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The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
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FINAL STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED! Time to Reveal the Secret!

Posted by queFactory (Creator)

WOW, WE DID IT everyone! 

We are so excited to announce that we have reached 250k in pledge, meaning FINAL STRETCH GOAL is officially unlocked! It’s time for us to reveal the SECRET to our backers!

Here it is, THE SECRET GOAL: CHAMPAGNE GOLD CAP with custom laser engrave (your name, initials or any special words, symbols).

Yes, that sounds almost too cool to be true. But we can do it, we can make your own very special que Bottle that no one else has, with your custom imprint on it in champaign gold color. We are still in the process of setting this up with our manufacturer, therefore delivery time, pricing and pledge instructions will be updated later this week.

CAP WITH LOOP prototype pictures: Here are some pictures of the prototypes we’ve got so far. Please keep in mind that they are just CONCEPT pictures, not the final products. The cap will be made of 100% 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel.

How to get add-ons: Many people have been asking how to get the add-ons and if they will come with original pledges. We’d like to clarify things up. ALL STRETCH GOALS were not added as part of our campaign originally, but added in later as our way to contribute more back to our backers. We did our survey, listened to our backers desire and planned these stretch goals regardless of the difficulties we might encounter. These add-on options not only require extra production costs, but also require a certain quantity to be produced at a reasonable price. Due to these factors, we won’t be able to offer add-ons for free. Instead, we will ask for small extra pledge amount so that we can cover some costs and deliver as we promise our backers, with quality and speed of course. All add-ons are optional, and they will NOT affect the delivery for ALL ORIGINAL PLEDGES.

In terms of how to get these awesome add-ons, we are still working on all aspects of logistics, T/T and pricing, instructions will be posted later this week!

*Note: We will NOT be able to substitute the original que Bottle cap with add-on cap with loop, and the reasons are: 

1. The add-on cap with loop design was NOT part of our original que Bottle design. As the creators of our proud product que Bottle, we would like to keep our original que Bottle design intact and unchanged for its sleek design and classy looks. So when you get a que Bottle, it will always come with original que Bottle cap without the loop.

2. Due to our special design, the add-on cap with loop requires multiple procedures as well as complicated techniques and costs are A LOT HIGHER than original caps, therefore we will not be able to offer substitution. 

3. Making the new cap meaning making a new production mold, and making the mold itself will take at least 25 days. It's the common T/T for a brand new product despite the fact that it's a small accessory. We will try our best to get the add-ons ready to ship ALONG with original pledges, we simply can not guarantee that will happen. Therefore, we can not substitute the cap which might affect our delivery promise. We promise to make que Bottle the best holiday gifts for everyone and we won't accept anything that might compromise that.

Thanks again everyone!

Jean & Kevin

que Bottle

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    1. Roy Leban on

      @Creator: There are lots of ways to attach a cap to the bottle. I could do it myself but I would risk damaging the bottle. For example, a bungee or silicone loop around the neck as suggested by @Jim D or a small hole on the bottle somewhere to tie something too (and an attachment line of some sort). Honestly, I think the loop cap you have defined is a waste of time if there is no way to attach it to the bottle. What purpose did you think it served? If you tell us, maybe we'll understand.

    2. Brian on

      @queFactory, is there an estimated dimension for the engraving/cap because I'm making my design so the dimension can serve as a canvas for me

    3. Missing avatar

      YSK Ogaki on

      I thought that is a loop for that not to lose the cap.
      We want is a loop for that.

    4. Carl on

      I quite like the design of the cap loop, I value the flexibility of being able to use whatever I'd like to attach the loop to my bag, my finger, etc.

      In my case, if the cap loop ships as pictured, I would use one of these to attach it to my bag:

    5. Scott

      Thanks for the update. Love the cap design. :-) Still wish you had a sip cap though.

    6. queFactory Creator on

      @Jim D, we are still making the prototypes and we will do series tests on these to see if there will be any issue on the figure lifting. Should there is discomfort, we will for sure consider adding silicone sleeve to it.

    7. Jim D on

      Follow-up idea on the cap loop: what about a silicone cover sleeve around the loop to make it comfortable? It stays in tune with the eco-friendly theme and compliments the silicone bottle! Win/win!

    8. Jim D on

      The cap loop is disappointing. It's going to be hard on a finger to dangle from. I'd have preferred a bungee loop around the bottom of the neck with a rubber tip at the end to allow for loose carry.

      No big deal, I can always make my own I suppose.

    9. queFactory Creator on

      @Roy, @Jennifer, unfortunately, we won't be able to attach the loop onto the body of the bottle. Reasons are one, because que Bottle is collapsible so there won't be any space on the body to attach additional material. Secondly, we really want to keep the que Bottle sleek design intact and retain the classy looks. Adding a loop onto the bottle will compromise the looks.

      @Caroline, instructions with pricing coming soon!

    10. Jennifer Chun

      Aloha! Like Roy Leban, I thought that the loop cap would be attached to the bottle so you can't lose it. Will the loop cap be strong enough to hold the weight of a fully expanded and fully filled que bottle? Sorry if this was previously discussed.

    11. queFactory Creator on

      @Julie Brookie Tai, the two new colors are added free option for backers to select for their bottles. No additional pledge needed for colors. We have updated our campaign to make sure backers are informed about the add-ons. Thanks!

    12. Julie T

      Hi creators,

      Do it mean all stretch goals require extra pledge? Even getting a purple or a green que bottle? Very curious about the pricing of these add-ons. And I agree with Caroline that you guys should remind backers that your stretch goals don't come free, A lot of us who backed other projects before would expect stretch goals to come free like other KS projects.

    13. Roy Leban on

      What is the functional purpose of the loop cap? I don't see it. What I'd like is a way to take off the cap and have it still be attached to the Que in some way, so that I can't accidentally drop it and get it dirty. Will this be possible with the loop cap? I can tie a string to it, of course, but how do I attach the other end to the bottle?

    14. Missing avatar

      Caroline on

      Any estimate for what each stretch goal will cost the customer? I saw that the extra bottle caps are $4. I'd be interested knowing what the cap loop and engraving will cost. I really wanted the cap loop, but did assume it was baked into the price of my pledge when backing. It would also be worth marking on your stretch goal image on the main page that they are not included with the backer price, as myself (and I'm sure others) likely assumed these stretch goals would be possible with the stated backer price.