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$1,173 pledged of $3,500 goal
By Carlton Hargro
$1,173 pledged of $3,500 goal


In this world where comic books get transformed into films, video games, toys and more on a seemingly regular basis, it's a shame that there STILL aren't many cool black comic book characters kicking around pop culture. I want to help change all of that by publishing a comic that features just that — cool black heroes. And these won't be gals and guys who've been to jail, work as rappers or wear big chains or anything stereotypical like that. They also won't be two-dimensional angels either. They'll be complex characters who buck the standard generalities — in other words, interesting and diverse representations of black people.

The book I'm working on is called "Isis" and stars a black female superhero. (Check out the cool illustration of her above, which was drawn way back in 1999 by famed artist Jimmie Robinson — the creator of the Image Comics series "Bomb Queen.") I'll be handling the writing chores on the comic and actually getting the book out there. I'm looking for financial support to pay artists, colorists, letterers and to pay for printing. Once the comic is printed, I'll get it into readers' hands by selling it direct online — and into comic book shops by working with established distributors.

Ultimately, I hope to be adding characters to American pop fiction that can one day inspire young (and older) readers all over the world.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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