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A new one-man show about paranoia, family, redemption, and sloths, premiering June 18 in Ars Nova Theater's ANT Fest.

Rod Dirkwitz is trying desperately to finish the first (and only) episode of "Animals, with Rod Dirkwitz," an educational zoological public-access television program for children -- filmed, scripted, and performed by Rod himself, alone in his basement in Western Nebraska. But everything is going wrong: his lion facts are missing, his lemur footage was ripped incorrectly from YouTube, and his house -- he becomes increasingly convinced -- is haunted. And as the deadline approaches, we realize that this foolhardy project might be Rod's last chance to pull his fractured life back together. 

Actor Will Turner, performing in front of a shifting and frequently scary background of animal footage, bright lights and strange sounds, gives us a hilarious and tragic portrait of broken man making his last stand. 

ANIMALS will make its debut on June 18 in ANT Fest, Ars Nova's annual festival of one-night shows by emerging artists. We need your help to pay for rehearsal costs like space rental and script printing, as well as to fund costumes, props, equipment rentals, and stipends for our designers.

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    ANIMAL INFOGRAM! You tell us your favorite animal, and we will email you a carefully crafted INFOGRAM, where we will compile the cutest and/or most terrifying pictures and video of this animal that we can find, plus a few unusual facts that even you didn't know about it!

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    Your animal infogram will include a CUSTOM POEM! A brief prose-poem about what it feels like to stare deep into the eyes of [YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL HERE] and to understand a deep and terrifying truth about your own humanity.

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    All of the below, plus... CUSTOM SONG! Will Turner will write you a song about your animal and send a recording along with your InfoGram and poem. Your name is likely to make an appearance.

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    All of the above, plus... We'll take you out for an intimate dinner or drinks in New York City. If you're not located in New York, we'll Skype you, and we can eat/drink separately while chatting over Skype. It'll be cute!

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    All of the below, plus... Your favorite animal will make a cameo appearance in the show! You name the animal, and we'll find a way to fit it in there. You can, in your own small way, co-author the sad tale of Rod Dirkwitz.

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    Full Animal InfoGram, plus... You can name a minor character in the show! That's right! The first 2 backers to claim this reward will have NAMING RIGHTS for one of the show's many minor characters! Your own piece of immortality, for a mere $250...

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