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An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
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Exploration pt.1, 70k, Travel Map Reveal!

Posted by Inglenook (Creator)

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Grand Total: £70442

Holy smokes.

Thanks to a generous backer in the ultimate tier, we have now passed the 70k mark. The first stretch goal has been smashed! Hi-Keeba!

New Alternative Character Perks for the Moose and Trapper have been unlocked.

Presenting: Woodcutter Trapper! - Bonus Close Combat abilities and skills. And Seaworthy Moose! - Can only learn Water and Combat abilities. Water abilities are enhanced.

Also unlocked is the Hardcore mode. This mode features a permanent death system, so you'll have to be extra careful with those investigators. We'll cover this in a larger update after the campaign has ended.

And now, slightly later than expected: Exploration, part one!

Getting around Town

Warning: Absurdly large GIF below. It may take a minute to load.

Disclaimer: images involving the travel map and its interface in this update are all pre-alpha. The quality is likely to improve for the final game. The image below is not of the full map, which will be much larger.

Witchmarsh features a hub-based travel map which allows you to explore the surrounding woods and marshes.

Here’s one of the three main mission hubs. By doing legwork for the Historical Society you can uncover the secrets of the town’s long forgotten past.


During the game you’ll turn up a number of potential leads in the case. These will unlock areas on the map for you to investigate. Below is an example of a lead found through exploration.

Down a nameless country road you hit an obstacle. A pile of once valuable oak furniture has been hacked up, doused with gasoline and abandoned in the middle of the path.

Stranger yet is the mass of jet black insect cocoons which seem to be seeking shelter in the wouldbe pyre.

Searching through the detritus you find a receipt from a Chicago moving firm. It’s addressed to Philip Meyers, the proud new tenant of Belfry Manor. Frantic sketches adorn the note, depicting what appears to be beetle larvae sprouting human skulls and skeletal appendages.

It might not be a solid lead, you tell the others as you reach for your hip flask, but it’s the best we've got. You take a swig of whiskey and return the drawings to the gas-soaked bonfire, along with a lit match.

You are now free to investigate the chitinous horrors of Belfry Manor.

Some of the optional areas, like the one pictured above, will prove deadly to all but the most skilled adventurers. Be sure to check the difficulty rating and prepare accordingly.

As you progress through the game, an area’s rating may drop to reflect your newfound powers. Clear an area before the difficulty falls and you’ll reap even greater rewards.

Where to find Leads
- Questioning NPCs
- Exploration

- Dropped from enemies and bosses

Leads can also be purchased for a sizeable fee, if you know where to look. Keep an eye out for shady dealers roaming the streets after nightfall. You know the type: constantly shifting eyes, briefcase bursting with stolen and classified records.

Other great projects

The following three games are the last we'll be showcasing for a while, and we really want to see them succeed.

Drinking Quest

Drinking and Roleplaying, a match made in heaven. This tabletop RPG/drinking game looks to be packed with laughs and merriment for all.

A Song for Viggo

An adventure game constructed entirely from paper, dealing with themes of depression and loss. We believe that games can tackle difficult subject matter, and projects like this should be encouraged. Right now it needs your help to get off the ground!


An extremely bold 2-Player Local Co-op only game. It deserves far more backers than it currently has, so go check it out!

In closing

We'd like to offer our apologies for the slow trickle of updates, it's been a busy week transitioning from freelance. There's been a lot of tying up client work and project hand-overs, but it's finally happening. In just a few days we'll be fully operational and working on Witchmarsh full-time, and it's all thanks to you!

Keep up the great work, we'll need your likes, retweets, repins and shares in the week ahead. Now, more than ever!

Signing off,



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    1. Missing avatar


      I second that this game has some of the best "pixel art" I've ever seen. It's just so well-put-together.

    2. Michael Chen on

      The gif animated travel map looks solid; kind of reminds me of "Chrono Trigger", which is one of most memorable game I've ever played. Ah, I wonder if Witchmarsh's story line will be anywhere as good as Chrono Trigger.

    3. Tobias Miller on

      The graphics in this game are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! GORGEOUS! Im really looking forward to this!
      The content and gameplay is sounding great so far too!

    4. Elliot Vincent on

      Looking great guys, just a couple of questions though:

      Is there a day/night cycle or is the time of day lication specific? If there is a cycle, would it change what enemies/events occur in certain areas?

      It'd be pretty clever if you could revisit certain places at different times and get different occurrences.

    5. mrmonst3r on

      Man, this looks amazing! Loving the Alternative Character Perks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pirate-Rob on

      "The quality is likely to improve for the final game."
      Wut, hows that possible, it looks so good already!