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A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
A full length 8 bit comedy movie about a washed up 80s band who need one last hit song to save their studio
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A long awaited update! Teaser trailer, the future, things!

Hello all!

So, where to begin?

Firstly, if you didn't see it a few months back, the newest teaser trailer dropped showing the updated style of the movie, a short sample of the music, the voices and a little sneak into the characters Charles, Frank and Roddy.

Why the wait? Where's The Hit Squad?

There's a dull reality to making indie movies: either release small-scale, digital download, make a couple of dollars and scrabble around trying to make the next project or hold your ground, work to get the best possible cast, release through a proper distributor, earn enough (hopefully) to fund the next project.

Right now, the production process is finished. I'm finalising the cast, aiming high for the best possible voices for the characters. There's long long waits to get a response from the named voice actors, small scale indie projects aren't top of their list and it's difficult to get your voice heard over other projects they get approached for. So that means really long waits to even get the conversations going. But things are moving closer for the final casting for The Hit Squad and hopefully the final cast will be signed and announced soon and then can move straight onto getting the film released and in front of your eyeballs.

Its a painfully boring process right now and feels like its all moving at a snails pace, but there is movement and it will all be worth it and add the finishing touches to an already awesome movie (it is, I promise!).

The Future

While there's a wait, I'm gonna post some blog posts every couple of weeks giving some deeper insights into the production process, the story, and revealing the whole behind the scenes shebang into what it takes to make an animated movie. All of these updates will come through Kickstarter and the mailing list, so make sure you keep an eye out!

Things are moving, thanks for all the messages and your patience! I'll update more very soon!

Chris Blundell

Writer/Director - The Hit Squad


VIDEO: The Hit Squad Update November 2014!

Hey beautiful people,

Here is a video update on The Hit Squad movie for you all!




The Hit Squad - The Long Road Home


Hey everyone,

Remember when you funded that 8 bit movie by that guy? What do you mean you forgot? Here's an update!

Well, I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you all know that I'm still alive and haven't run away with your money to go and live in the Caribbean. In fact, I have written a blog about what is going on with the movie right HERE 

So head over there and have a read. Oh and you'll be able to take a look at the new logo too!


Chris Blundell - director of The Hit Squad

A lovely article on the making of The Hit Squad


So, tech magazine "The Magazine" has written an article detailing the journey of The Hit Squad, it's full of tidbits that you may be interested in.

The article is free to read for the next 24 hours before it becomes subscriber-only

In the meantime, have a great holiday period, eat lots, help others, and look forward to making 2014 a year to remember.

2014 will be the year of The Hit Squad!

Peace and love!

Chris Blundell - director of The Hit Squad


UPDATE TIME! - End of production!

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Hey everyone,

So, as you may have read through my last post, production is over and the movie is taking shape into a proper movie-type thingy (a movie). As I've said before, I chose to take this from a quaint little hobby project to something that has filled pretty much every single waking hour for the past year and a half. The more I did, the more I wanted to add to make it better. Now I've gone so far down the rabbit hole I've driven myself into a madness I can't escape. Not really, the movie is nearly done. I've started to piece it together and I'm breathing sighs of relief because scenes work, things fit together the way I envisioned and I even catch myself laughing at jokes I forgot I put in (always a nice surprise).

 As most of you know, I've had to start working back at a full-time job in order to keep a roof over my head, so I'm currently living a dual life like a really shit version of Batman. A Batman with living parents. Who makes films. Outside of the day job I'm starting to push the movie into post-production which is where I start to piece it together and add in the proper cast voices etc...


As I said, it's coming together well. I'm proud of how it looks, sounds and feels. It doesn't look like anything else around, which makes me happy. The pixel style really feels nice to watch in HD, weirdly satisfying. I've kept things pretty simple throughout, but I've made sure the details are in the right places. Ultimately The Hit Squad is about fun, sharp dialogue and storytelling. I want people to sit with a smile on their face for 85 minutes and leave feeling like a kid again. If you can't quote at least one line from the movie then I have failed! :)


Casting is one of the last things I'll be doing for the movie, as it can be overdubbed pretty easily before the final lip sync. I'm in talks with a big potential cast member, someone who is WAY out of The Hit Squads league. I'm being realistic and assuming that they will turn it down, but its flattering to be discussing anything with them. I will be contacting the Kickstarter cameos very soon with their lines to record. And it is very likely there will be an open casting call for one or two parts, so keep a lookout for that!  


For those who don't know, independent film is going through a big transition at the moment, the current model is changing and a new digital-only model (Netflix, iTunes, HULU etc...) is starting to rear its head. There are a few forward thinking distributors out there who work exceptionally well with traditional (cinema) and digital and as I'm starting to edit some scenes, I'm going to start approaching some to discuss how best to get The Hit Squad out there. I'm formulating a plan of action and working hard to get all of my ducks lined up before making a final decision on what will happen for release. But trust me when I say that the cogs are turning and I am talking to people about it.  


Crowdfund backers, you will be contacted very soon if you were one of the people who bought their cameos or name in the movie. Also, I'm working out a list of exclusive things that backers will be getting. You'll be getting some very cool stuff.

A few select press outlets have started to pick up on me making the film and want to run a piece on me, which is fantastic, so I'll keep you updated on that.

I feel like I really have to apologise for my blog posts as I always write them when I'm tired and I can't really muster up any jokes or witty remarks, so please feel free to insert a good Miley Cyrus joke here [INSERT TWERKING JOKE].

As always everyone, I am working my hardest to make sure that you all get bang for your buck. It's been a long journey and having the support that you've all given me has been amazing.

Chris Blundell - Director of The Hit Squad

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