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A premium Chino that fits your lifestyle and your wallet, delivered straight from the manufacturer. The days of paying retail are over.

ALL backers that pledge at the $38+ level get a FREE pair of socks along with THE EVERYDAY CHINO for their support as a thank you!

Recent Press:

  • Forbes: "Barley & Britches, aims to disrupt the men’s fashion industry by cutting out retailers and wholesalers and delivering clothes direct from the manufacturer"
  • Details: "next time you think about buying a pair of great pants...try something new"
  • The Crosby Press: "Between the stupid-low cost of admission, sensible cut, and sporty colors, we think it holds its own"

Premium Quality without the premium price.

Created out of frustration and refusal to pay for garments that retail at multiple times their manufacturing cost, we decided to do something about it and founded Barley & Britches (B&B).

Founded by Sim Gulati of the leading international apparel manufacturer The Gulati Group, B&B is a progressive clothing company developed in the heart of New York City’s fashion district. Sim is striking out on his own, armed with a well-rounded background that was developed working for clients such as Macy's, Nautica and Under Armour, to create a premium fashion brand that is forward thinking and innovative, suited for everyday life and affordable. Premium quality without the premium price.  

It's time to stop paying retail. 

$38 - Delivered to you Direct from the Manufacturer.
$38 - Delivered to you Direct from the Manufacturer.

PRICING: Retail vs. Barley & Britches

Below is a general depiction of the difference between the pricing process of retailers versus that of Barley & Britches for the identical chino. By removing the wholesaler and unnecessary middlemen, B&B can bring consumers premium clothing at its original manufacturing sale price, no additional markups. The days of paying inflated retail prices are over.


1.) PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of 100% Cotton - A handcrafted, double enforced stitched garment that is crafted with premium 40/20 canvas cotton. It’s developed to be thick enough to keep you warm, while intelligently ventilated to wear while being active. Having such a modern fit allows for an active lifestyle while retaining a casual appeal. 

2.) DESIGN - Wear it from the boardroom to the bar: A versatile pair of Chinos that goes with you where your day takes you. The Everyday Chino can be professionally paired with shoes and a sport jacket or casual with a tee and sneakers. 

3.) NO MARKUP - at $38 The Everyday Chino comes straight form the source. There are no middlemen, retailers or wholesalers along the way adding to the cost. Our clothing comes direct from manufacturer to YOUR doorstep. A similar quality chino would retail for over $130.

4.) OUR PROMISE - We are so confident that you'll love The Everyday Chino that if you don't absolutely love it, the return is on us. We'll grant you store credit when our site launches plus an additional $5. That's how confident we are. 

5.) ETHICAL SOURCING - We believe you should know where your garments come from and who your manufacturers are. Our factories are WRAP certified, we are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing.



We'll be releasing Navy Blue, Black and a color of YOUR choice. A survey will be sent out for Stretch Goal #3 for you to vote on your favorite color as we get closer to the goal.


STYLING: Dress it up or Dress it down.

I'm tired of paying retail. How can I help?

In order to produce The Everyday Chino we need to raise $30,000 to purchase bulk yarn at a discounted price. Every pledge will go towards funding to produce of The Everyday Chino. We want to change the traditional supply chain and need your help. 

Please support us in any capacity that you can - every penny counts and every word counts. By leap frogging retailers and middlemen, we are able to offer you amazing chino's straight from the source. 

Thank you for your support!

- B&B team 

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is not our first rodeo.

Our founders have produced for retailers and department stores and have lived through many production runs of high-quality garments. We have worked with all of our vendors for years. We know the industry.

Even with our experience we know that there are risks moving forward.

Timing is the biggest risk. Once we have final quantity we have to purchase grey yarn (yarn that's not spun) from our cotton supplier. Then we will knit the yarn into fabric. This process ensures the highest quality fabric and chino. We plan on shipping The Everyday Chino in February.

Despite these challenges, we are committed to delivering high quality products to our backers. We appreciate of the broad support, B&B would not be possible without it.


  • We will be offering a variety of sizes in the following ranges:
    Waist - 30 - 38
    Length - 30 - 34

    Once the campaign ends we will send out a form for you to select which waist and length works best for you!

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    Thank you for the support and love. We'll send you 3 pairs of the exclusive B&B socks, the most comfortable socks you've ever worn.

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    Early Adopter: You get THE EVERYDAY CHINO plus a FREE PAIR OF SOCKS for being an early adopter. If you don't like the Chino's, the return is on us for a full credit plus $5. Keep the socks!

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    THE EVERYDAY CHINO. You'll get 1 pair of The Everday Chino. We know you'll instantly fall in love with the Chino - if you don't let us know and we'll return it for a full credit plus $5. You'll get these at our Kickstarter price of $38.

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    You get 2 pairs of The Everyday Chino. Exclusive to our Kickstarter early adopter community. If you don't love them, let us know and we'll return it for a full credit!

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    3 Pairs of the Everyday Chino plus 3 pairs of socks!

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    You get an incredible value of FIVE PAIRS of The Everyday Chino exclusive to our Kickstarter Community. If you don't love them - we'll return it for a full credit to our ecommerce store.

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    TRIP OF A LIFETIME! All Inclusive trip to China for a tour of our production facilities with our Co-Founders. The package includes monogrammed pairs of The Everyday Chino in every color, a limited edition umbrella and limited edition of socks.

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