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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Hsueh-Fang Yeh on

      Still waiting too. Both 3D printer and 3D pen...

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Arrigo on

      Still waiting.
      It’s time to take legal action against Kickstarter for allowing them to keep goin with other projects when there is obviously a mass problem with them fulfilling previous campaign obligations.

    3. Missing avatar

      Julian Buitmann on

      Hello 101 Hero,
      I have not received my printer yet either.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      This is a joke, but Karma exists guys.
      That´s all I have to say

    5. Missing avatar

      Derek Leung on

      It sounds like an announcement of stopping sending machines out. I have not received anything. Where is my machine? where is my money going ? Are we all done. ? So sad, I will be a victim or already is.

    6. Прохор Костя on

      Let your hell be 3d printed...

    7. midnite

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    8. Missing avatar

      Natalie Z on

      Hello 101 Hero,

      I have not received my printer yet either.

      I filled in all the surveys, never got a response.

      I will be calling you every day until I receive some response.

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian McFadden on

      Nothing received, no response yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Goeminne on

      Lets track them down!

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott on


    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tan on

      WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!


    13. Michael Finneran on

      I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED MINE. Why are you not responding to any of my emails. I filled out all of your additional surveys. This is an outrage!!!!! PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME!!!!

    14. Tim Sparrow on

      Also not received a thing . Waiting on my order of three units from when the whole campaign began . Has anyone here considered taking collective legal action against the company or know how those who received nothing can do so please leave details here on this post . Im really disappointed also that Kick starter doesn't control the campaigns that don't fulfill their obligations to their customers .... i have received other kickstarter products without a hitch .. but this one is very disappointing ... ironic that they have a "credit`" card holder as their new "project" ... perhaps they will surprise us and get our orders sent instead .... :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian McFadden on

      Hi, I also have not received anything from you yet.

    16. Takeharu Umegami on

      I still haven't received mine

    17. Missing avatar

      Wangta Liu on

      Not received my printer
      Backer No. 2579

    18. Alex van der Mout on

      No tracking number, no notice of shipment - what do you mean they are shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Dustin Burton on

      My printer hasn't functioned since DAY 1! I have contacted them 5+ times. I have yet to receive a response.

    20. Carol Wilson English on

      I have not received mine either. What's going on? Please let me know.

    21. Shingo FUKUYA on


      NOT received printer.
      NOT received Mail.
      NOT received Tracking Number.
      NOT received ....


    22. Dean Collins on

      Not received my printer, despite sending my details multiple times after multiple requests and some rather suspect looking emails too.

    23. Missing avatar

      Evgeniy Zheltonozhskiy on

      Still no printer, more than year since baking, and tons of time since last update

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Weber on

      I have not received my printer.... No tracking number, no notice of shipment. So angry for supporting this scam.

    25. Missing avatar


      Haven't got my printer too. Please send details of shipping

    26. Missing avatar

      Glenn Perez on

      have not received mine either. when was it shipped? tracking number?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rowan Doughty on

      Nothing here either... This update just seems like a snide way of saying "fuck you guys we're done and you're not getting your printers, stop asking about them."

    28. Darren on

      haven't gotten mine yet so clearly shipping is not all done where is my printer????

    29. Missing avatar

      Luís Henrique dos Santos Silva on

      What about my tracking code????

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott on


      Ive been told the same exact thing. I think we got scammed.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wybe Buising

      You have promised me 5 or 6 times that my printer was shipped but I never got anything. At one point you told me to sue DHL and some time later you told me, once more, that my printer was shipped. All of this is months ago and since then you do not return any mail. I've tried 5 different addresses:

      The only reply I've been getting is an auto reply from Berwin, saying he's on a holiday, which is going on for months now. Please stop lying and actually fulfill your promises.

    32. Missing avatar

      toreyy on

      I haven't received anything!!! Please contact me... my number is 3323.

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      We got scammed.

    34. Zach Woisin on

      Still have not received my printers. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can figure out what happened. Thank you for your cooperation

    35. Zach Woisin on

      Still have not received my printers. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can figure out what happened. Thank you for your cooperation

    36. Scott Kuo on

      I dunno, i didn't get printer, no refund or notification of it shipping.

    37. Benjamin Oberneder on

      So clearly the shipping can't be ALL DONE, as you say

    38. Benjamin Oberneder on

      I haven't received anything yet, and no responde, i am very sad.

    39. Missing avatar

      Victor Avila on

      So I take it you are just going to ignore all of the DOA printers?

    40. Missing avatar

      Mark Richter

      Just like many others, mine was DOA with a shattered glass. I did replace the glass only to find out the gizmo was DOA. Followed the instructions to the letter.

      Hey, at least it looks neat. I will put it on the shelf next to my nonexistent PhoneDrone.

      I guess I am lucky, so far only two turds out of all the projects I have backed.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tobias Schnizer on

      Shipping is NOT done! I have asked so many times what the status of my package was and you didn't answer. This is enough now. Start sending details right away.

    42. Jessica Ryan

      I haven't received anything yet and no responses to emails.

    43. Missing avatar

      cathi zak on

      If the shipping is 'all done' why have I never received the two I ordered. I have provided my shipping information more than once. Very, very, sincerely not happy.

    44. Missing avatar

      nick beckloff on

      I did receive mine and it is still broken. When are you going to respond to my damn emails?

    45. David Velez on

      Really shipping is done then where is mine?

    46. Missing avatar

      Tzahi Manistersky on

      I had not recieved mime yet.
      Please contact me for delivery

    47. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      I haven't received my reward yet. I've emailed you many times, but no reply.
      Where is my reward? Did the reward really ship?
      My backer number is 306.

    48. Chris Marquardt on

      I have not received my printer yet. I'm backer number 3,315.

    49. Missing avatar

      Monir Mahdi on

      Mine was broken out of the Box too. Ich contacted already and was told to pay another 10 Dollars for a spare part. What i did months ago by Paypal. From then i did not get any response anymore and also no spare part... Of cause