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The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
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Shipping Update.

Posted by queFactory (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

Quick update on shipping! If you filled out your survey by 11/25 and didn't have any payment issue, then your survey has already been processed. We've already started shipping 2 days ago and will continue to send out shipments throughout next week. All packages will come with a tracking number, regardless you are from the US or anywhere in the world. You will receive a tracking number in your email when your package is ready to be shipped, and we will send out these tracking numbers as we receive them from our fulfillment partners. We are sending them out in batches, so don't worry if you don't receive a tracking number within the next few days. Your package might have already been shipped and we just haven't received the tracking number from our partner yet.

Also, since we've already started shipping process, we will NOT be able to update your shipping address anymore for December shipping. 


Jean & Kevin 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah B on

      Hello, I have not received my bottle or any shipping information or any updates since the communication over 10 days ago. Is there an update on when these will be fulfilled? I completed the survey right away.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stacy Danz on

      Trying to find out if there is any way I can find out if my order is coming before Christmas as these were meant to be Christmas presents. I filled out my survey as soon as I got it. Thank you

    3. teloivartlu on

      Don't stress over this. The important part of the holiday season is enjoying time with loved ones. I have already decided to print out a picture of the Que bottles and wrapping that up for my husband to open on Christmas morning. For those with long distance recipients, you can send them a nice email with a photo telling them they will receive this item once you have it in your hot little hands. Manufacturing a product and fulfilling a large volume of pre-orders is a HUGE undertaking. Even with the nest laid plans, things go wrong. Humans are part of the process and we are fallible.

      In honor of the spirit of the season let's collectively give these fine folks a break.
      Cheers and Happy Holidays to all.

    4. ninjunc on

      Purchased 16 bottles for 14 friend/family Christmas gifts (2 for my wife and I). Not sure what I'm going to do now... I'll for sure need to go shopping tomorrow for 14 gifts if they don't arrive today. Otherwise I won't have time to wrap and mail some of them.

      First order of business for que is to sort out their fulfillment process. When customers are already disappointed before they even have the product, it makes it hard to give an honest review of the product itself...

      Here's to holding out hope one more day...

    5. Iain Coulter on

      11 days since this update and still lots of people have not got any info on shipping ??

    6. Missing avatar

      paul on

      hello, guys, i'm pretty sure the factory is in Chian and goods will be shipping from China, me either without any update information for tracking no.
      really piss me off

    7. Charles Anderson on

      So what's the word on the water bottles?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ken Uthaikhaifar on

      I contacted them via kickstarter and was dissapointed to not recieve an update but some automated message urging me to buy a second bottle. Getting pissed, pretty sure the campaign assured delivery in time for Christmas.

    9. Missing avatar

      ancomangel on

      hi! I didn't get an update either via email or any shipping confirmation.
      Can you assist? Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chong Chee on


      When should we receive the bottles? Do we get any shipment tracking?

    11. Susan Johnstad on

      Really hoping for an update. Like others, I planned to distribute as gifts...that window is closing....

    12. Missing avatar

      Natalie on

      que bottles arrived to me today :) (I live in illinois)

    13. Missing avatar

      Sarah Ross on

      Same as the comments below! I filled my survey out on the 15th and received the confirmation, but I still haven't gotten any updates with a tracking number.

    14. Regan Lal on

      I have not received any shipping information yet. I guess it won't be in time for Christmas. Boo!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stein on

      I got my confirmation tracking info, but it seems like it's coming from Asia, no date given. We will see...

    16. Missing avatar

      Christy Simpson on

      I'm also in the US and have not received any shipping info other than this last update on Dec. 9th. Like most other backers, I was relying on my order to be here before Christmas. Any updates would be helpful so we know where things stand. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Puguh Rohadi on

      HI, please help! I haven't received an email about shipping confirmation

    18. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      I too believe I won't get my bottle until after Christmas. Now I have to rush to get another gift.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bass on

      Still no update if my order has shipped. Please help!

    20. Lindsay on

      I just received an email that my items have shipped! Here's hoping it gets here on time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Helga on

      Hey I'm also wondering the same as everyone
      Please let us know if there is a problem

    22. Lindsay on

      Hey queFactory, Jean & Kevin,

      Any updates on shipping and arrival times? Haven't received any shipping confirmation and Christmas is a week away!

