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Denver needs high quality, humanely raised dairy products and pastry. And I am just the girl to do it..
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andrea davis

74 backers pledged $4,170 to help bring this project to life.

We Made It!!

Goal has been surpassed! Thank you so much, for having faith in me and my abilities, and fo supporting humane farming. In this stressful time of moving and change, this incredible support has given me so much optimism and renewed energy. I cant wait to make you all proud!

I have been asked what I will do with any additional funds above the goal, and the biggest thing,  a nicer kidding area will be at the top of my priorities. I will have at least 7 does kidding in about a two week time period in March, and I want to make sure those kids and moms have plenty of room to relax for a couple weeks after birth. Jill and I will be freshening around 20 does this year, which means A LOT of babies!

Also on my list: more cheese molds and cheesemaking equipment, play structures for the goats (goats are very energetic, playful animals that like things to jump on and run around), and the biggest thing, more fencing for better pasture rotation. 

A million thanks to everyone, my sincere and utter gratitude for making this dream farm a reality. I hope you all have a chance to visit in the coming year and see what you helped to create.

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