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An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
An action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery.
5,420 backers pledged £102,430 to help bring this project to life.

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Marsh-Frog Mondays 6, The Scribe


Hey everyone,

We’ve been busy working on new features and content for the upcoming beta, but since they're not ready to showcase just yet, we’d like to present you with another character spotlight.

This time it's a spell-casting character: the Scribe.


‘And he turned his mind to unknown arts.’
- Ovid

Primary Attribute
: Spirit.
Melee weapon: Staff.
Suggested Roles: Support, magic (Priest, Arcane, Nature).


Despite being a renowned scholar, the Scribe isn’t one to rub shoulders with the upper echelons of Witchmarsh academia. He moves in different circles: the kind which forms by candlelight, usually in a forested ruin or secluded manor. There he works, away from the chanting and unholy blessings, sorting through the stacks of dusty tomes amassed by his employers.

While it’s true that his chosen career path involves an element of risk (he’s crawled out of more sacrificial pits than he’d care to admit), it would all be worth it if he could get his hands on an elusive volume. The one which it is said, contains an account of the founding of Witchmarsh, and the true nature of the town's supernatural activity.

Passive Trait: Keeper’s Tome

By anticipating encounters and researching accordingly, the Scribe need never enter a new location unprepared. Once per day he may study a scroll item in his backpack, memorising the spell it contains and etching it into his tome. One ability may be learned at a time in this way.

Passive Trait: Scribe’s Armaments

Dusty Sling: Blunt thrown weapons have an increased chance to hit their target. Stones and conjured bullets are the Scribe’s thrown weapon of choice, especially against enemies with a high evade skill.

Plated Vestments: The Scribe’s robes provide some protection against knives and other pointed implements, which often proves useful in his line of work. Piercing melee attacks have a small chance to be deflected, dealing no damage.


  • The Scribe has a low health pool and armor rating, and is therefore vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Can't deal much in the way of physical damage.
  • Low maximum stamina. Easily slowed and stunned by enemies with stamina-draining attacks.

Key Skills

  • Rituals: Special abilities which require a reagent item in order to be cast. Also unlocks new dialogue options, especially when parleying with cults and supernatural entities.

Have you heard: The Adventure Zone

In this space we usually tell you about about another Kickstarter or game being launched, but this week we're bending the rules. We'd like to recommend one of our favourite podcasts, The Adventure Zone: a weekly D&D podcast starring three brothers and their dad. If you're looking for a dose of adventure and comedy while you wait for Witchmarsh to launch, the McElroys have you covered.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Strong language aplenty.

That's all for this week. It shouldn't be long until we're ready to start the countdown to the beta, so keep checking the updates.

- Inglenook

Marsh-Frog Mondays 5


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but we're still here, working hard on Witchmarsh. This week we've been focusing on the remaining unfinished elements of the user interface. We're pleased with the results, and we hope you will be too.

  • Marsh-Frog Mondays will continue to roll out every two weeks (next one will be Feb 21st). We'll try to bring back the character spotlights, too.
  • Kotaku featured us in their list of western RPGs in 2017.

UI Overhaul

We've been busy polishing the UI for the next version of the test, including an all new character selection screen. Rather than picking characters from a drop-down list, we wanted something which has plenty of information, as well as adding a touch of immersion to the experience. Here's the latest version, complete with info panels and waiting room scenario:

The updated character selection screen (click to view full size).
The updated character selection screen (click to view full size).

Outtakes (trouble with TNT)

In case you missed it, a video we posted to our twitter account shows the ranged throwing weapons not exactly working as intended. In fact, we forgot to set a cooldown/limit on the number of dynamite items you can throw (oops). The issue has been fixed.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Well that's all for this time, sorry about the lack of new information as to the full release and ETA of the backer test. Stay tuned, though, we'll be back with more news on the 21st.

- Inglenook

Marsh-Frog Mondays (or thereabouts) 4


Hey everyone, and welcome back. Apologies for posting this up so late, we’ve all got January colds, resulting in a groggy start to the week.

