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The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.
11,610 backers pledged $560,785 to help bring this project to life.

YOU ARE AMAZING! We Are Funded in Less Than 48 Hours!

Posted by queFactory (Creator)

Hi all,

We got funded in less than 48 hours, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

We are so overwhelmed by how amazing Kickstarter community is! The support we've been receiving from our backers was above and beyond our expectation so THANK YOU ALL so much! We couldn't have done this without you!  

Now, we'd love to hear your thoughts on STRETCH GOALS!

Adding more COLORS! Some of you have asked us about other colors to add more color options. If we could add more color options as stretch goals which ones would you want to add? Would that be a stretch goal you are interested in? 

Adding more CAP OPTIONS! Some of you have asked us about adding straps or loops on the cap to easily attach que Bottle anywhere. Would that be a stretch goal you are interested in?

Leave a comment in our comments section with your vote and suggestion, so we can offer what our backers desire the most!

Once again, THANK YOU everyone, we are so excited for this journey with all of you and we have just begun! 

que Bottle

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kayla Villarreal on


      It would be cool to have a lid with a flip up straw option?!

    2. Missing avatar

      Rachel Bailis on

      Definitely some sort of loop/handle on the cap or even an additional flip-top lid would be great!

    3. Abraham Valenzuela on

      Cap option - a loop so you can put a carabiner through it. Glow in the dark.

      Color option - red w/ white text

    4. Missing avatar

      Hannah on

      I vote for having a clip/loop/strap that would be good for attaching to bags (esp for backpacking)!

    5. Missing avatar

      Amadeia Rector on

      I would like to see more colors- perhaps a clay red, purple, green, etc.

      A top with a handle would be good so as to have something to tug on when pulling it out of a bag or to hold onto while twisting.

      Also, perhaps some bumps as a grip towards the bottom to prevent it from falling out of backpack bottle pouches.

    6. Missing avatar

      Garrett Sell on

      Congrats guys! I'd highly recommend adding a clip of some sort, a sturdy carabiner would be a great addition as i'm already planning on clipping this to a pack of some sort. Thanks!

    7. Kim Hunt

      Loop or carabiner top please!!

    8. Marco Rieper on

      Hi, very nice Project! (Srry my eng isn't very well;)
      I think....
      -loop or carabiner in cup would be a nice with high durability!!!
      -more colour options ... i think Neon (pink/yellow/green) would be great or mixed/ twisted colours in spiral/bottle foarm.
      -additional Large version of the Bottle (between 750-1000ml)
      -One Hand operation

    9. Rolando Inzunza on

      I second, as a stretch goal, some means to secure the water bottle to a bag, luggage or something else. Whether that be a loop, a carabiner clip, or some other design. It would also be great to know, with confidence, that said clip/carabiner could handle the weight of a completely full-bottle, for years to come.

    10. Judith on

      A carabina clip on a top with a solid loop on it would be great - to just be able to clip the bottle to the outside of a bag. But then, the sleek top that's in the current design is also lovely.

      A flip-top with smaller opening for easy drinking on the move (e.g. a bus/ train where things may slosh around a bit) is definitely a good idea.

      I guess ideally they'd be mix and match - choose which top you wanted when you went out. One provided per bottle, and a choice of which one(s)? Ability to pledge a little extra to get additional caps if you want more than the number of bottles you're ordering?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mitzi Schepps on

      Hi. Congrats on reaching/exceeding your goal!
      A few ideas:
      -a loop to attach a strap or carabiner
      -a flip top/one handed operation for the lid instead of the screw on top.
      -wider mouth for easier cleaning and getting ice cubes in.
      -an ability to add a logo for fundraising opportunities or business marketing
      -an accessory such as a carrying pouch to attach to fanny pack, purse, etc (especially if adding the loop isn't feasible)
      -lime green color

    12. Missing avatar

      Vince on

      Awesome. I would love a cap loop or something so that we can attach to bag or wrist

      A flip top lid would also be interesting but an attachment is more important to me

    13. Missing avatar

      Amber Norori on

      Congrats! I would like to see some more colors, maybe a light green or pastels?

    14. Allen Wan

      Congrats! Happy to see success for your project. Really happy i saw this on reddit now.

      Would really like some method to carry my que bottle on a belt loop either through a removable loop that goes under the cap so the cap can still be screwed on and the loop can be removed at will so the look of the que bootle can stay as sleek as it was intended or just a cap attachment point for a carabiner of some type if it can keep the same sleek look because I was planning on stacking them when they are collapsed so some method to keep the same profile to stack in a bag is more ideal in my opinion but cannot wait to see what comes.

    15. Greg Maciejewski on

      Congratulations on the campaign so far!!!

      How about a flip-top option for the caps?

      Again, Congratulations!