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The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
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February Shipping Update.

Posted by queFactory (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Quick updates on shipping.

International shipping delay for December packages

First of all, we want to apologize for any delivery delay our international backers might have experienced. We know that Canadian customs has a major backlog via the postal channel, as such the parcels are in the hands of Canadian customs and all are waiting for them to clear parcels that have come through before the Christmas season. As of last week, many of them have been released and delivered, and more are getting released. Canada is one of the NON EDI country, which means that the parcel will stop updating once the parcel arrived in destination country. If your status is showing package arrived in destination country, your package has been released and should be delivered shortly.

We will be sending out the remaining international packages ourselves from California, without any fulfillment partners, so we can make sure we use the most reliable postal service and receive the latest status of all the packages once sent out.

Shipping WITHOUT add-ons

We've already sent out all the packages without add-on in January. If you filled out your survey after 1/31, we will process these late surveys in batches. If you didn't fill out your survey yet, please fill it out as soon as possible. If you can't find the survey email, you can recover your survey here using your Kickstarter email:

Shipping WITH add-ons

We have all the shipping labels and all the original reward ready to ship. We are currently just waiting for the add-ons to arrive in California, which is estimated to arrive this week. We don't have a specific date on when they will be cleared by the custom and sent to our warehouse since custom check could take up to 10 days. As soon as we receive them, we will start processing all the surveys with add-ons. All remaining packages will be sent from California. All US package will be sent with USPS, and should arrive within 2-4 days. All international package will be sent with a much more reliable service partnered with Fedex, and should arrive within 5-9 days. If you didn't receive a tracking number and you selected add-ons in your survey, your survey is part of the remaining batch of surveys.

Thanks again for your patience!

que Bottle

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rajeswar on

      Any update on delivery date ????

    2. Kalene Mushumanski on

      My tracking number is now showing as expired. Tracking information updated it was in Canada Feb 15, but still no sign of it. Starting to get frustrated with the lack of response of these issues. Makes it seem like you are just ignoring the issue that so many people are having.

    3. Jaspinder Singh on

      Received an email the que Bottle was shipped on December 22, 2016. Tracked my shipment and it said it arrived in Canada on February 2, 2017. Your last update said that they should be shipped soon once arrived at the Canadian border. It's been a month now and I've yet to see the item. Please update us with what's going on.

    4. AbangR on

      Could you please update the expected date of shipment? I have yet to receive a tracking number for shipment (to San Diego).

    5. Missing avatar

      Daya Muralidharan on

      Please give us an update on the delivery date for bottles with add-ons.

    6. Kody Shwaga on

      @creator on February 14th you told me that my bottle should be arriving "any day now". It is now March 3rd and still no sign of the package. My address hasn't changed, I have been checking the mailbox regularly and it is a locked box so nobody can steal from it so what suggestions do you have for me now? I feel that it has been more than enough time waiting for you to offer a reship or refund since we are coming up on three months since my bottle apparently shipped.

    7. victor chang on

      Same here.
      > Please update - when are add-on captive toos to be shipped? Still awaiting ours.

    8. Missing avatar


      Please update - when are add-on captive toos to be shipped? Still awaiting ours.

    9. John S Massey on

      Hmmmm......where's my stuff?

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke Williams on

      I am State side and only had the cap add-on. Any idea when they should ship out?

    11. Jeemee on

      Hi I've not received any tracking nor the items.

    12. George Pogostin on

      Still don't have tracking

    13. Ming Liang on

      Hi I am still waiting for the email for my tracking number. Why is there such a long delay?

    14. Russ Urzi on

      Any recent update on shipping to California addresses?

    15. Adrian Ward on

      I still haven't received an email with a tracking number. All I am hoping is that these bottles arrive before mid March. I still don't understand what the big delay for international orders are

    16. Missing avatar

      Brett A. Lewis on

      I am also wanting to know about when to expect the addons to be shipped.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wanmin Zhang on

      Hi, when will we get our add-on's shipped? I already got my que bottle, but I had ordered a cap with a loop.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Wernette on

      Hi there, I ordered 8 bottles and received them in December. I also ordered the D ring caps for all the bottles and never received them. Haven't gotten an email letting me know what's going on. My order was $140 for 8 bottles the an addition $40 for the caps. Paying $180 for 8 water bottle plus an extra cap isn't a great deal. I felt your product was innovative and envirmentally sound, so I didn't mind spending the money. But now months later I still haven't received everything I've paid for. Please let me
      know what's going on.
      Michael Wernette

    19. queFactory Creator on

      @Chris Fougere, The package is sent by Singapore Post, not from Singapore, and your tracking number indicates that the package is sent to Canada for Canada Post. We've explained before that the shipping status won't get updated until the package is released from custom and handed over to local postal service. Before the local postal service scan it again, it will only show shipping status provided by origin country. Packages sitting in the customs waiting to be processed will not be scanned. We will keep track of your shipping status, and if you still don't receive it within the next 2 weeks, we will contact you directly and offer you a solution. Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Fougere on

      Hi, again.