    23. Missing avatar

      Todd Zazelenchuk on

      Ditto what everyone else seems to be saying. All the communication in November seemed like everything was on track and now zero communication for the past few weeks. No idea if my order has shipped or if it has a chance of arriving in time for xmas or not. Please advise. Communication is key. Hiccups are hiccups. Just keep people informed. Thx.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Corona on

      Adding my voice to the call for information. Last email I have is from Nov 26. All my charges went through - including those for add ons. Leaving town in 5 days and was hoping to have at least one of these in my luggage for a gift. What is going on? Haven't heard anything about shipments. No numbers, no delay warnings. Nada. BackerKit page confirms my order is ready to ship. Any info/response would be appreciated!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Madelyn Fox-Defago on

      I also have not received any communication regarding shipping. Not sure if I should get a small alternative gift as a placeholder, or hold out for bottles to get here in time for Christmas. Please advise!

    26. Tracy Bauer Haas on

      another concerned buyer with no communication on shipping - please let us know if we need to find alternative Christmas gifts! Thanks!

    27. Missing avatar

      Michelle Tarlton on

      Hey! It appears that my tracking number and possible shipment is with everyone else's that is MIA. I'm hoping to receive my tracking number soon? If not, I would hope there might be a refund for those not receiving their shipment before Christmas?

    28. Missing avatar

      Lindsay C on

      Hello! The same goes for me. I am growing concerned since it has been 6 days already, and no tracking number has been mailed to me yet. (S. Korea) Is there a definite timetable as to when to expect the shipment? Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Becky Lam on

      Adding my voice to the crowd. I'm starting to think I need new plans for xmas gifts. If they don't ship in time, is there any way to cancel part of my order? I still want the bottle for myself, but what am I going to do with all the extras I got as gifts???

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stein on

      I also have not gotten an update? Can I please find out my shipping info? Thanks!

    31. Darrell Ward on

      I'm another who is wondering if I will have the bottle in time for Christmas. I have not received a shipping confirmation, when will I know when they will ship?

    32. Missing avatar

      Erika on

      I have not heard anything regarding shipping =(

    33. Missing avatar

      Lena Nilsson on

      I'm one of the many, who wonder if I will have the bottle in time for Christmas. I have not received a shipping confirmation, when will I know a date for when I will receive them?

    34. Casey York on

      Hey! I haven't received an email about shipping confirmation, and today is when I leave for the holidays. I did the survey on time in November. Is there someone I can talk to about canceling my order or updating the address since it doesn't look like the gifts will be here "in time for the holidays." Thanks for your help!

    35. ninjunc on

      Don't worry about telling us a negative update concerning shipping (we get it, stuff happens)...just tell us so we can make other arrangements for gifts. I have 12 family members who will need different Christmas gifts should these not arrive... Thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Brett A. Lewis on

      I'm adding my name to the growing number of people concerned that I will not get these by Christmas. Shipments are continuing to be shipped out through this week, but it's now Thursday, and I still don't know where anything is.

    37. Missing avatar

      Misty Fuentes on

      9 days until Christmas....and since I have yet to receive any shipping info, I am starting to get nervous. When will these ship?

    38. Missing avatar

      Venice Ng on

      Hi there - would love to hear an update on US shipments.... I'm waiting for mine in Colorado - no tracking number yet either... would love to gift these for Christmas to our friends who are leaving town this weekend!

    39. ninjunc on

      Any word on US shipments? I'm starting to worry I won't have them for Xmas... I thought New Mexico would have them by now (or at least a tracking number)...specially since New Zealand got theirs! lol. (cheers @aaron stevens, you lucky guy!) Can't wait!

    40. Simone D. on

      Can't wait to receive shipping confirmation! Do you have any idea about shipping time needed to land to Italy? It is a christmas gift and it would be magic to have it before 25 dec :)

    41. Aaron Stevens on

      Thanks so much guys, I'm in New Zealand and I recieved my Que Bottles this Morning :D
      Can't wait to start using them :D

    42. Missing avatar

      Susan Kang on

      Is there some sort of confirmation email that shows when and if we completed this survey? I recall completing the survey, but cannot find it in my email inbox.