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An Introduction to the World of Unofficial Transformers Toys and Accessories
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Philip Reed

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Transforming Conversations, Universe Expanded, and Action Figures Not Included

More progress on various book projects!

  • Universe Expanded, my current book project, is now live on Kickstarter. Take a look at the project page to see how I'm focusing on a single subline of Kenner Star Wars action figures from the nineties. This 96-page hardcover is shaping up great!
  • Transforming Conversations, the next third party Transformers book, continues to come together. I've got a handful of excellent interviews completed and more at various stages of development. This book will continue where Transforming Collections and Transforming Expectations left off.
  • Each Sold Separately and Action Figures Not Included are both completed and have shipped to the Kickstarter backers of those projects. Each book is a 64-page full-color hardcover, and between the two I dig deep into the action figure marketing tricks and techniques of the eighties. If you were a fan of G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and other great eighties toys then you won't want to miss these books.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me. And, as always, you can find more toy fun at where I chatter on randomly about toys of the past, present, and future. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement; we need more books about toys and I plan to keep creating these as long as you guys keep enjoying them.

Back Universe Expanded Today!
Back Universe Expanded Today!

Transforming Expectations Now Available, Action Figures Not Included Launched

For all who missed out on the Kickstarter project for the sequel to Transforming Collections the book is available now at BattleGrip. The finished book came in at 112-pages and covers over 80 different third party Transformers toys. The physical size of 8-inches by 8-inches was continued over from Transforming Collections, making this shelve quite nicely with the original title.

Visit BattleGrip!
Visit BattleGrip!

Action Figures Not Included

My latest book project, a companion to Each Sold Separately, has launched on Kickstarter and closes on Friday, January 2. This book comes in as a 64-page hardcover and the new Kickstarter project includes a reward level to get both this and Each Sold Separately all at once. I've learned a lot about these book projects over the last few years and want to thank all of you for your support of Transforming Collections back in 2012.

Learn more about Action Figures Not Included!
Learn more about Action Figures Not Included!

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New Book Project is Live!

Thank you, everyone, for making the Transforming Collections book project a success last year. Now it's time for the sequel, with the Transforming Expectations Kickstarter project live and ready for your support.

I hope to see all of you join me in creating this new book about third party Transformers toys and accessories.

Information and a Question About the New Book

I've now submitted the Transforming Expectations project to Kickstarter and expect to launch the project in the next week. The basic format and size is planned to be identical to Transforming Collections and as of today I have finished over 30 pages for the new book.

The project goal is set at $7,500, which comes close to covering what was spent to publish the first book and I hope is an achievable goal. A single book -- US delivery -- this time around is $25 since I'm only producing the book if it can be at least 80-pages and match the same footprint and hardcover format as Transforming Collections. The delivery date is set for June of 2014.

There is a reward level which offers both Transforming Collections and Transforming Expectations for anyone who missed out on the first book.

  • Question: Should I set a stretch goal for the new book where if we meet that goal I expand the page count to 96? That would be at $10,000. Should there be a second stretch goal -- $15,000 -- to expand to 128-pages? Or does everyone want the new book to be exactly the same page count as the original?

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement on the first book. I hope you enjoyed the first volume enough to join me in creating the sequel.

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