$30.00 pledged of $550 goal
$30.00 pledged of $550 goal


You've heard of the MacArthur "Genius Grant", right? That's the one where someone who's done some nifty things get $500,000 spread over five years, no strings attached, so they can more nifty things. (BTW, the MacArthur people don't actually call it a "genius grant", they call it "The MacArthur Fellowship".)

The Comstock Foundation SubGenius Grant offers a little MacArthur-style creative freedom to those of us who aren't Jared Diamond, or David Simon, or Lateefah Simon.

One half of the award is 5 days and four nights aboard a fully-equipped liveaboard yacht, anchored in Lake Montauk. It's all the comforts of a lake-side cabin, but with the extra quiet and isolation of being in the lake. This is distraction-free solitude! Time has already been booked on this vessel and is provided courtesy of Comstock Films.

The other half is a $500* stipend that will be provided by this Kickstarter Campaign.

We're want to provide this stipend for a few reasons:

The first is that it will allow us to consider applicants from a wider geographic area without the awarding of the grant to someone from out of the area imposing an insurmountable financial hardship for them to accept the award.

The second is that we want to be able to consider people who are employed in traditional "9-5" jobs who may not be able to take advantage of a "distraction free week" without incurring some financial hardship.

The creative retreat is being awarded whether or not this Kickstarter campaign is successful. It's up to the Kickstarter community to decide how economically and geographically inclusive the list of applicants can be!

*Our fundraising goal is $550. This will cover the cash award, plus the Kickstarter and Amazon processing fees.

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