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An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
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£5 Soundtrack add-on, Bestiary, Alchemist stretch goal

Posted by Inglenook (Creator)

Hey everyone.

Wow, Day 5 and we're on 67%, this is incredible!   

As many of you have mailed in requesting it, we're introducing a new add-on to the rewards. If you've pledged in tiers 1 or 2, just add £5 to your pledge and you can get your hands on the Original Soundtrack. This will be delivered digitally when the game's released, so get those jazz hands ready.

Changes to Bard Tier  

With the Bard tier you'll now get 1 additional game key (with beta access) to share with friends. Backers in this tier will also get a thanks in their own jazzy section in the end credits. :) Right, question time!

The Digital Bestiary

Backers in tier 4+ are set to receive an animated, digital bestiary. It will be available in .exe, .dmg and static as a PDF. Here's a little peek at how the undead page is looking.

Alchemist Stretch Goal

For the 90k stretch goal we'll be adding in the Alchemist character. By default she's built as a mage/support character, and can brew up rare consumables to help the team. Potions are actually pretty rare in Witchmarsh, so you might want to consider bringing her along if we make the goal.

If I'm playing 2-player with a friend, do we control 2 characters or 4?

In a two-player game you can play with 2, 3 or the recommended 4 characters. If you choose to go with 4 you can divide them between you and your friend evenly, or one person can take 3 investigators and the other takes one. You can also pick 3 investigators and decide who takes the extra.

EDIT: The friendly AI is already pretty far along. The rangers will prefer to shoot at a range, the melee brawlers will prefer to leap in and tank damage when they get close. You can switch between the characters to direct specific spells and issue attack commands as you see fit.

As mentioned in the KS, you can also set certain abilities to be auto-cast by the AI. And we're looking into developing the friendly AI to be even more intelligent and reliable.

So how is this even remotely like 'Baldur's Gate' or 'Wizardry'?  

Yipes, elephant in the room! We've been asked this a lot, so I'll do my best to give a clear answer.

One of our goals when we started Witchmarsh was to blend Classic RPGs with modern RPG titles.

Like in Wizardry, you'll create your own team using a combination of Character types, Skill Points, Abilities, and Attributes. Then you'll lead them into the game world, doing battle, talking to NPCs and further configuring them as you level up.

The secret item system will also function a little bit like Wizardry 8's, with stat rolls being used to discover hidden loot.

As with Baldur's Gate, there will be branching dialogue, factions to side with and unique in-game events depending on how you've constructed your party. If you walk into a certain area with an Innkeeper for example, a series of events may trigger which relate to her storyline.


So that about wraps it up. Thanks for being amazing everyone, looks like we're in with a good chance of making it!

Best wishes,


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    1. Michael Chen on

      I've chosen to back the 2S - Gatekeeper tier and I just want to double check whether that there wouldn't be any physical reward, because I don't like surprises in my mail.

      Also, right off the back, this game share a lot of similarity to "Risk of Rain", graphically speaking, which BTW is a game I did not enjoy as much as I thought I would due to it's frustrating game play mechanics. I sincerely hope I did not make the same mistake when I back this project.

    2. Saodhar

      This soundtrack add-on is great news! Added 5 GBP to my pledge right away. :)
      And thanks for the AI clarification - I was a bit confused myself.

    3. Kevin Kleebusch on

      Okay, the update cleared things up a bit. The other 3 charcters have an AI and will fight alone while I play one of them but I can switch directly between them? Sounds nice!

    4. Inglenook Creator on

      Hi Rob, edited an explanation into the post. Hope it clears things up. Bear in mind we're still in very early alpha so there's still plenty of time to test and change things up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Pirate-Rob on

      I'm still not exactly certain on this one point: How do you control more than one character during combat? I know the other 3 follow you around out of combat but... I can't imagine how in combat would work.