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$1,374 pledged of $4,000 goal
By Leroy Forney
$1,374 pledged of $4,000 goal

Recent updates

My business cards now promote the Project

This whole process has been so interesting as well as very emotional. I don't want to be overbearing in promoting the project yet at the same time I know I need to keep posting and publicizing it because we all have short memories and have lots other distractions in December. I worry a lot, afraid that I won't reach my goal in time. That would cut out a lot of exhibition ideas, framing for the portraits, stop the art catalog, change the quality of the canvas, and I don't want to have to do that.  And I worry whether my portraits really do justice to my subjects, catching the personality and attitude that I see there.

I just got a set of new business cards that promote the Project on the back side, and I'll be handing these out to everyone, and putting them in coffeeshops.  They came out pretty well!

Remember, the $250 reward is a 9x12 oil portrait of you, of a friend, of a pet - could be an inspired Holiday gift!

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My heartfelt thank you


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The funding is starting - Thank you, all

It is so good to see the project is receiving support, and find that people like the portraits I am painting.  The nature of my portraits is changing.  I had been painting outdoors, at City Hall Plaza, and how have to paint indoors while people are gathered around in an assembly or meeting.  It is tougher this way, but certainly is not a "deal breaker" or "stopper."  I want to show you some more recent portraits, but I have to figure out how to upload images to Updates before I can do that.

And please, if you haven't pledged yet, do.  Think about what a personal portrait of a friend would be like for them as a  present (see rewards for $250 or more).  Finally - help me publicize the project by linking to it from facebook or whatever media you use, and tell your friends about it.  Thank you so much for your interest and support!  -  Leroy

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