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An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
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Exploration pt.2 - Secret Items, Stretch Goals

Posted by Inglenook (Creator)

Current Paypal Total: £1566
Grand Total: £77,799

We've said it before, but it's humbling that so many of you have put your faith in this project. Witchmarsh has gone from being a protoplasmic ball of uncertainty to a thing that is actually going to happen. The shock, excitement and gratitude hasn't worn off yet, and I don't think it will any time soon.

So once again, THANK YOU!

And now, Exploration - Part 2!

Secret Items

The crypts, dirt roads and ancient hallways of Witchmarsh are crammed with hidden artefacts, many of which are invisible to the untrained eye.

In order to discern trash from treasure, investigators test their attributes against the rarity of the find. The more valuable the treasure, the harder it will be to spot.

In the scene below, graverobbers have stashed some booty in the upright coffin, but it will take a keen eye to spot it. The goods will only be revealed if a nearby character character has 20 points in the Senses attribute.

Example 1: On this team, the Trapper has the greatest number of points in senses, but she only has 18. This isn't enough to discover the cache of goods. The player passes it by, non the wiser.

Example 2: This team is led by a Curator, who has done a great job of equipping the best available items. As a result of this she has a massive 24 points in this attribute, greater than the required 20.

The item is detected and the player may now loot the spoils!

Example Secrets / Attribute Tested

  • Might: Cracked walls, heavy slabs, barricaded doors.
  • Spirit: Holy/equally Unholy books and tablets.
  • ???: Rare Skill and Ability Point tests? Test your Lore, Engineering, Fire Magic, and more! Build the best team you can and find out.

Stretch Goals

As we're approaching the campaign's final days, we'd like to put forward a case for a few of the stretch goals, and why we feel they're important.

90k - The Alchemist

We'll be really excited if the Alchemist joins the roster of playable characters. Not only will it add another magic-hybrid investigator to the game, but we'll also be able to implement the unique Alchemy skill. Magical potions are quite rare in Witchmarsh, so being able to concoct your own will be quite advantageous.

Also, you'll get to whack things with a madness causing, mercury-infused ladle. That's fun, right?

130k - Additional Artists

One of our biggest dreams is to bring in extra artists to help build more game content. More enemies, more abilities, more unique animations.

So far we've tested a few artists and it's been a great experience. If we reach the 130k goal, we'll be able to keep them working on even more content.

Ice Spirit animations by Jamie Churchman. Crypt background by Joe @Inglenook with elements by Matthew Weekes.

130k - The Brackish Abyss

A large scar has suddenly appeared in the Massachusetts coastline, swallowing up ships and flooding the grasslands. Includes a heap of new areas, mission hubs, quests and dungeons. Only for the bravest investigators!

Note: Very early concept. Remember, we'll only get to produce this stinking portal to the drowned ones if we hit the 150k mark!

In closing

Well, here we go; Just over four days left. It's going to be really exciting watching that timer tick down, stay tuned for final day festivities!

We'll also be sure to let you know what happens with unmet stretch goals once the campaign is over.

Take care!

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    1. thelarchmage on

      I wish you luck on arriving at your stretch goals. I am looking forward to this game very much! I thank Chucklefish very much for helping me find your project. These are the types of games I wish we saw more of. Again, good luck!

    2. Inglenook Creator on

      The Slugger is indeed part of the 150k update. We ran out time during this update, but we'll talk about him a little more if we should, by some miracle, come close. :)

      Late backer pledges will count towards stretch goal unlocking. We'll deck out our upcoming website out with a progress bar and set up a more organised PayPal system.

      We also have a few single run T-shirt campaigns in mind, all of which will go towards unlocking the extra goals. If all this should still fail, we'll look into DLC if we're able to. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jack Sharples on

      Which stretch goal is the Slugger part of? I assumed that he was part of the 150k goal, but he hasn't been mentioned here.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tammo Fouad on

      I really hope they still implement the Brackish Abyss even if its not met as a stretch goal, it sounds soooo cool. Same goes for the player abilities and the alchemist!

    5. Jordan Drexel on

      Ya I hope they will continue letting pay go toward stretch goals

    6. Michael Chen on

      At this point, reaching all the stretch goal would be a tall order; at a glance, assuming future pledge maintain the same backer ratio, it would take almost another 4000 backer in the next four days to reach 150k goal, that or a fifth of the lower backer have a change of heart and move to the highest tier possible.

      Either way, I think it's high time for Inglenook to consider how they might pursue the entirety of the project; perhaps they could setup a website or a facebook page leaving room for future backing via Paypal or other means?

    7. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Please do try to do all the stretch content either way, it looks amazing!

    8. Carsten Goldbæk Nielsen on

      wow, love the concept that you use attributes that way.
      Can points be distributed to different attributes if your characters level up?

      It looks AWESOME, great work guys.

    9. Zombra on

      Love the stat checks to find stuff.

    10. Inglenook Creator on

      Arg, correction. It should read: 150k - Brackish Abyss!

      Thanks everyone!

    11. Kawaiininjakat on

      I really hope most of the stretch goals can be met. This game really deserves it, but even if not I still know it will be extremely awesome.

    12. Guz Forster

      Omg. This is looking SO awesome. You guys rock!!