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With the awesome acoustic strengths and stellar musical qualities, StarBrick Beryllium Be4 Earphones will bring your music to life.
With the awesome acoustic strengths and stellar musical qualities, StarBrick Beryllium Be4 Earphones will bring your music to life.
296 backers pledged $36,688 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John M on

      Starbrick earphones sound quality is amazing, but only last for few month. Face the same problem as other user, may I know where should I send for repair?

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      Ryan Naiker on

      The same thing happened to me. First the right bud started sounding very quiet. Eventually it just cut out. The sound quality was amazing up until then. I was hoping the quality of the cord would be able to support regular wear and tear. I have only ever used them indoor :(.

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      Jarod on

      Along with Julia, I have had the same issue. I was skeptical if the cord would hold up, and I suppose I have my answer.

      For headphones at this price with the packaging you present, I expected a MUCH longer lifetime and am extremely disappointed.

      Please contact me immediately.

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      Julia Osteen on

      I have had my headphones for less than two months, have been taking careful care of them and one of the ears of the headphones has already stopped working. Please contact me. I am extremely disappointed.

    5. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      Hello Sander, we will email you and contact you through your email.

      Thank you,

    6. Missing avatar

      Sander on

      Thank you very much for your fast reply and apologies for my delay in feedback. You got your assumptions wrong. I am 51 and listening to Jazz and Classic. High Res or FLAC file format.
      I use tailor made earbuts from Kind Germany for absolute listening comfort and !low volume. These earbuds perfectly fit on the Be4. (I suppose that your earphones run out of the same factory than the Sennheiser or the Beyerdynamics.)
      If you believe in your Beryllium sales pitch than the 161th pair I have got is faulty. This is why, as an online retailer, you should not try to minimise my comments or ridiculize my potential listening habit. You should simply send me over your personal pair of Be4 without the buds, the box .... Get me the core thing to convince me that Starbrick Be4 is quality and not hot air. A manufacturing error can happen to everyone.

    7. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      Not sure what music you are listening to or you just have the volume on the highest level at all times. Or maybe your ears are hyper sensitive to hear the music that comes out loudly n clearly and your not use to it because you have been drowning your sounds from the earphones that you have.

      We tested and went through frequency and distortion testing before putting it out. You can take a look at the graphs on our website. It will be towards the bottom of the page.

      As for the bass, not sure what type of music you listen to. But you can hear the bass but u will not feel the pounding of it like a bass woofer from a car or in a club.

      If there a pre-eq set up on your phone to boost the bass and lower the treble, try that to see if it helps in your case. Again, everyone have different sensitivity when it comes down from listening to music.

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      Sander on

      Huge deception.
      I have the 161th pair of Be4 and they are extremely bad. Agressive exagerated Treble, vanishing Medium, absent Bass. On top they sound "canny". I have tried them out on my S8plus as well as on my DAC.
      This is very far from the Starbrick marketing claims. Considering that my modest benchmarks are my Beyerdynamics DTX101 (+/- 60$) or even my old Sennheiser CX 300 (+/- 45$) I have 2 possibilities:
      - either the 161th pair is faulty
      - or Starbrick marketing is just hot air
      Please advice,
      Emile Sander

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      Anis Abdulla on

      @Everyone - Those of you who are still waiting on your Be4s, they are so worth the wait. I'm honestly floored by them. Very impressive overall!
      Great work, Starbrick!

    10. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Pablo Lagos Eyzaguirre,
      Here is your USPS Tracking # UA645748165US

      Thank You

    11. Pablo Lagos Eyzaguirre on

      Hi....Where can I get my track number????

    12. Missing avatar

      Anis Abdulla on


      Thank you

    13. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Anis Abdulla:

      please private message us for your USPS tracking #

      Thank you

    14. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Anis Abdulla: Please send a private message to us on your name and shipping address. And telephone number.
      And the color of your earphone u want.
      Black, Silver or Rose Gold.

      Thank you

    15. Missing avatar

      Anis Abdulla on

      @creator - if you could message me my tracking number details as well, I’d be very grateful. Still haven’t received my email or anything.

