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I'm putting together an EP to be released myself and I need your help. Watch the video for more details.

Hey buddy, I got this cool EP i wanted to show you, but I'm simply too poor to make it. You think you could spot me a few bucks and I'll send you a copy when it's done? About $10 should cover a CD. Thanks.

You know, if you're feeling some extra love I could send you a specialized CD with custom liner notes and doodles made specifically for you. Then you could go brag to all your friends and say "Tyler Bennett loves me mostest of all. He sent me a CD with a picture of my favorite president riding a bear dressed in the skin of his enemies." I can't actually draw that, but I promise if you send me $20 I'll make you something of equal or greater value that you can use to prove my favoritism. Satisfactory? Wonderful!

If you're more into the personal interaction thing, I got some other rewards that might suit your fancy. We could go out for coffee and chat it up. Or if you're willing to pony up a little more I'll come out and play a personal gig for you and some of your friends. Sounds good, right? Alrighty then. Can't wait to see you.

I know the sample in the video is brief, so if you wanna check out full songs of mine and download old home demos go to


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    Copy of the CD

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    Copy of the CD with special liner notes I added specifically for you, you handsome dog/ feisty minx.

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    I'll meet you for a cup of coffee (I'll buy) or give you a call and we can talk about whatever you feel like. Maybe music, books, or whatever you dig.

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    Private gig. Personal set list for you and your buddies. I'll play requests if you tell me what you like. I'll even do your kid's bar mitzvah if that's what you need.

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