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An Introduction to the World of Unofficial Transformers Toys and Accessories
An Introduction to the World of Unofficial Transformers Toys and Accessories
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More Pages and Another Test Spread

One final upgrade to the book: I've expanded the physical page size to 8"x8" and added eight more pages to take the book all of the way to 48-pages. And the extra space is important since I am thinking that I need to expand the Hercules vs. Giant section of the book to twenty pages to really do the toys justice.

But what do you think?  Should I give these twelve toys twenty pages or should I cut this section back to ten pages and run fewer and smaller photos than are shown in the sample image? As a project supporter, what do you want to see me do about this section of the book that covers the unofficial Devastator toys? Any comments posted before October 10th will be considered when I make my final decision about the size of this section of the book.

NOTE: The image below shows two facing pages in the book.

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    1. Philip Reed 14-time creator

      Re: Yellow Giant. That version will be mentioned, but I skipped the toy so I am not able to include photos of the yellow version. (I prefer the green so I waited for that to be released before buying Giant.)

    2. Philip Reed 14-time creator

      @Sam Bullock - As for text, each section will have a block of text (sometimes a page, depending on section length) where I go over the toys/company in that section. The sample pages shown here are getting close to how the final book will look for the most part.

    3. Jason Spiller on

      My vote is for ten pages. I lov'em both, but there is so much other product that deserves to be covered.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Bullock on

      Yeah I think 15 having seen the ten page one. Otherwise what are you going to do with the remaining 6 pages? I think 15 should be enough and is a good meet in the middle- that way it only takes about a third of the book at most and you can do two page spread comparisons

    5. Philip Reed 14-time creator

      @Sam Bullock - I'll be including some photos by TJ Duckett. The one shown above was a placement test trying to see how I could work some not-on-white pics into the book. If you check the new update with comparison shots you'll see that the reduced space for the unofficial Constructicons eliminates that particular shot. Thanks for the feedback!

    6. Philip Reed 14-time creator

      @Michael McParland - Actually, Dr. Crank and Mobile Crane were shot side-by-side; I was amazed at how much Mobile Crane expanded from vehicle mode. Heavy Labor and Dump Truck are sized more like what I was expecting, but Mobile Crane next to Dr. Crank actually is about the same height (to the top of their heads).

    7. Gwen.

      Smaller images is OK. So I vote for the 10 pages option.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jack Teiwes on

      I think spending over a third of the book's overall pagecount on the Devastator toys is excessive.

      I'd rather you spend the extra pages covering other toys that might otherwise get omitted, or to spread the love around in terms of showing other items in similar levels of detail.

    9. Chad Sherlock on

      Definitely doesn't need 20 pages. I think the other products might get envious.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Bullock on

      I'd also at least achnolodge the yellow one- so maybe 12 for each of the green, 2 for each combine and then one page for the yellow variant.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam Bullock on

      I'd say 15 pages though- 12 for each toy/comparison and then another 3 for the big guy himself....

    12. Missing avatar

      Sam Bullock on

      I'd crop out the background of the pictures so that they are only the figures not the background- it doesn't look that good with white overlapping the what appears to be Seibertron photo. There will be like a introductory text on each page won't there?

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael McParland on

      I don't think dedicating half of the book to Giant and Hercules is a good idea.

      Plus on that sample the two toys are not shown to scale, it would be important to show that there is a considerable size difference between the two versions.

    14. Tim Owen on

      I would have an entire book dedicated to the Devastator clones if I could, so please do feel free to go for a massive range. The more, the merrier!

    15. Alex Owen on

      There seems to be a growing consensus that 10 pages is the way to go however; it's your book dude. As its author you should go with what you think is the best course for the book to take, after all you didn't have to make the decision to expand the books size, as we didn't reach the stretch goal, so if you want to fill those pages with the unofficial Devastator toys then go for it.

    16. Daniel Kooij on

      I would like a much different toys a possible but i understand the need to explain this toys. I think 10 is ok but maybe something in between the 10 and 20 pages as a compromise because you want to do these toys justice.

    17. Al Lew

      Thanks for making this book the best that it could be. Very glad to support such a great project! I'll throw my opinion in and say that I'd be ok with only 10 pages for the not-Devastators. Though they are perhaps the pinnacle of 3rd party products (for now at least) I'd want to see more of the other toys from different companies!

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Tai on

      while i think the more, the better. The idea of almost half of the book just about Hercules and Giant is concerning me.
      But yeah, 20 pages, why not

    19. Missing avatar

      Marvin Malkowski Jr on

      I agree with Ricardo, I would go with the 10 pages and look for some new content if possible.

    20. Ricardo Arredondo

      I really think that 10 pages are okay. It is better to put new content.

    21. Stuart Hamblin on

      I vote for 10. I understand how cool a toy it is but I like to see as much as possible go into the book. Give it a year and you could easily do a volume 2. With newer stuff plus more that did not make it.

      Bigger size and pages rocks.

    22. Missing avatar

      DJ_Convoy on

      Yay to the new size! 10 pages should suffice, tho'.

    23. Justin K Kleimann on

      I think the new size is great. It gives more room for pictures or text. However, I believe 20 pages on Herc and Giant is too much also. While these 2 are a tremendous feat of engineering by 3rd parties and should be recognized as such, you can still do them justice in ten pages. Giving them almost half the book as attention seems like they are the face of 3rd party.

    24. Protoman on

      While yes they are 6 toys (7 with the focus on the combined form), I think you want to limit the page use for them to focus on other items. They might be new and popular, but focuses on other things gives more flavor and a "completeness" to the book.

    25. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      Ten pages on "Devastator" is a good amount. I would use additional pages for more variety.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nik Brandal on

      I'm not really sure I want 20 pages of just these two. I'm not saying in any way they are not awesome , I just don't think they need 10 pages each. Maybe you could do 15 pages for them and have 5 for some other stuff.

    27. Philip Reed 14-time creator

      Thanks, guys. I need to fix colors and fix the Dr. Crank head pic, but I am starting to lean toward the very open design.

    28. Bryan K. Borgman

      The test spread looks great. Both sets look fantastic. Incredibly well done and way cooler than the actual Devastator toy (the only Combiner I ever had in entirety... poor, poor Defensor) and Bruticus were both missing limbs).

    29. Missing avatar

      Ken Cantley on

      I think you should make it the full 20 pages. These two colossal combiners are not only a major part of the mythos but they brought 3rd party figures into a new era.