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For Art Lovers and People Who Keep Time and People with Too Much Time on Your Hands and People Who Wish to Be Free of the Tyranny of Time.

I am creating “The Point at Which Time Stands Still,” an art installation for a Dec 2010 - Jan 2011 exhibition at the 24 Hour Gallery in Pasadena, California. The 24 Hour Gallery is an artist run space consisting of 5 lit storefront windows where art can be experienced by people who deliberately come to view the work or as a serendipitous surprise for passers by who may have never before stepped into a gallery, art institution or museum.

Each of the windows in my installation will offer a unique tableau. Three of the windows will be filled with 720 working battery operated analog clocks, each set one minute apart, from 12:00 to 11:59. Another window will be filled with thousands of rose petals, swirling through the air. And another window will be filled with text printed on mylar and suspended in long scrolls from the ceiling. The content of the texts will be gathered from responses the Kickstarter and greater community offer to the question, “What is a Point When Time Stood Still for you?”

This piece, like many I have done in the past, will be created with and for a wide community of participants and observers. When the exhibition ends, I plan to give away every last element, so the piece lives on in disparate parts with the community that helped to create it.


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    Your name on the supporters list and one of the altered 720 battery operated clocks, signed and dated by me, to be displayed as art or used as a functional time piece, or both, your choice!

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    A Personal Scroll based on your response to “What was a point in which Time Stood Still?” to be used in the installation. You can write me, or I will call you and we can have a conversation. And you are now a participant with me on this piece, therefore your name will appear as one of my collaborators. You will also get a clock from the exhibition.

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    All of the above and an original print on paper made from the dried petals of the roses from the installation.

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    You are an art-angel. I will send you all of the above and one of the collectors’ edition, signed and numbered angels from my project “Angels” 1994-1995.

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