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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Ferruzoft on

      Hi, already several times I have given my contact information and so far I do not receive the printer in my home. My backet number is 2,593 and I'm from Peru.

    2. Alex van der Mout on

      When is it coming though!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Where is my freakin money? I asked for a refund about 10 times and you said you would give it to me. THIS IS A SCAM!

    4. Robert Colbert

      @Daniel - Cura 2.5 doesn't fully support the 101Hero (in MacOS & Windows) due to changes in the way they scan for USB printers. v2.6 will resolve this issue (for the Windows version) once it is released.

      @Creator, the community that has received printers noticed that there is a newer firmware than the one the original shipments went out with. We would like to know how we can upgrade to the current firmware as we have seen that the new version has resolved some defects in the previous version.

    5. Kelley Hendrix

      I appreciate the models, thank you! I already found a couple I want to print! :) I will have to do it on a different printer, though, since the one I received never worked. But, I'm not complaining, that's more than I have gotten from a lot of kickstarters. So, keep the models coming. :)

    6. Dana Rodgers on

      That's cool that you added more models, only problem is that my printer was DOA - will not power on - waste of time and money - no response to support requests - Thanks for nothing

    7. Missing avatar

      Vitālijs Gagunovs on

      Seeing all those comments I feel obliged to write this. I got my printer recently (Latvia) And it works (kinda :) ) So be patient, we all waited for a year now. I guess waiting 1-2 month more is not that big of a deal :) Peace.

    8. Missing avatar


      I didn't receive the printer yet ,so no need for those models. ��������

    9. Samuel Thornhill on

      Hi. I definitely gave you my phone number (+447954060816), but still await delivery of my printer (kickstarter developer edition). Could you give me an estimate? I chose yellow version, I have been finding it impossible to get a reply from you. Details below.

      My kickstarter username is 'robopsi' & my email is ''

    10. Daniel (SPYBUG) Goldschmidt on

      Nice can't wait to try and print them!

      Also, I think you should change the cura version. The newest version of Cura has a 101Hero preset! So no configuration file needed. Only change I would make is the print speed which is 14mm/s, it should really be 7mm/s.

      For those of you waiting, it takes about a month after you send them an email to get the printer.

    11. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      Plain BS this is a joke right?? I can't believe you posting samples and we don't even have our printer is like you are making fun of us, you take my money almost a year ago then 2 months ago you finally answer my email telling me that my printer will be at my door in two weeks ITS BEEN TWO FUCKING MONTHS ..... like i said BS

    12. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      Hard to print without an actual printer. I don´t know if you guys receive my email with the info you requested

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicole Allen on

      You are sending updates! Really? How about SENDING PRINTERS instead! I have received promise after promise but NO PRINTER. Please send it NOW or just let us all know you are a scam so we can live in. Do NOT order anything from this company!

    14. David Velez on

      That looks great when you decide to finally send me the two printers that I order I will do it.

    15. Randy Rodgers on

      At least the Tiko guys had the decency to actually SHIP me a crappy printer.

    16. Randy Rodgers on

      Hard to print without an actual printer.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      I'm sending you information every time you ask. Still, the reward is not received yet.
      My backer number is 306. It's been a month since the last update, but nothing.

    18. MasterVault on

      Awesome: more stuff that I can't print becasue I have a broken motor.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ezra Medina on

      Awesome!!!!! No, not really, because i STILL DON'T HAVE MY PRINTER!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I already provided my information, twice as a matter of fact. Yet, I still don't have my printer.

    20. Jan Karel de Wolff on

      What would be nice if I WOULD HAVE HAD A PRINTER. So far NOTHING HAS ARRIVED in Assendelft.
      I'm backer 664. You can get all my information if you click on the "MENU"-button in your version of the project.
      Next you go to "Backer Report".
      In the top right corner you can "Export Backer Report". There you can find all the info you need.
      You can also give me a refund. You can do this the following way:
      - Click on the "MENU"-button in your version of the project.
      - Next you go to "Backer Report".
      - Find my name or backernumber and click on it.
      - Click on "Issue a refund" (It is found at the bottom of the screen).

    21. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      The only useful thing I got from this investment was the sturdy box that it came in that i used to put some old speakers in so files to print are useless

    22. Missing avatar

      Yameen on

      The printer I received doesn't work. I have emailed a few time asking how to fix/exchange it. This was the worst investment I have ever made. Terrible printer, awful startup

    23. Ihab Assi on

      It would be nice IF MY PRINTER WORKED... I got a defective printer and even I sent you 3 email for help no one even bothered to answer me what is wrong with it. Such a waste of money. I'll never back any kickstarter project anymore because of you.

    24. Adam Nock on

      Very nice, they would look good printed on my 101Hero....IF I HAD ONE YET. 8 months, three seperate requests for postal details, nada. Only one of many kickstarters that has been this poor. Unimpressed.

    25. David on

      Have you already shipped all of the printers, I have not got any shipping informations.