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The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera. Read more

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The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.

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GNARBOX wants you to get the most out of your cameras and content. We’ve spent two years in our garage building a solution to the biggest problem with owning a camera; managing all of those HD videos and photos.    

Along the way, we’ve partnered with Travis Rice, an awesome team of pro beta testers, and have incorporated the support from our Instagram community to shape our product to meet the needs of anyone with a camera.

Now you can:

  • Backup your camera from the field
  • Organize all of your footage… without lifting a finger.
  • Edit all of your footage from the beach, mountains, or trip home
  • Share all of your favorite moments in full resolution 

 Without even thinking about a laptop or hard drive.

Step 1 Upload up to 128 GB of full resolution footage from any camera to the GNARBOX

Step 2 Connect Phone to GNARBOX Hotspot & Open the GNARBOX App

Step 3 Time to share your edits at full resolution! GNARBOX delivers your footage to the world (up to 4K Video & RAW photos)

Working with high resolution footage while traveling is a challenge. Professional and amateur photographers all struggle with the decision of whether to shoot away from their computer or to carry everything with them.  

GNARBOX eliminates this decision.  

Laptops, external hard drives and cords can finally be left at home. We combined the capabilities of a robust processor with the mobility and intuitiveness of a smartphone, so you can manage your footage with less gear. Now you can truly explore more and carry less.

Plug up to 3 cameras into the GNARBOX via USB3, SD, or microSD. Using the GNARBOX app, you can share photos, clips, or tell the day’s story with a highlight reel.

“We made dawn patrol and hit Malibu for some pre-work waves. At the end of our session, we plugged two GoPros and the DJI Phantom into the GNARBOX and shared an edit before getting to work.” ~Matt

Finding your best moments has never been easier. Backup in the field at up to 4GB/min and let the GNARBOX auto-organize your photos and videos while you continue your adventure.

"During a weekend trip backpacking and fly-fishing in the Sierras I was able to backup the day's shots from camp. Before I made it home, all of my footage was perfectly organized and ready to share." ~Kevin

Connect up to 4 phones to the GNARBOX hotspot so you and your friends can view and download your favorite photos and videos together.

“We spent the day biking and taking photos around the canals. It was amazing to be able to have everyone swap and share their photos right where we were.” ~Allie

How GNARBOX empowers you to edit any resolution or frame rate from your phone.

When you use GNARBOX to edit from your smartphone, all of the heavy lifting is placed on our CPU and GPU. We’ve designed a system that encodes, decodes, and streams up to 4K video to your phone. Traditional mobile apps lack this key element, and therefore can’t access and control Ultra HD videos or RAW photos. By customizing our system to serve ONLY media, we are optimizing the performance of our hardware in an innovative way.

This means:

  • Fast simple editing streams
  • GBs of files without filling up your phone's memory
  • NO disruption of your phone’s ability to text, call, or use other apps
  • Near instantaneous transfers from GNARBOX to phone's camera roll

Now you can Edit & Share in 4K from your smartphone!

3D rendering of PCB/Case design
3D rendering of PCB/Case design

You can help put the finishing touches on the GNARBOX. We've been working with our manufacturer for 4 months. Our design for manufacture is almost completed and we have covered the costs of our tooling and molding. We need to fund 100 beta units, go through a revision process, and set up the assembly for the first run of production.

Our beta testers are a badass group of adventure photographers, video production crews and incredible athletes who will put the first 100 GNARBOXs to the test. With their approval we will run the line and ship to you. You can track their progress here:

 Want to be come a beta testers? Signup now!

We crossed paths over a year ago with the shared vision of making our video content more meaningful.  Calling on experience from past projects, our CTO conceived of the idea to use an embedded device to share HD media from GoPro's.  In August, the team got to work and we built our first prototype on open source hardware in early Fall 2014.  

Since then, we’ve built out an awesome team, tested and retested our UI, developed our first version of iOS and iterated heavily on the industrial design. Eight prototypes later, we are ready to bring the first consumer ready version of GNARBOX to market.

the GNARAGE in Santa Monica, CA
the GNARAGE in Santa Monica, CA

When we first set out on this journey, the idea of a mobile device that could edit up to 128GB of 4K video and RAW photo in real-time seemed inconceivable. Now thanks to our talented team, the GNARBOX is no longer a concept, but an inevitability.

