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TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN - Dreaming Ourselves Awake

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About this project


Time of the Sixth Sun is an epic docu-drama about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, a witnessing of these times and the huge potential we have for change in the world, in the way we relate to it and in the way we live in it.

Introduced by actress Greta Scacchi and guided by our storyteller Tobias, who speaks to us on behalf of the collective from across time and space, we hear the transmissions of our world's wisdom keepers. The film explores our awakening process from the point of seeding this planet through to humanity's ascension as we move into a more evolved state of being and ascend to a higher level of collective consciousness. The film follows our 'everyman' protagonist, a travelling troubadour on his journey of awakening, as he symbolically and metaphorically reflects our journey back to us. This is a story about a journey to the heart as our collective experience becomes one of unity rather than separation.

This film is a groundbreaking synergy of indigenous ceremonies, innovative interviews and an original score producing a dramatic led, layered, multidimensional film experience. A meditation for the soul.

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Over the past eight years many of the world's wisdom keepers have shared their amazing knowledge and insights with us.  We rarely hear people speaking at this level either on mainstream TV or in the broadsheets, and so we want to share their words with you, our extended community.

As the frequency of the earth shifts, humanity will increasingly be looking for answers to a world in crisis. This film is packed full of grounded practical tools and new perspectives of a world in transition, to help guide us through these challenging times. We hope this film will plant many seeds and open many hearts.



There have been a number of Suns or Solar Ages in the history of our planet, that prophetic texts and indigenous traditions speak of in different ways. But according to the Mayan Calendar we have reached the end of the age of the fifth sun cycle, the Sun of Movement, NAHUI OLLIN. The mission of the Fifth Sun was to create movement in great waves of cleansing and change in
order to make ready for the Sixth Sun. It means a breaking up of old patterns and beliefs from third dimensional materialism and external control to the inner movement of inter-dimensional realms, and of understanding our placement within the universe as fully actualized begins of light. On 21st December 2012 we entered the cycle of the new sun, the sixth sun.

Not long ago, it was considered bizarre “new age” jargon to say that we are made of energy, or that we are“beings of light”. Today, quantum physics backs this up, and even a medical doctor on the Oprah Winfrey show feels comfortable telling more than a million people that yes, we really ARE made of energy!  Time of the Sixth Sun explores this reality.


A film about new energy consciousness
A film guided by and narrated by Spirit
A sacred soundtrack featuring Estas Tonne and other wonderful musicians
A film that steps deeper into the mystery of the shamanic and healing arts
A film for those interested in quantum physics & the new sciences
A film full of grounded, practical tools
Interviews from ordinary & extraordinary people with a 'sacred transmission'
Beautiful imagery
Unseen footage of Indigenous ceremonies
A journey to the heart, funded by the hearts of amazing people like you
A fusion of powerful interviews & dramatically led dream sequences


An endorsement for the film from Geoffrey Hoppe (

An endorsement for the film from Ulises Calatayud - Otomi elder / Bikram Yogi

(Director of Sustainability for the Carbon Free Group)
"It's become ever more apparent that current thinking needs to change if we are to have a world that that is safe, just, beautiful and prosperous. This film pulls together a vast assortment of thoughts, vision, creativity and wisdom that enables us to deliver precisely what we seek."

(Founder of SEED Empowerment Programmes for Women / Spiritual PR guru)
“We are at the threshold of big change. As co-creators of our reality, let us women gently seed this ‘new dream’ and hold it in the belly of our imaginations. Let us hold the vision in our hearts, and share the dream. As women of wisdom and bringers of the light, we have no choice but to collaborate and hold the space for what is to come.” (author unknown)

This anonymous quote epitomises my own vision for the wise woman as nurturers of the seeds of creation for a new kind of world for the generations to come based on love, peace and respect for all.

It reflects perfectly the beautiful and inspirational message that this film carries. A message that I believe is crucial to be seen and heard by as many people as possible and I would fully encourage everyone who is also touched by it to donate what they can. (Lynne Franks)


Desmond Tutu, Tom Kenyon, Drunvalo, David Icke, Lynne Franks, Maestro Tlakaelel, Charles Eisenstein, John Riley, Constance Demby, Dawn Eagle Woman, Freddy Silva, Uqualla, Dr Karambu Ringera, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, White Eagle Medicine Woman, Ya'Acov Darling Khan, Credo Mutwa, Caroline Carey, Geoff Stray, Medicine Wolf & several other main contributors.


Nikki Williams:              Director / Producer / Camera
Ben Cole:                     1st Unit DOP / Post Production Director/Editor
Kate Taylor-Smith:       Production Co-Ordinator
Diego Barraza:             2nd Unit DOP / Logging Editor
Charles Roscoe:          Associate Producer / Composer
Marc Cuthbert:             Associate Producer
Amanda Aird:               Associate Producer
John Powell:                Associate Producer
Jimena Paratcha:        Associate Producer
Josefa Gonzalez:        Associate Producer
Sophie Latter:              Production Assistant / Transcriber
Henry Jowett:               Runner / Transcriber
Graphics:                     Charlie Taillard
Richard Vahrman:        Joomla Master
David Martin:                Accountant
Dorien Slinger:             Bookeeper
Mark Tschanz:              Composer (tbc)
Estas Tonne:                Artiste (protagonist) / Composer
Peter Moore:                Artiste (Trickster)
Jo Crow:                      Artiste (Grandmother)
Caroline Carey:            Dancer
Justina Azrienne:         Make Up Artist


This is the most costly stage of the entire production and donations will go towards the following:

-  Skeleton post production crew & main feature editor
-  2 editors for bonus features in 'Beyond the Veil' download series
-  Online edit and Sound Design
-  Graphics (CGI), Archive Footage and Animation
-  Translator, Voiceover and Dubbing
-  Development of new interactive website portal for download series
-  Marketing and Distribution
-  Festival submission fees & travel expenses

Risks and challenges

FLYING ON THE WINGS OF ANGELS... The film is in the can except for a couple of final pick up shots and we are now in the post production stage. Our rushes are sitting on a 12TB Raid System and we have triple back ups. Everything is brilliantly logged and accessible in an instant. Our editor and assistant editors are raring to go and all we need is the funding to get from here to the FINAL CUT.

Subject to timings, we are hoping that Marty Cohen, ex President of Paramount Pictures Post Production will be supervising the online edit:

We will self-distribute and are developing a Time of the Sixth Sun portal to facilitate downloads of 'Behind the Veil' bonus material.

Over the years we have been approached by many independent distributors wanting to help spread word of the film far and wide. Our biggest asset are our 'speakers' who all have vast networks that are our target audience and we are asking them to support us as we virally raise awareness for the film via the internet. Several of these networks have already offered to promote the film in their online stores, one of which receives over 500,000 hits to their site per month plus a further 180,000 unique visitors per month, internationally.

The co-creators of this film are actively involved in promoting awareness for the film by guesting on radio shows internationally and Nikki Williams was the guest speaker on the recent 'Awakening Zone' radio show aired live on 26 December 2012 (

Challenges are obstacles to be overcome and we have an amazing and innovative team behind us, all of whom are fully aligned with the spirit of the film with many years of experience between them.

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