    16. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Abhishek Shetty: sent the info to you in private message. Have a great week.

    17. Missing avatar

      Abhishek Shetty on

      Hey guys. Can I get a tracking number for my order. Have not got any mail regarding the shipping. Looking forward to using these earphones. Thanks

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      Oatega Nongnuch on

      I've got mine today after paid the tax. It is luxurious package and the headphone bring me loss in the music again. The overall range of sound is fantastic. My concern is the cord seem easy to crack. Is it possible to change the cord?

    19. Missing avatar

      Mathew Linnett on

      Hi, just reporting in to say I've received mine. Gave them a quick test with a FLAC version on NIN's "Copy of A", and they're lovely. A very full, clear sound that mutes background noise while allowing the listener to pick out fine details in the music.

      To Echo Jarod below:
      The packaging is... luxurious to say the least! I must admit that I too wondered how much of the cost of the earphones was for the packaging, but it's a lovely thing to pop on the shelf.
      And I'm a sucker for magnetic fasteners!

      I also am concerned at the potential longevity of the cord. The plastic sheath feels like it might decay and crack over time. Are the cords easily replaceable?

      I love the amount of earpieces however, even though the default ones they shipped with sit very comfortably in my ears.

      Finally, I also recently purchased a pair of Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones, which by comparison are relatively uncomfortable with poorer sound reproduction. Don't get me wrong, they're still good earphones, especially for wireless ones. But yours put them to shame.

      Thanks for delivering a quality product!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jarod on

      I have to say, I had my doubts about this project. However, these earphones are unique and exceptional in a lot of ways. For starters the presentation was, if anything a bit too much. While I appreciate the presentation in packaging when buying a product like this, it seemed like it cost a significant amount. This should've been spent identifying what I believe is this earphones only weakness; the cord. The cord, hopefully will sustain and tolerate everyday use. However, it does seem a bit thin and rather brings caution to the user in terms of how fragile it is. These are great earphones in terms of sound quality; time will tell regarding the cord.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Bailey on

      Hi, do you have any tracking info for my order? I've not had anything yet

    22. Missing avatar


      Received my earphones and the sound quality is amazing, every bit of sound comes across so clear. Thanks.

      Next project should be bluetooth enabled. Look forward to it.

    23. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      Hi Dimitry,

      We just messaged you with the tracking #.

      Hang in there, it's on its way.

    24. Mark Jefferies on

      Wow - just wow. The most professional Kickstarter I’ve backed yet. Love the attention to detail in the packaging - and they sound amazing. Very impressed - thank you very much !

    25. Dmitry Maslennikov on

      I wrote you private message
      when do you answer me?

    26. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Dmitry Maslennikov: hello Dmitry,
      Please private message us your full name and address. I'll check on it for you

    27. Dmitry Maslennikov on

      Hi, guys!
      I wrote you message 04 oct.
      I don't receive an answer for it.

      I'm backer 216.
      How can I receive my track number?
      I don't understand when I receive my earphones((

    28. Missing avatar

      Christian Niesse

      Got mine today as well.
      Woohaa! Yeah!
      Really great sound and fine pice of quality!
      I'm using them with iPhone 7 and boom-app.
      Perfect combination.
      Would have reduced packaging in favor shipping costs - even haptic and presentation is great!
      Thanks for this development!
      When do you plan to sell them regulary?

      Cheers and happy listening.

    29. Missing avatar


      Mine arrived yesterday and I'm blown away by the quality of the sound. Fantastic! I'm really glad I backed these. My only criticism is about the packaging, which is undeniably impressive, but perhaps a bit OTT. One cannot help but think that cost a great deal both in production costs and in extra shipping costs. Otherwise excellent

    30. Missing avatar

      archonide on

      Surprisingly received mine today (MY), considering I haven't got the tracking number or any call from the courier company. The sound quality is amazing and has the correct amount of bass, at least to my ears. As others have highlighted, I'm too a little concerned with the cable and hope it would stand up well for daily use. Love the packaging they came in. By the way, this is my first ever kickstarter product haha...

