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The Oakland Center for the Arts needs your help to create the bloodiest Evil Dead: The Musical experience in Northeast Ohio!

Honey, we need you to make us real ugly!

The Oakland Center for the Arts is back with the bloodiciously campy Evil Dead: The Musical.  Directed by the incomparable Robert Dennick Joki, with Musical Direction by Jesse Martin and featuring The Zou as the house band, the O's upcoming production of the hilarious musical tribute to the Sam Raimi horror films of the same name is sure to be the must-see show this spring.  Complete with the aptly named Splatter Zone, theater-goers are guaranteed an obscenely fun and extremely messy time---

That is, if we get your help.

The O is a non-profit theater, you see, and we've been very good about staying in the black by cutting back and shopping smart at S Mart.  But one thing S Mart doesn't provide is blood, guts, and demonic hands.  

That's why we need to raise at least $1500 to cover the costs of the special effects, make up, props, and costuming effects necessary to make this show the bloodiest, goriest, messiest production of Evil Dead: The Musical produced yet!   

We've enlisted the help of make up maven Kerri Rickard and her team of FXers (including the guys from GD Effects, the film special effects company) to design latex masks for the undead demons and to create the gallons of blood necessary to ensure a good blood soaking for those seated in the Splatter Zone.  For those of you that have seen Miss Kerri's work on other shows (Bug, Night of the Living Dead at the Oakland, The Pillowman and Alice in Wonderland at the Youngstown Playhouse) you know that her work delivers.    Rest assured, your donations are helping a top notch team of special effects artists make this the most spectacularly bloody Evil Dead:  The Musical ever! 

Don't make us swallow your souls! Support downtown Youngstown's only community theater!  Your donations are vital to keeping the undead alive at the Oakland.  And just think, if you donate $250 or more, one day you will be able to point to that giant talking moose head and tell the grandkids, "I don't know where the hell I got that thing."  


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    Our undying love and appreciation, plus a special shout out on our Facebook page!

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    All the above, plus an official Oakland Center for the Arts Evil Dead: The Musical Poster signed by the cast and crew!

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    All the above, plus a special "Splatter Zone" goodie bag, including a vial of the fake blood used for the show!

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    All the above, plus two complimentary tickets for the "Splatter Zone"!

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    All the above, plus the actual giant, talking, evil moose head from the show!

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