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A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
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Burning question about The Hit Squad? Come ask it!

Hey everyone, 

so it's been an exciting week for The Hit Squad movie. It's getting closer and closer to a decent final version and as I've been winding down, i thought that I'd answer some questions that anyone had about the movie, the industry or about me personally. I'll put out a video this week with an update and answers to any questions you may have.

Here's a link to my facebook thread where you can leave a question:

Speak to you later in the week!!

Chris Blundell

Director of The Hit Squad Movie

Announcement: Finally! The Hit Squad Release Date!

Hey! Remember I've been making an 8 bit comedy feature film for infinity million years? Yep, well, it's officially being released on 23/01/17.

Not enough? Here's a new teaser trailer for it:  

Still not enough? Here's a new teaser poster:

 ore info over at my blog

loads more stuff coming soon!

Big love to everyone and THANK YOU for your support!

Chris Blundell - Director of The Hit Squad

More Updates! Also talking to cast!

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Hey all,

If you haven't been following the blog about the making of The Hit Squad then where have you been?! I've been updating every week with a little history and the journey that The Hit Squad has been on. Here's the last few:

So, other than the story of how The Hit Squad movie came to be, what's been happening recently? Well, still talking casting at the moment, I'm determined to get off that road sooner rather than later. I don't anticipate it taking too much longer because, basically, I'm itching to get the movie out and about.

Anyway, let me know if you're enjoying the blog posts! Some say hi to me on Twitter (@superpixelchris)

Love and peace

Chris Blundell - Director of The Hit Squad movie

The Hit Squad is not dead! Weekly "making of" updates!

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Hey everyone, so, New Year, new start!

I've been hard at work compiling a whole load of "making of" blog posts for The Hit Squad. It's time to start showing off what has been happening with the movie and revealing what will be happening next with it. 

The Hit Squad is definitely not dead! It's alive and well on my computer!

Here's the first of a weekly blog post to tell you about The Hit Squad and what has been happening with it behind the scenes:

Oh and for non-believers: here's every scene in its currently edited state, you just gotta squint a bit. 

Screenshot of all the scenes in The Hit Squad
Screenshot of all the scenes in The Hit Squad

Speak to you next Monday!

Chris Blundell

Director of The Hit Squad

A long awaited update! Teaser trailer, the future, things!

Hello all!

So, where to begin?

Firstly, if you didn't see it a few months back, the newest teaser trailer dropped showing the updated style of the movie, a short sample of the music, the voices and a little sneak into the characters Charles, Frank and Roddy.

Why the wait? Where's The Hit Squad?

There's a dull reality to making indie movies: either release small-scale, digital download, make a couple of dollars and scrabble around trying to make the next project or hold your ground, work to get the best possible cast, release through a proper distributor, earn enough (hopefully) to fund the next project.

Right now, the production process is finished. I'm finalising the cast, aiming high for the best possible voices for the characters. There's long long waits to get a response from the named voice actors, small scale indie projects aren't top of their list and it's difficult to get your voice heard over other projects they get approached for. So that means really long waits to even get the conversations going. But things are moving closer for the final casting for The Hit Squad and hopefully the final cast will be signed and announced soon and then can move straight onto getting the film released and in front of your eyeballs.

Its a painfully boring process right now and feels like its all moving at a snails pace, but there is movement and it will all be worth it and add the finishing touches to an already awesome movie (it is, I promise!).

The Future

While there's a wait, I'm gonna post some blog posts every couple of weeks giving some deeper insights into the production process, the story, and revealing the whole behind the scenes shebang into what it takes to make an animated movie. All of these updates will come through Kickstarter and the mailing list, so make sure you keep an eye out!

Things are moving, thanks for all the messages and your patience! I'll update more very soon!

Chris Blundell

Writer/Director - The Hit Squad