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A Strategic and Social Multiplayer experience for iOS and Android devices. Battle for survival against the elements and each other in challenging Island Minigames!
A Strategic and Social Multiplayer experience for iOS and Android devices. Battle for survival against the elements and each other in challenging Island Minigames!
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Islands of Chaos Delay Announcement

Posted by Erik Reichenbach (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Backers and fans alike,

I regret to inform everyone we are going to be severley delayed in releasing the Islands of Chaos Mobile App. I first and foremost want to apologize to all of you, the backers, who believed in me and supported me to produce this campaign. I have always said we cannot do it without you, and that remains ever true today.

Our programmer Billy Laurain will no longer be working on Islands of Chaos. In the past months it became apparent he was not on schedule with all that needed to be done to complete the various programming components of the app. Billy refused to include major working elements of the game that made it truer to the experience we initially pitched to Kickstarter. His continued efforts to turn the game into something other then what it was concieved as recently grew to be too much and Billy had to be released from working on the project.

With that being said the vast majority of the artwork is complete and I am currently in talks with another programmer to complete the app to the specifications as outlined on our original Kickstarter page. It is not unusual for project timelines to be extended, seeing as we are creating a brand new product and we want the experience to be as perfect as it can be, but the extension that has already occurred has been outlandish and unnecessary.

At this point in development I was not comfortable with “getting it done” for the sake of completing an inferior product, which is why I’m taking this direction with a new programmer who is willing to do the necessary work, collaborate with fans, and keep the basic principals of the game in place.

Because of this delay the game launch date has been set back indefinitely. Once our new programmer has signed the necessary paperwork we will have a better handle on when the launch date will be. By conservative estimates I am hoping for the summertime, pending the ability of our new staff to dissect and rebuild the game from the ground up.

I am still commited as ever to completing Islands of Chaos to best of my ability. I’m dedicated to the backers and dedicated to producing the product you backed to completion a year ago. I will do my absolute best to live up to the promises I set forth to you guys and get you a fantastic gaming experience in whatever way I can.

Thank you for your time and understanding!

Erik Reichenbach

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    1. William Laurain on

      Hey Backers!

      This update is a surprise to me and I'd like to ensure you all that while Erik suddenly cut communications, changed our password and released a Kickstarter update without my knowledge, the game is still a 50/50 partnership as it always has been. I've dedicated all of my free time to this game for a full year, committing over 1,500 hours of programing, including leaving my job so I could spend the last two months working on it full time day and night. From the beginning I've tried my best to explain that this game would change over time and its best not to make very specific promises early on. While what we have now is apparently not exactly what Erik had in mind when we set out on this adventure, it seems a little silly to ambush a partner in a co-owned project when by Erik's own estimates I've put in over ten times as much work as him.

      We will still be submitting Islands of Chaos to the app store in the next few weeks like we planned. All of your backer codes are ready and on the servers and if Erik stops ignoring me and gives me access to the page I'll be able to send your backer unlock codes to you before launch.

      Thanks, we'll get through this and happy holidays!