The purpose of this project is to create an archival museum to preserve and display. Most toy museums are not opened for public display or have a costly admission price to enter. We would like to create a museum for all to visit for free. At our museum you will be able to recapture a memory of a toy you once had. We would like to take you on a tour of a time in your life that was once pure and innocent. We desperately need your help to achieve our goal. Without your help our dream will die and the toys will be sold off to private collectors and will never be seen again by the public. With your generous donations we can create something that will grow and be not only beneficial as a moral standpoint but also stimulating the economy. We hope that people will travel to see the exhibit and stay to visit other local museums and patronize local business. people will want to donate their own toys to be on display forever. If you ever owned a toy that meant the world to you and would like to share that feeling with others, please support our cause. We need funds for a professional carpenter to make some modest alterations to the space in which they will be housed and displayed. The project will begin immediately, and is anticipated to take approximately six months to complete. We will be providing a collection of unrestored, working toys to show how toys in general have changed and evolved. We plan on exhibiting toys from the turn of the century to today. Toys are a snapshot of the current popular culture and time they are from. You can experience the artwork of the boxes to the theme of the toys design, it's all reflective of the era. Here is your chance to recapture a memory lost from 30 Christmases ago. Please have faith in our dream. Bring your children, share a story, but most importantly have fun again like you were able to years back, and maybe bring your best friend that you haven't seen since you were a child. Please we need your help, it's a dream of many, we have sacrificed so much and we don't want to see these wonderful memories lost to time.  Even if we do meet our goal any additional donations would be used to purchase additional toys and replace those that we were forced to sell.  We do have a building but we need to turn it into a home to house the collection.  Please, it would mean the world to turn this dream into a reality. Even once to see a child's eyes light up as they listen to their parents tell a story about a toy that meant so much to them and actually getting to see it once again.

Risks and challenges

Our challenges are we are forced to sell the personal items from our museum to keep the dream alive. We can not further the project without any more funds. We have many items for display but we are being forced to sell many artifacts to further the project. Without key items there will a lack of people who want to travel to see the display.

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