Our team brings decades of video experience with expertise in hardware manufacturing, system architectures and mobile development. We’ve surrounded ourselves with an incredible group of partners, contractors, advisers, testers, and innovators to create the ultimate photo & video experience.

We've already reached our goal, but to make this as successful as possible we need your help. Whether it’s backing us today, sharing it on social media or just telling a few friends about it, your support is much needed and we truly appreciate the love. Here's a few ways to help:

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Others who helped us get here: Why We Ride, Wise Fool, Soylent

For media inquiries, please contact michael at TheNINETY - / 646 369-4044



GNARBOX is a registered trademark of MyGnar, Inc.

A Special Thanks to...

Edwin Eversole & Jack Murgatroyd of Hunt House Pictures for producing, shooting and editing the film. Katie Africano & Zach Lis for Graphic Design and Copy.

Risks and challenges

GNARBOX is lucky to already be entrenched with a manufacturing partner, and members of our founding team have seen other products through the entire manufacturing process before. Nonetheless, delays happen and with a large list of influential beta testers we expect the revision process to be the most important part of what happens between now and delivery.

Revision Process
We want your feedback! Before we finalize our molding, give us feedback on what you want to see changed. We’ll reveal sneak peaks of our mobile applications in action and provide frequent updates regarding what our Beta Testers are saying about the box. Want to see more colors? Want it to be bigger? Don’t like the cover port design? Just let us know!

Shipping Early 2016
The first 100 GNARBOX units will be delivered to our Beta Testers in August and September of 2015. Once we review their feedback, we will make necessary changes and ship in early 2016.

Battery Life
Early versions of the GNARBOX were soldered here in the garage and didn’t operate as efficiently as the ultimate version of our product. Our initial tests ran 2-3 hours on a single charge, but after developing a custom PCB we fell well in the 6-8 hour life range. Our quality assurance team will continue to monitor and improve battery life with all of the data we collect from our testers.

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  • $249

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  • You can currently plug your card reader into the GNARBOX to ingest your RAW+JPG files from Compact Flash cards. The current product does not have a Compact Flash reader onboard.

    Thank you for the comments! We will survey after the campaign to hear what the majority of our backers are looking for from the GNARBOX.

    Last updated:
  • We looked into this already for ourselves because we see value in additional memory options. For the sake of cost, simplicity and making sure we deliver a product on time we will, at this point, only be offering one memory option.

    Last updated:
  • YES. While the GNARBOX is currently limited to 128GB of internal FLASH storage, the (2) USB 3.0 ports can be used to push and pull files to and from your external hard drives.

    You can only edit what is on the GNARBOX.

    Last updated:
  • We have officially tested Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Fuji. At the end of our campaign we will survey our backers to identify any opportunities to expand to.

    Last updated:
  • We have an iOS app built and will begin the Android build following the success of our Kickstarter. Today is compatible with iPad, but not optimized- i.e. App runs as a scaled version.

    Last updated:
  • No. You can save over or save new copy.

    Last updated:
  • While your phone maintains a proxy of the footage on your GNARBOX, the GNARBOX hosts the full resolution version. When you make edits, they will be executed on the file on the GNARBOX. Once you decide to share, the GNARBOX will directly share via WiFi or your phone's 3G/4G.

    It will not default to sharing through your phone's 3G/4G and will ask you to identify a source upon sharing.

    If you first save to your Phone's Camera Roll it will automatically downgrade the max quality your phone allows. That's why we built the GNARBOX in the first place - because we believe that if you shoot in 4K, you should be able to share in 4K.

    If you have no service or are in airplane mode, you can still submit a share and log it into the Share Queue. Once returning to service and turned on, the GNARBOX will begin sharing your files immediately!

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  • Expensive laptops equipped with a GPU capable of rendering 4K. Or a GNARBOX.

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  • MyGnar, Inc., the owner and manufacturer of GNARBOX, is not affiliated with GoPro, Canon, Apple or any other manufacturer of cameras or smart phones. GOPRO, HERO, the GOPRO logo, and the GoPro Be a Hero logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.

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  • GNARBOX is equipped with 128GB of FLASH memory. We use all high quality flash memory which helps us stay FAST, LIGHT and AFFORDABLE. You can also use it with a hard drive for archiving just like you would with a laptop.

    There will be a 1TB version in the future future, but no plans in THIS Kickstarter campaign.

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