.

Here's a link to my facebook thread where you can leave a question:

Speak to you later in the week!!

Chris Blundell

Director of The Hit Squad Movie

Announcement: Finally! The Hit Squad Release Date!

Hey! Remember I've been making an 8 bit comedy feature film for infinity million years? Yep, well, it's officially being released on 23/01/17.

Not enough? Here's a new teaser trailer for it:  

Still not enough? Here's a new teaser poster:

 ore info over at my blog

loads more stuff coming soon!

Big love to everyone and THANK YOU for your support!

Chris Blundell - Director of The Hit Squad

More Updates! Also talking to cast!

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Hey all,

If you haven't been following the blog about the making of The Hit Squad then where have you been?! I've been updating every week with a little history and the journey that The Hit Squad has been on. Here's the last few:

So, other than the story of how The Hit Squad movie came to be, what's been happening recently? Well, still talking casting at the moment, I'm determined to get off that road sooner rather than later. I don't anticipate it taking too much longer because, basically, I'm itching to get the movie out and about.

Anyway, let me know if you're enjoying the blog posts! Some say hi to me on Twitter (@superpixelchris)

Love and peace

Chris Blundell - Director of The Hit Squad movie