    31. Missing avatar

      Jarod on

      Ive been unable to recieve or find any information regarding my headphones. Ive reached out to you guys a while ago with no response. Pretty dissapointed.

    32. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Patrick: hello Patrick,

      Please private message us your info.
      We cannot find your info with just Patrick.

      Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Steve Martin on

      Received my BE4s Yesterday, (after paying the VAT), and have to say I am more than happy with them, the sound quality is AMAZING.

      While I love the quality of the packaging, I would have rather more went into the materials; the beds themselves are of the highest quality and machining, however, the cable is not great and I suspect would not stand up to kicks very well, would also have been nice to have an inline volume control.

      But, all that said, the sound quality these headphones provide is staggeringly good; maybe ever so slightly weak in the mid tones but this is very easily compensated for and the sound resolution and complete absence of distortion makes them the best buds I've ever tried.

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I live outside the US, and am still waiting for my order. I would like to be able to know where my order is or something. We're not getting any information, please understand why your backers are getting worried. These were promised to arrive aug/sep and it's currently early october.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Miller on

      Let me add another thumb up for these IEMs. Rich, details sound. I have high end Shure and Westone IEMs and I know these will hold their own against them!

      The only negative would be the cable which seems like it might not hold up - only time will tell.

      For sound, these are quite nice so far!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jarod on

      I havent recieved mine yet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Praneeth Baratam on

      Layered music with nice bass response and effervescent bother-free treble...these are definitely a huge punctuation in my search for the ultimate daily driver earphone. I appreciate the truth in the campaign. Every audiophile should try these.

    38. Nelson J. Silva on

      Got mine yesterday (CH), had to pay 30dollars for custom clearence though...
      But they are actually amazing, sound as good as you said and better than I let myself expect ! Love them and very glad I backed you guys.
      thumbs up !

    39. Missing avatar

      Steve Martin on

      Mine arrived today, (UK), need to pay the VAT before Royal Mail will deliver it but expected that. Thanks Starbrick, looking forward to testing and reviewing the product as soon as it's in my hands...

    40. Chong Hean Chng

      oh wow. awesome sound. deep bass that's not boomy, clear highs. as good as or better than my b&w c5. well done!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter tobe on

      ok backers, I was one of the lucky ones to receive my earphones already. Be patient, it is worth the wait.... If I were a CEO of the competition, I would have a serious headache from StarBrick.... yes they are that good!!

    42. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      International Backers will have to wait longer. It depends on the customs in your country to be cleared. We will be sending info on tracking this coming week.

    43. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Hi, I hear people are receiving their earphones about now, I live outside the US and would like to know when my earphones are coming.


    44. Missing avatar

      Toshinori Mohri on

      Do all international packages of Be4 Earphones have tracking numbers? Can we backers from outside USA know their own tracking numbers?

    45. Jonathan Lentz on

      My set came today, thanks. In the photo they appear to have a braided wire cover. Not so. Less than robust wiring. I am concerned but time will tell. No iPhone adapter (as far as I've found), for some reason i thought they'd be iPhone ready.. Having said that, they do sound very good. A bit heavy on the bass but I know some folks like that. Highs and mids are clear. I'm testing them on my Macbook and I have the volume set to the second "block"; about as low as it goes, and they're booming loud. They'll probably be great for daily use. I'd like to see a Bluetooth iteration of these.

    46. Scott Rusoff

      I received mine in PA today.

    47. Missing avatar

      Cj Freeman on

      The sound they put out seems to be really good. Far better than even the Bose earbuds I’ve spent the same amount of money on before. They are really lightweight, too. I was expecting something heavier, for some reason. I’m so glad I backed this Kickstarter, too. Thank you!

    48. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Bill LaMonaca: thanks for being patient and thank you for your support. Please tag us if you are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Starbrickinc is our name handle.

    49. Bill LaMonaca

      I just got mine today! They sound great, too. I am really glad I backed this Kickstarter. Thanks a lot!

    50. Starbrick Inc Creator on

      @Nelson J. Silva Hello! Yes, they are being shipped out. Thank you again.

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