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Personal stories of public school librarians and how they are innovating, everyday, evolving their roles.
Personal stories of public school librarians and how they are innovating, everyday, evolving their roles.
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The incredible story of school librarians is unfolding!

Posted by Alex DeCiccio (Collaborator)

The It's On Us project team has been busy exploring and discovering the stories of school librarians. It has been a rewarding, enlightening, and inspiring experience. We want to thank YOU, our backers. We could not continue on this journey without your support. Although it has taken longer than expected, the good news is that an interesting and multi-layered story is developing. 

Our dive into this project is deep. We have spent extra time researching and filming. The film team interviewed about 10 school librarians and decided to focus on five. Each librarian has a unique story and combined, their stories paint a realistic, and to some, may be a surprising picture of what they do. 

Since our project is filming on site, it will involve children. Hearing students explain what they learn in the library and describe their perceptions of the school librarian will add context, meaningfulness, and depth to the story.  To get that on film, we had to take time to acquire the necessary permissions and release forms. The film team met with the five different school districts and talked with superintendents, assistant superintendents, and principals about the project. The response was incredibly positive. Every meeting was in its own way a powerful advocacy moment for school librarians as well as our project. Each district was presented with the opportunity to feature their own as one of the best.  It was gratifying to see how readily they acknowledged the value of their school librarian and their proud support of the project.

To date, multiple days of filming have taken place in four of the schools. The story is developing organically and every time the film team shoots, they learn more. The purpose of this film is to break down the stereotypes of school librarians so they would be remiss not to see where there curiosity and exploration takes them. The schedule is now filling up with interviews from an outside perspective that includes community members, principals, teachers, and parents.  

Meet and share our characters in the videos below as they give us a glimpse into what drives them to be a librarian today.

Sample Post:

A documentary about librarians? Check this out! There's more to this story than books.

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Kristin Polseno

Before accepting a new position as a high school library media specialist, Kristin was a leader in her school as an english teacher. She has been brought in to her new position to redesign the physical library space and create a new culture of real world collaboration for 21st century learning. She is impassioned about her work which naturally shows through her character.

 Kristin Almeida

Over a varied and unconventional path Kristin Almeida is both a willing participant and a new model of what it means to be a professional librarian. She has developed a unique approach and style. Kristin has created a culture within her library that is empowering, collaborative, and filled with ideas. Her library proves itself to be unlimited with what can be done, breaking the stereotype of a library as a single point of learning and research. Being a naturally curious person she promotes this playfully creative thinking with her students.

 Esther Wolk

Esther has been a librarian in Coventry, RI for over ten years. With experience and a multidisciplinary approach she implements ideas that grow the minds of her elementary students to excel in the information age. She creates a space and culture where students can explore and make mistakes with a “safety net.” Esther learns alongside her students while realizing the potential to be educated herself.

Natasha White

After years of teaching in the classroom, Tasha began to realize her impact and perspective around education was increasingly less fulfilling. She decided to become a professional librarian. Now in her early years as a librarian, her impact has expanded to the entire school community and her fulfillment is as full as her personality. Tasha is breaking traditional “learning” with her elementary students to create something incredibly unique within a library. 

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    1. Craig Seasholes on

      I would love to steer the project to including a few guy-brarians and to reflect the many librarians of color. I love the project you're up to, but am concerned that we portray the range of practitioners who serve our students in public schools. If you need names, I'm happy to suggest outstanding colleagues in every region of the country.