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Please support the continue growth of Pop'Africana Magazine.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about my kickstarter campaign.

Pop'Africana is a magazine I launched in 2009. Hailing from Rivers State, Nigeria, I relocated to New York City where I eventually nestled in the fashion community and at one point realized that the global African community oddly enough lacks reputable and inspiring magazines that eloquently showcase the lifestyles, beauties and cultural diversity of contemporary Africa and the African. Pop'Africana is a dynamic visual guide that brings together a cosmopolitan view on culture, beauty and style, emphasizing what is current, what's beautiful, innovative and progressive in african achievement worldwide.

Additionally, it aims to present Africa’s relationship to fashion through a lens that is new, and voices a new paradigm of what it means to be African today. The magazine's first two issues were received with critical acclaim from authoritative players in the fashion media, including American Vogue, Purple, and DazedDigital amongst many others. In essence the magazine spoke to the sensibilities of all fashion and culture enthusiast but it urgently needs funding to continue its mission and share its unique vision with a growing number of readers worldwide.

The following images are pages from inside the printed magazine and original content that is published on the Pop’Africana blog.


1. Bridging the Gap. The global African community does not have many reputable magazines that eloquently showcase the lifestyles, beauties and cultural diversity of contemporary Africa and of the African. My magazine’s niche has always been in moving away from clichéd conceptions of the “African”.  Instead I take pride in presenting the African as an individual and accurately documenting contemporary experiences, ideas and endeavor.

2. The Industry.  Pop’Africana is monumental to the growth of Africa’s emerging creative industry. Keeping it alive means giving its creatives and thinkers a platform to reach and impact the world.  In fashion today, Pop’Afrcana represents a fresh perspective, serving as a very important tool in the re-branding of the African image.

3. The Time is Now. This is the magazine you’ve all been waiting for. The history of Pop’Africana, and the work that I have presented to you for over the past two years in print and on the web, shows that without a doubt it has the potential to be a successful magazine on a global scale.

Helping me reach my ultimate goal via this campaign is a stand that we can take to make changes we all want to see and feel for years and years to come.


$25,000.00 is my Kickstarter Goal. However, my ultimate target goal is $150,000.00.
If my ultimate target goal is achieved, I will keep the magazine operation running by hiring an extra hand or two who will work full-time with me (because currently I do it all alone). Stabilizing the operation will give my team and I the room to begin a proper process of ensuring sustainability.


1. Producing digital content and print issues.

2. Getting an office space.

3. Hiring 1 or 2 full time staff, other than myself, to run the internal end of the magazine.            

4. Purchasing additional computers and professional equipments for in-house productions and capacity building.

Let me explain. An office space in New York City, where the magazine is based and compiled is imperative.  I cannot stress this enough. This will create a professional environment that will be conducive to meeting the demands of a magazine. Staff ensures that everyday operations of the magazine.

My ultimate target goal of $150,000.00 represents the bare minimal start-up funds the magazine needs to be in operation.  Sustainability will be reached once a proper operational structure is in place. I fully expect that by the second or the third issue, Pop’Africana will generate revenue that will maintain and exceed operational costs.


There are 3 simple ways to help Pop’Africana get off the ground and back onto the shelves:

1. Pick any pledge in the grey column on the right.

2. You will then need to SIGN UP/ LOGIN TO YOUR AMAZON ACCOUNT ( This is very easy and fast, I promise, and it is where you will enter your credit card information.

3. Share my story and Kickstarter Campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.

If you do not have an Amazon account, then simply click the button that reads: ‘I am a new customer’.  Next, press the button that reads: ‘Sign in using our secure server’.  All of this will show up once you’ve made a pledge and prompted to check out. It’s an easy road there on.

Amazon account holders only need to enter their password once prompted to check out.


Besides my infinite gratitude, I have prepared rewards for your pledges. It is now up to you to pick whatever pledge with the reward you like best.


Kickstarter has an all or nothing policy. This means that if my Kickstarter goal of  $25,000 USD is even a dollar short, I receive nothing. It is important that I exceed my Kickstarter goal and reach my ultimate goal. 

 I want to reiterate that launching and getting the magazine off the ground is highly dependent on reaching my ultimate goal of $150, 000.000. In other words, it is my hope that you will not only help me achieve my Kickstarter goal of $25,000.00, but also reach my ultimate target goal of $150,000.00. 

!!!! ALSO, !!!! You can take a pledge now. No charges will be made to your card or account until I have reached my goal.

If you wish to underwrite the publication, talk sponsorship or cover a large amount of my ultimate  goal of $150,000.00, please contact me directly at

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for whatever pledge you choose to make. And please feel free to ask me any question that you may have.

Oroma Elewa.


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