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We, at IMMUNE SYSTEM Headquarters, have determined that it is time to produce the definitive, physical IMMUNE SYSTEM cd.

IMMUNE SYSTEM, the creation of Todd C. Ruzicka, began as a studio project in the UK in 2004.  This project quickly turned into an electronic/industrial juggernaut and started to receive radio airplay worldwide, as well as great reviews in magazines across the globe. 

IMMUNE SYSTEM self-released two full-length cds, "Weltanschauung" and "Phallusuberalles," but these records almost immediately sold out and were soon out-of-print. 

A handful of digital download-only singles have since been released, but fans and friends of the band have been asking for years:  "Where and when can we buy a cd!?"

Well, that's what we're fixin' to remedy, here on Kickstarter.

Our goal is to create and produce the definitive IMMUNE SYSTEM cd; an album that includes IMMUNE SYSTEM classics, along with the newer material, complete with professional packaging, artwork, mastering and duplication.  This will be a testament to the classic beauty and power of the greatest band you never saw.  And you get to hold it in your hand. 

If all goes well, that is.

We need your support. We cannot complete, or even begin, this project without your assistance. 

We, at IMMUNE SYSTEM Headquarters, know that we have awesome and loyal friends and fans, but we also know that we are asking a lot of you in these troubled economic times.  If you can help bring this project to fruition, we will forever be in your debt.  (Not technically--once I sign that photo and have coffee with you, we're done.)

I kid. I'm a kidder.

The next step is up to you, but we believe that this project has a real possibility of taking shape. 

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Todd C. Ruzicka


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The most significant risk, as I see it, will take place in the "mastering" stage. I am concerned that the integrity of the original recording and production remains intact. Much attention will be paid to this phase of the process, and only the very best and most-trusted mastering professional will perform this task.
I am also concerned that all the people who have expressed interest in supporting IMMUNE SYSTEM will prove their support by donating to this cause.


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    For $10, you will receive three IMMUNE SYSTEM songs of your choice on mp3, sent to you via email. You will also have our undying gratitude!

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    For $25, you will get your name in the album credits along with a copy of the finished cd, an autographed glossy photo of IMMUNE SYSTEM and a coffee date at Atomic Coffee with Todd in beautiful downtown Fargo, ND! (We will use the back door to avoid the paparazzi. And, obviously, you will need to travel to Fargo, if you are not from the area.)

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    For $100, IMMUNE SYSTEM will write and produce a song JUST FOR YOU! This song will be sent to you on mp3 via email. (Please note: this song will not be included on the album.) You will also receive a copy of the finished cd, an autographed glossy photograph and a coffee date, as mentioned above.)

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    For this pledge level, you get all of the rewards of the $100 level, plus a killer IMMUNE SYSTEM shirt!

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    This is the MACK DADDY Grand Prize Reward! For $500, IMMUNE SYSTEM will perform at your own private event! (The event must take place within 120 miles of Fargo ND, or else be located in or around Minneapolis/St. Paul.) The date of the performance will necessarily depend upon band members' schedules and travel arrangements/conditions. (You will need to provide a p.a. system for this performance.) You will also get your name in the album credits and a copy of the finished cd.

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