Collywobbles aside, we’re determined to make 2017 a great year for the project. Learning from past mistakes we’re now communicating between ourselves (and as a direct consequence, with you, too) far more effectively.

So, what’s been happening since the last update?

A trove of treasure and clues, or a watery grave for foolhardy investigators?

Anyway, we'll get back to working on the next build.

Until then,

Inglenook Games

Marsh-Frog Mondays, 3 - A quiet one


Hey everyone, 

Sorry we're a few hours late!

We're winding down for the holidays, so it's going to be small update this time. Please excuse the lack of lack of shiny gifs and images: most of the progress has been with the code and story. Here's what we've been working on.

  • Joe's been working hard to ensure the tactical pause and follower commands will be back for the next test. As well as adding strategy, they also bring much needed breathing room to combat when things get dicey. Although we hadn't initially planned for these features to be in the game; they've been requested often, especially by backers interested in single-player mode.
You can also select 'move' to tell your companions to get out of a dangerous area. They weren't included the previous test as the new abilities and follower systems were interfering with the commands.
You can also select 'move' to tell your companions to get out of a dangerous area. They weren't included the previous test as the new abilities and follower systems were interfering with the commands.
  • Lou has added another large branching dialogue tree to the game's campaign. These are optional and allow players to learn more about the town, the events unfolding in the game's narrative and its cast of misfit characters.
  • We still haven't been able to call a definite release date. Apologies for the uncertainty, but we think it's best if we hold off until we know for sure.

Next time we'll try to bring you more content, but this month has really been about under-the-hood progress. We hope you enjoy the holiday season, wherever you are and whatever it is you have planned.

Take care,

- Inglenook Games

Marsh-Frog Mondays, 2 - The Technician


Welcome to the second instalment of Marsh-Frog Mondays. Last time we asked you if this should be a regular thing; and the response was an overwhelming yes. Thanks again for all the support!

  • The next Gold tier test is still coming along nicely: we’re still busy fixing bugs, adding new features and tightening up the gameplay. Sorry about the wait.
  • Programmer Rob joins the Witchmarsh team! He’s already started on the game’s items, looting and inventory systems, and we’re delighted to have him on board. :D

And with that, it’s on to this week’s spotlight.

Spotlight: The Technician

Primary Attribute: Might.
Melee weapon(s): Wrench.
Suggested Roles: Tank, damage, support. 

The Technician is a solid choice for anyone looking for a tough yet versatile character. High maximum health, two passive defence skills, and strong melee attacks make her a great front-line attacker.

The Technician can’t learn abilities and so doesn't have a mana bar (the resource used by spell casting investigators). Instead she equips gadgets, a unique item type which replicates the effects of magical abilities. She also has four unique skills:

  • Engineering: A general tinkering skill which unlocks new wrenches, armor and consumable items.
  • Welding: Sturdy gadgets which grant your team armour and utility.
  • Electricals: Fragile gadgets which shock and stun enemies.
  • Chemicals: Gadgets which inflict heavy damage but are highly unpredictable, possibly scalding the Technician or her allies if not used with caution.



The Technician may have a monopoly when it comes to gadgets, but there is one drawback: she can’t learn abilities. As a result, her move-set is limited to whatever gadgets she finds on her journey, and by the way you spend your skill points.

Other Investigator Spotlights
The Trapper | (More coming soon!)


This week we posted some new animated gifs on our twitter and tumblr pages.

This one shows how the Witchmarsh characters have evolved since the game was announced.

And finally, new, more expressive player defeat animations!

Emergency KS call to arms - Odod Books (6 Days left)!

If you like comic books and eldritch mysteries, check out the Kickstarter for Odod Books, featuring OVER THE WALL by Peter Wartman.


It's a captivating line of children's and young adult graphic novels which they're hoping to bring to American shores. They’ve been fans of Witchmarsh since the beginning, and now they need help spreading the word (only 6 days to go!). Check it out if it looks like something you or a young relative would enjoy.

That's all for now. Hopefully we'll be back before long with news of the Gold tier test. Apologies once again for the long wait, we hope it will be worth it!

Thanks for reading,

- Inglenook