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A collection of short stories entitled "Black Girl Abroad" based on race relations and interractions in a foreign country.
A collection of short stories entitled "Black Girl Abroad" based on race relations and interractions in a foreign country.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Judy-Anne on January 6, 2012

      Congratulations, Alexis!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sahra Brubeck on January 5, 2012

      Go get em' tiger! We are all so proud of you! I look forward to reading your work! xo

    3. Missing avatar

      Lala Nichelle on January 5, 2012

      CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS!!!!! ALEXIS WE DID IT, YOU ARE GOING TO ENGLAND WITH ALL YOU NEED!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAaAAAAAAYAYAYAYAYYA. You deserve this so much and I am sooooooo proud of you girl, and thank you to all the backers. Make us proud! (we already know you will.)

    4. Zoe Grieder on January 3, 2012

      Congratulations, Alexis! So, SO excited for you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Deandra Wint on January 3, 2012

      Yayyy!!!! you deserve this Lex! Im happy for you!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Schiffenhaus on January 3, 2012

      corner boys is an incredibly moving poem. i am excited to see more from you. best of luck in everything!

    7. ArsenicAlyss on December 23, 2011

      As a Simon's Rock alumnae I love supporting Rockers and their projects - and as a social worker in training and a writer, this one particularly struck a chord. Go Alexis!

      Claire (SRC '06/'07)

    8. Missing avatar

      CANDERSON on December 8, 2011

      I'm so excited you want to go out and see the world. I'm a Black girl from a working class family who had the travel bug and had my first international experience as a college student studying in Florence, Italy for a year! This was 19 years ago and now I've traveled to more than 23 countries in Europe, Africa, India & Southeast Asia, along with living for 2 years in Japan! Can't wait to read your book!

    9. Alexis Marie Wint Creator on December 8, 2011

      Thank you all so much! You have no idea how much your support means to me, this project and the people it will one day affect!

    10. Missing avatar

      Deandra Wint on December 8, 2011

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Williams on December 8, 2011

      I saw your story on my FB newsfeed...I click on it to find out that you're going to The University of Manchester! I'll be studying there next semester as well : ) I also have 2 friends (fellow Smithies) who went to Bard College. The world is so small. I am inspired by your focus at such a young age. I'm not sure of my path yet, but folks like you that remind me that it is never too early or too late to follow my dreams. I would love to see you next semester!

      Chelsea W.
      Smith '13

    12. Tatyana Cassandra Ray on December 8, 2011


      You are such a beautiful, talented and special woman! I know you have done great things for this earth and will continue to do so. This is only the first day of your kickstarter and many have recognized the great importance of this experiential learning process. Your deep connection to the spoken and written word shines so bright. I want my children to one day sit in a classroom with you. All my love.