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Highly detailed 28mm metal miniatures depicting Russian & Chechen fighters from the 1st Chechen War.
144 backers pledged £13,113 to help bring this project to life.

It’s going to the dogs.....

Posted by Tiny Terrain Models (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

How’s your Sunday been?

First off a big thank you, not only have you unlocked the prone Chechen Snipers in the last few days but you’ve also unlocked the Russian K9 team which is now also available to buy as an “add on”. Just add £5 to your pledge for each K9 team you want to ship with your pledge. They make great patrol markers or guards for any modern force (having fairly generic combat gear, beret and carrying an AK) so I will definitely have a couple of different K9 teams; one as a Russian team for use in snowy Chechnya and at least one painted in desert camo for use as part of my Central African government force.

We are now just £406 away from unlocking the next stretch goal, which is the Chechen fighter manning an AGS-17 grenade launcher. Another fantastic sculpt by Igor, which will be shipped free of charge to everyone who pledges at “All in” once we reach £9000.

You’re so close to getting it unlocked I thought I would also reveal that the Russian crewed AGS-17 is stretch goal #7, which will ship free to everyone who pledges at “All in” once we reach £10,000. That will take the tally to 30 figures and 2 tripod grenade launchers unlocked for £65.........barely over £2 a figure!

After many requests I am happy to confirm that once these packs are unlocked you may add additional Grenade launcher support packs simply by adding £5 to your pledge for every pack you would like over and above the “free” ones you will receive. We will determine exactly what add on packs you require after the campaign via the pledge manager.

We still have more minis to release, and work is already underway to support this range with 1:50 resin vehicles, dismounted tank riders, hmg’s and other support options, so please continue to tell your friends and fellow gamers about these stunning sculpts and convince them all to pledge, because we really want to release all 42 of the finished sculpts we have from Igor.

Thanks again for the continued support, 

Craig & Su

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    1. Fraser McGinlay on

      I see mention of dismounted tank crews, will tank riders be planned at some point? They're somewhat iconic of the Soviet Union and Russia, and a bit light on the ground in 28mm scale.