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By David Rimbach
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 What is an Ego Prison? I can only start by telling you what it's not. It's not a toy because you don't play with it, and it's not a game because it does not come with a set of rules. You can use it for a quick laugh as a gag gift to a friend, but that’s not what it’s all about. An EGO PRISON is an abstract piece of art that's meant to be provocative. It was designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation about the individual in relation to society. It came to life after listening to a friend describe a therapy session with their psychiatrist. Will every psychiatrist have an EGO PRISON on their desk? I doubt it, but Sigmund Freud spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of a healthy ego. And when you look at an EGO PRISON, you can't help but spend time thinking about it's meaning. The look of the EGO PRISON came naturally to me. Everyone knows what a prison looks like, but what symbol could I use to represent the human ego? After thinking long and hard about it, I thought that a pyramid was the perfect representation of an ego. The pyramid has a wide base which is consistent with all of humanity, but the shape slowly works it's way up to a perfect solitary point which represents the individual. There's only room for one at the top of a pyramid. The person who translated the vision I had in my mind to an actual design was a student at the Art Institute in Pasadena, California. He used computer assisted drafting to create the blue prints for the EGO PRISON. I've included pictures from the original CAD sessions and you can see that the look and color went through many variations. Ultimately I believe we got it right. The final plans led to the construction of a 5 inch x 4 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inch structure consisting of a bold black prison cell with an ego inside being held down by a ball and chain. Visually it's everything I wanted and It looks perfectly in place on a desk top or coffee table. The prototype was built by a professional model builder working in the entertainment industry. His claim to fame BEFORE fabricating the EGO PRISON was building the "Time Machine" in the original movie starring Rod Taylor. The movie came out in 1960 so you can imagine the years of experience in model building that went into the fabrication of my product. The prototype is constructed of hard plastic. The original prototype is what you see on my site. The EGO can be any color imaginable. I envision manufacturing a "LADY" EGO PRISON' in pink as well as using other colors.. THE MANUFACTURING-MARKETING-SALES AND DISTRIBUTION PLAN The EGO PRISON will be produced by a company that fabricates products by injecting plastic into a mold. A mold of the EGO PRISON will be made which has channels that accepts moulten plastic. The process is called, "injection molding." In order to achieve economy of scale the first run will hopefully be in the thousands. My advertising plan is as follows. I hope to attract a celebrity with an incredibly large ego to be the first one to pitch my product. For instance, I can envision Donald Trump with an EGO PRISON on his desk looking up and exclaiming into a camera, "Every Ego needs discipline." In the alternative I plan on having a monkey as the trademark sitting upright holding his hand under his chin looking inquisitively at an EGO PRISON trying to figure out what it is. A slogan might be, “The perfect gift for the perfect person” or “Every Ego needs discipline” or “You’re the eyes of the beholder.” I plan on selling my product in novelty stores such as Spencers' gifts or Aahs which are novelty and gift shops in Los Angeles. I also have taken steps to line up a distribution deal if and when I can bring the EGO PRISON to market. I’ve been in contact with a company called American Distribution that distributes novelty items like the EGO PRISON. American Distribution has relationships with retail stores throughout the country where they place product. American Distribution also attends the biannual trade show in Las Vegas which provides a national audience for novelty products. I believe that the EGO PRISON is destined to make it’s way to a national audience in Las Vegas. What Manufacturing any production requires is capital. Right now I need enough capital to finance the original production run of the EGO PRISON. I've worked out the numbers with the manufacturer and understand the cost of production, packaging, (clear wrap with cardboard on edges) and distribution. The amount of money I'm asking for may seem excessive but it takes a lot of capital to bring a new product to market. I thank you in advance for your consideration of this product. Either way, I wish Kickstarter the best. Very Truly Yours, David Rimbach

Risks and challenges

RISKS AND CHALLENGES- My Project is Now Funded, Where Do We Go From Here?

My biggest fear is that the Ego Prison falls flat in the marketplace. Either the intended audience does not understand the product, or does not care about it. However, I believe that the only way I can overcome this challenge is by entering into a distribution arrangement that introduces the product to the widest possible audience. If the product is seen by a large enough audience, the product should reach its target audience and sell.

I am also concerned about the Ego Prison being produced in a high quality manner. In order for the product to appeal to the masses, it needs to be constructed in such a way that it connects to the consumer's aesthetic and intellectual values. If the Ego Prison does not meet these standards, then I will have a problem marketing it. In order to resolve this concern, I plan on spending a considerable amount of time and attention with the manufacturer to ensure the production of a high quality product.

Furthermore, novelty items appeal to a narrow market. What I am trying to do is reach the masses. Marketing the Ego Prison may prove challenging, however, I intend to market the product in two ways. The first is as a gag gift for a friend with a tremendous ego. A slogan such as, "The perfect gift for the perfect person" or "Every ego needs discipline," convey this message to the consumer. Secondly, I will market it as a piece of art. The Ego Prison provokes thought, appealing as a conversation piece.

I understand the challenges in bringing the Ego Prison to market, however I am confident that I can overcome any challenges. You will see an Ego Prison in a store near you.

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