      The tracking number you provided says that it was picked up in Singapore, and says nothing about being delivered to Canada. I don't believe you when you say the shipment is being held up at Customs; which customs location is it being held at? Please provide confirmation/proof of delivery to Canadian Customs.

      The only thing preventing you from issuing a refund is your consistently poor service. If I don't receive the product by the end of February, I will pursue matters with my credit card company, and with the authorities.

    21. queFactory Creator on

      @Garrett Sell, Could you please email us at, and we will be able to updated your address for you. Thanks
      @Chris Fougere, There is no way for us to track which specific backer is experiencing delay unless the backer reach out to us. After we found out about the issue, we've been in contact with our fulfillment partner and postal service, doing everything we can to help speed up the process and getting all the packages released from the customs. Even if we send out another package, it doesn't prevent the delay from happening again. We won't be able to issue a refund since we indeed sent out your package in December, and delay is out of our control. Many backers from Canada have started to receive their packages, and your package should also be delivered soon. Thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Fougere on

      I understand that you're having issues, but that honestly isn't my problem. I've been more than patient. There have been no updates on the tracking number since Dec 21st.

      I thought I was doing a nice thing by backing your campaign (the first, and now last, Kickstarter I will back). If you were "doing everything you can", as you suggest, you'd have followed up withe me, instead of waiting until I started to complain. If you were "doing everything you can", you'd have issued a replacement shipment long ago.

      The success of your project is no longer my concern.
      Please issue a refund. This is my third request.

    23. Missing avatar

      Garrett Sell on

      I have moved since my original pledge, what would be the best way to ensure these are shipped to the correct address?

    24. queFactory Creator on

      @Kody Shwaga @Chris Fougere, Every pledge is critical for the project to succeed, so we cannot afford refunds like a traditional store. More than 300 backers experienced a similar problem, so it's not just a few packages, we must wait to hear back from Singapore post before we resend any packages. Depends on where the packages were shipped from, the custom processing time varies. All our packages sent to Canada are from Hong Kong using Singapore Post, and everything from Singapore post were held in custom for a extended period of time. We've explained this many times and we are doing everything we can to locate all the packages, and only hope you can understand. We are just as frustrated as you are, more than 300 of our packages were sent out almost 2 months ago, and yet to be delivered. We are seeking damage compensation from our fulfillment partner giving how much we paid for the service, only to have them push the responsibility to the postal service. Singpapore post is refusing to give any direct response and asked us to opened a case for each package individually. Trust us, we are doing everything we can, and there is nothing that can make us happier to have all of the packages delivered on time. Thanks
      @Kody Shwaga I just checked your shipping status and it was updated last week, the package was cleared by the customs and should be delivered any day now. Thanks

    25. Kody Shwaga on

      I have ordered and received numerous items over the Christmas season as well as more recently that have had to clear Canadian customs and all have been received within a few weeks of ordering. I'm having a hard time accepting that the reason I don't have my bottle that was shipped on December 19th is because of delays at customs. I have repeatedly asked whether a refund would be possible or how long one would have to wait before you will ship a new bottle and consider the original shipment lost. Both of my inquiries have been ignored and I am getting fed up with the lack of communication from your end.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Fougere on

      I think I've been more than patient, considering they were intended to be Christmas gifts. The communication has been poor, and the customer service even worse. They would not be held up at Customs for this long. I'd like a refund.

    27. queFactory Creator on

      @Chris Fougere, We are sorry for the delay. We've communicating with you through email, and explaining what's causing the delay. Delay from custom is completely out of our control, and we are doing everything we can to help speed up the process. Thanks for understanding and being patient with us. Thanks
      @Julia Gosztyla Ziobro, All our bottles should be leakproof, and should not have any leaking problem. If you are experiencing leaking problem after twisting the cap tight, please send us an email at with the subject "Leaking bottle", and we are happy to look into the problem. Thanks

    28. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      We finally got our December-delivery bottles in January and I'm surprised and disappointed about how leaky they are. Even with the lids screwed tight, they have leaked all over our backpacks multiple times. This is NOT a good on-the-go bottle as far as I can see. Three of the four have had this problem; the fourth has not yet been used. And without the loop-lid, promised in January, they aren't that good as on-the-go bottles anyway. I'm going back to Nalgene. I have one from 1986 that looks terrible but STILL doesn't leak. It's been run over by a school bus!

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Fougere on

      I ordered 4 Que Bottles back in November, expecting delivery before Christmas. I still haven't received them...

      I've been given a shipping number that shows Singapore as its origin, and that's it....

      Your service has been terrible, and I'd like a refund.

    30. queFactory Creator on

      @elizabeth norwood, Seems like you received a damaged bottle, and the problem became more obvious after few uses. Please send us an email at with the subject "Damaged bottle", and we are happy to help you with a replacement. Thanks

    31. Missing avatar

      elizabeth norwood on

      I loved the idea and design of the que bottle so I backed the project. Sadly, my bottle got a hole in it two weeks after I received it, after fewer than 10 uses. It split right below the metal screw 'gasket' You guys should fix this issue or you'll have a lot of unhappy paying customers on your hands.