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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Freylis

      Unfortunately, my printer still does not work.
      I have already tried to write a few mails, unfortunately I do not get an answer.

    2. Jorge Chinchilla on

      I am still waiting for the printer! What happened??

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Gibert Harvey on

      I dont have my printer yet, that was a fake. Bitches!

    4. Andreas Bergmeister on

      printer is not working
      No answer from the support

    5. Chad William Manning on

      Where's my Printer?

      Who do I need to email?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      I´m not going to back any project you "recommend" because this update should be a joke! you make time for this update and not to answer all of the backers of YOUR project questions...

      This is totally a joke, you´re the most disrespectful creators I´ve seen.

      You could at least post an update saying that I´ll not receive my printer anymore so I can just STOP WAITING FOR A MIRACLE OR SOMETHING.

    7. Artem Markov on

      Where is my printer?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dustin Burton on

      I received mine a while ago, but its complete garbage. Doesn;t work. Tried reaching out 7+ times, no response.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kitty Yasashii on

      I have still not received my printer. Actually responding to my emails would be very nice, especially since you took my money.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hayri Timur Leblebici on

      is this a joke? you kidding with us?????

    11. Missing avatar

      yousuf on

      dint got my printer

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Fuck you scammers

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian McFadden on

      Send a printer or a refund to me, Tobias Schnizer, Artem Markov, JF Bethlehem, Tom Simard, the user named 'midnite', and the others who supported you in your time of need. Does anyone know who we need to contact? The 101Hero staff doesn't seem to read the comments.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tobias Schnizer on

      I have sent so many messages. The only response I got was when they still needed my phone number. After that, radio silence. I just want that printer or a refund.

    15. Artem Markov on

      Still no contact, still no printer.

    16. Missing avatar

      JF Bethlehem on

      Thank you for all the updates. Thanks to these updates I know which projects NOT to back.
      If they are endorsed by a project that delivers crap, ignores all messages and complaints and basically is a scam, those projects cannot be any good.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom S

      Still no contact, still no printer. Reporting to Kickstarter.

    18. midnite

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    19. Kelley Hendrix

      Nice to see someone had a working printer... *sigh*

    20. Francis Hui on

      Where is my Yellow 101Hero waiting to be send to me too.....................

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      They're trolling us.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Scam artists

    23. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      I filled out the form at the time of update # 25 and sent you my phone number. After that, there was no contact from you, and I received an email asking for the telephone number for some reason at the beginning of July. I thought it was worthless to complain here, so I immediately sent a phone number with that email reply. But it's been a month or so and there's nothing to contact you. No rewards have been received.
      First of all, I've emailed you my phone number many times. And, the error message of several times is returned.
      You should have used the means of form because you thought it was difficult to collect the phone number by email. Why do you ask me to send you another email when I send my phone number in the form?
      Where is my reward now?
      My backer number is 306.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      I would like to know if you guys really sent all the printers. It´s been MORE THAN A YEAR, and it´s very disrespectful from you to just ignore all of us that have NO news about our printers, you could at least take the time to read all of our comments.

    25. Missing avatar

      cathi zak on

      Why do you continually rub my face in the fact that I have never received the 2 (two) printers I paid for? Maybe if you stop sending cheery updates I could forget that I have never received the 2 (two) printers I paid for? With little respect & no consideration.-cat

    26. Dana Rodgers on

      Most affordable my ass. It doesn't work. You took my money as well as many others and provided a crap product. Karma is a bitch

    27. Missing avatar

      Wybe Buising

      Great story. You know what be an even better story? If you would start responding to your e-mail. Or at least explain why you ignore everybody.

    28. Francis Hui on

      The first day that i have received the printer is already not working, asking for replacement for the controller till today have not received any response from you guy or the support, how to post any printed item and what sweet story you want from your backer..........

    29. MasterVault on

      Jackson Hiew without the glass bed you can still printing, with a broken motor you only have a expensive and ugly piece of plastic.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ezra Medina on

      Cool story bro....
      Too bad I don't have my printer...... still.

    31. Jackson Hiew

      I have requested a replacement glass bed 2 months ago. I have not receive any reply at all from you guys. Can you follow this up please creator?

    32. Missing avatar

      Evgeniy Zheltonozhskiy on

      When will I receive my printer?

    33. Luca Ecari

      101Hero Team... it's good to read that someone actually got the printer to work... I have been contacting you via email and Kickstarter, but apparently, you are too busy publishing the positive stories. I would appreciate you please contacting me as it's more than a month that I have some unusable piece of plastics that's occupying vital space in my home. thanks.

    34. MasterVault on

      I know that this not a scam, but ignore feedback and broken parts/missing deliver complains are not help.
      And do "troll" updates is the worst that you can do.

    35. MasterVault on

      What come next: this vid about "How to fix your printer":… ?

    36. Jessica Ryan

      When will I receive my printer?

    37. MasterVault on

      People uprage and you are only doing useless updates.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jasper Kaempf

      Alright, I gave up on the funded product. But please stop that spam !

    39. Chris Marquardt on

      All nice and good, but I have STILL NOT RECEIVED MY PRINTER. Backer number 3,315.

      What a scam.